Top best simple and cute nail polish nail art designs

Enhance your beauty with classy look to your nails with cute nail polish art designs
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Last updated on 16 April, 2023

Have questions like what are best cute nail designs or art you can do with your glorious nails. Art is something which you can experiment and sky is the only limit for your ideas. Ensure you check the Instagram, PInterest etc before you come up with your own ideas. Never experiment on your own nails. Best thing would be to experiment on the artificial nails you get in market likes Amazon, Walmart etc.

Why should you have to go for nail polish nail art designs?

Nail polish art is a form of manicure which involves decoration of the nails with different colors and designs. It is a creative way of beautiful looks to your nails. Nail polish nail art designs can be done using a variety of tools and products like nail stickers, nail polish, decals, gel polish etc. There is no bar to create the nail arts and can be done through creativity of your own thoughts. It is good to combine different techniques to create new unique designs which can express your own personal style.

What are benefits of nail design art?

Cute nail polish art is the popular beauty trending to express the individual style in a creative and unique way. This is an inexpensive form of art which can be easily done with patience. Nail art can be used to cover flaws using the chips or different colors, hide imperfection in the nails allowing perfect manicure. You can have unique looks when you add up with rhinestones, glitters and other decorative elements.

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What are top trending simple and cute Nail polish art?

There are endless options with your creativity you can do on cute nail design art, but here are top best nail art designs you can try with. Remember the basic five nail shapes are oval, pointed, square, round(rectangle with rounded corners). You may use the artificial nails if you want and start planning from these basic shapes and get that beautiful look

Stripes Nail polish nail art designs

Stripe nail art typically involves polishing nail of various sizes, shapes and colors on your nail. Stripes can be different including horizontal, vertical, diagonal, zig-zagged or have a spiral pattern. Stripes can be enhanced with nail art techniques like glitter, rhinestones, stickers and hand painted designs etc. The possibilities again are endless.

Here is the video which would be super helpful to try nail art.

**Credit goes to the author of this video, StoreParrot staff has not created this video

Rhinestones Art

Going to a party! you may try for the rhinestones on those beautiful nails. The way this works is you add the gel as similar to the nail polish coat and start keeping the rhinestones in the design you want. Make sure the gel is not applied to skin. You would need the dotting pen or tweezer to pick the stones and apply rhinestones to your nails to get that look rich. You should make up your ideas in your mind before you start and pinterest would be the best place to search different and beautiful designs.

Marble Art

Marble art is trending and latest nail art. In this particular art you will have the white coat applied on your nail and before drying you apply the black coat. The technique is that then the black coat spreads over the white giving the marble look to your nails. This looks much real and classy look. Remember you need the different brushes to work on this kind of art.

French Style

French style manicure involves adding a white tip to the nails. The nails design can be of your own preference like v-cut, square shaped, rectangle etc. You can use any type like nail polish, gel or acrylic. They definitely give professional and classy look to you. This type of art is also called as "summer manicure".

3D Style

3D nail design art started in the Korea and quickly took over world as trending nail art designs. This is the art where you combine the stickers like flowers, cartoons, butterflies and anything you like. This would be the top coat with nice colors in the background. Having rhinestones would give a enhanced great look.Again for some great ideas visit Pinterest.

Do not forget to have a top coat, they help to have the cute nail design polish to stay longer and also helps to avoid any shading of inner color in longer run.

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