How to Play Catan Online for Free!

Can you play Catan for free, know all about it?
How to Play Catan Online for Free!
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 14 June, 2024

Catan has become one of the most popular strategy board games on the market. Catan has multiple expansions to create almost endless scenarios players can play through. If you enjoy playing Catan at home with a group of friends, and want more ways to play you might be interested in playing Catan online against other players. You can do this for absolutely free!

To play Catan online for free you can download Catan Universe on your computer through Steam, or on your phone through either the App Store or Google Play Store, once you create an account you can play Catan with other players online for free.

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What is Catan Universe?

Catan Universe is a free to download online version of Catan. You can use Catan Universe to play against other players, learn how to play the Catan Seafarers, Catan City and Knights, Catan Rise of the Inka expansions, and test out new strategies. Catan Universe does it's best to simulate playing Catan in real life. You will see a board laid out on the table and you will interact directly with it as you would in real life.


CATAN universe

Catan Universe has three main ways you can play, single player, multiplayer, and tournaments. Single player mode you are going against AI computers that play along side you. In multiplayer mode you can either play against other players who are online selected at random, or you can choose to play against your friends. Lastly, you have the option to join tournaments once you get to level 3.

As you continue to play and win games you will gain experience points and start to level up. When you reach a certain level you will receive a variety of benefits, for example once you reach level 3 you can join tournaments and at level 21 you receive new board pieces to choose from.

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Where can I download Catan Universe?

Catan Universe can be download on multiple platforms. You can download Catan Universe on Google Play, the App Store, and Steam. You also have the option of playing through your browser without having to download the game, you have to use either Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

Catan Universe does work across platforms, meaning you can use the app on your phone and then play against someone who is playing on their computer. This also applies when you want to play custom matches against your friends.

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Which expansions can I play on Catan Universe?

You can play multiple Catan expansions on Catan Universe. Catan Universe includes Catan Seafarers, Catan Cities and Knights, Catan Special Scenarios, Catan Rise of the Inkas, and Rivals for Catan.

To play any of these expansions for free you have to play in single player mode and it will cost one sun. Each player starts with one yellow sun that will reload every 12 hours. If you reach level 25 you will be awarded an additional yellow sun. You can also get red suns by participating in events and winning tournaments. Red suns, unlike yellow suns run out after one use and will not recharge.

You have the option to purchase the base game and the expansions which allow you to play multiplayer as much as you want; however, the only way to play the expansions and additional scenarios for free is to use a sun.

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How many games of Catan can I play a day for free?

You can play any expansion in single player mode at least two times a day, you just have to wait for your yellow sun to reload. If you reach level 25 and get the second yellow sun you can play any expansion up to four times a day in single player mode. If you win red suns you can play one additional single player game at any point, but the red sun will be spent and will not reload.

CATAN games

However, you can play an unlimited amount of multiplayer games every day for free. You are limited in the games you can play, you can choose to play the First Island scenario of the base game of Catan without a randomized board. Meaning, you will play the same board each time.

Or you can play Rivals for Catan with other players online for free. Rivals of Catan is a two player card game version of Catan. It is much different than the normal board game, and specifically made for only two people.

You can play the base game and Rivals of Catan with randomly selected opponents as many times as you want, you also have the choice to play a custom match against your friends as much as you want. In this option you will also be limited to the base game and the Frist Island scenario and Rivals for Catan, unless both you and your friends have purchased any of the additional expansions.

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Can I play Catan against my own friends online?

Catan Universe allows you to play against your own friends online through custom matches. To play against your friends you must first add them to your friend list and then click on custom match and select which friends you want to invite.

You must have at least three players, but you can choose to use a computer AI to stand in for a third or even fourth player. You can play as many matches a day with your friends as you choose, you will be limited to the First Island scenario and Rivals for Catan if you have not purchased any expansions or additional scenarios.

If you have purchased any expansions or additional scenarios to play those with your friends, they must also own the same expansion or scenarios that you do. You can tell which expansions your friends have by seeing which icons are filled in on their player profiles.

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