Angelfish Guide (Cheats Included)

Know the cheat codes for Angelfish guide
Angelfish Guide (Cheats Included)
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 15 June, 2024

There are many rare fish in the Sims 4, but none as coveted as the Angelfish. The Angelfish is used to make Ambrosia in the Sims 4 that can add days to your sims' life and bring dead sims back to life.

The Angelfish is probably one of the hardest fish to find in the Sims 4. This article will go over everything you need to know about the fishing skill, where to expect the angelfish, and how to tell if an angelfish is at a fishing spot.

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Sims 4 Fishing

The fishing skill is a relatively easy skill for sims to learn. There are fishing spots in every neighborhood you can use to get started. You can also learn fishing by purchasing the fishing skill books and reading those.

As you progress in the fishing skill you will have the ability to successfully fish in more difficult fishing spots. In the beginning of learning the fishing skill you will notice that sometimes your sim will get a message saying that the fishing that area are too crafty for your sim will stop fishing in that spot.

You also gain a few more abilities as you go through skill levels. Below is a table that lays out what you can expect at each level of the fishing skill.

Fishing Skill LevelAbilities
1Can catch fish, mouth them on the wall, or keep them in a fish bowl.
2Can now catch Bass, Koi, and Trout from fishing spots that contain them.
3Can now catch bigger, better fish. Can examine the water near fishing spots to study fish movements and identify new fish.
4Can now catch Catfish and Tilapia from fishing spots where they are found. Now have a better chance of reeling in treasure while fishing.
5Can now fish in any weather, and can fish while being a little uncomfortable, tense, or stressed.
6Can now catch Rainbow fish from fishing spots where they are found. Can share Fishing Tips to help other Sims improve their angling.
7Can now catch Anglerfish. Can now share some insider secrets on where to find the rarest of fish when asked about secret fishing spots.
8Can teach other Sims to Fish.
9Can now patiently angle for a big catch and share expert fishing tips with other Sims.
10Can now catch the most elusive and difficult sea creatures.

If you are looking for an angelfish the higher your fishing skill level the easier it will be. You have a better chance of catching rare fish, and you can now fish in more difficult fishing spots that tend to have rare fish.

If you don't want to wait around for your sim to fish or read skill books to reach level 10 of the fishing skill you can use a cheat to max out their fishing skill. First, you want to open up the cheat bar by holding down ctrl+shift+c on windows or command+shift+c on mac. You will see a small box drop down in the top left corner of your screen.

Then type in stats.set_skill_level Major_Fishing 10 followed by enter and your active sim will now have maxed out the fishing skill. If you to be any other level of the fishing skill you can change the "10" out for whatever level of the skill you want your sim to be.

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The Sims 4 Angelfish

Sims 4 angel fishjThe angelfish is a hard to find fish in the Sims 4. The angelfish is a blue ombre colored fish, the head of the fish is dark blue and gradually turns into a greenish/white color as you move towards the tail. It has a yellow eyes and in addition to it's fins it has two whisker like extremities coming out below it's chin. The Angelfish has a rarity level of uncommon and can be quite an allusive fish to find. An angelfish's retail value is between $8 and $15 simoleons.


Sims 4 neon angel fish


There is another type of angelfish known as the neon angelfish and should not be confused it it's blue counterpart. The neon angelfish is orange with white stripes, and a similar shape to the blue angelfish. It has a rarity level of common and retails for around $16 simoleons. The neon angelfish cannot be used to make Ambrosia.

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What do you use angelfish for?

Angelfish can be used in any normal recipe that requires a fish to make, but Ambrosia requires you to have an angelfish whether or not you have the simple living lot challenge on. Ambrosia is the most expensive meal you can make in the game, you can sell it for up to $15,000 Simoleons.

If you want to do a rags to riches or become wealthy selling Ambrosia is a great way to earn a lot of money, you can learn how to run a successful bakery and sell ambrosia in this article.

To make Ambrosia you need to reach level 10 both Cooking and Gourmet Cooking, an angelfish, a death flower, and a potion of youth. You have to achieve level 10 in both Cooking and Gourmet Cooking otherwise the recipe for Ambrosia will not appear in the cooking menu.

You can get a death flower in a number of ways, you can use your gardening skills to graft a pomegranate and an orchid together. You can get a pomegranate by grafting a cherry and an apple; however, you can also fish for a pomegranate. If you have Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle, you may also find some success dumpster diving.

Angelfish are a great fertilizer for your garden, I create a guide for gardening that goes over how to best fertilize and graft plants plus other useful tips for your sim to have the garden of their dreams.

I usually choose to fish for pomegranates, especially if I am already trying to fish for an angelfish. It is likely you will catch a pomegranate before you catch your angelfish.

You can also use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat and then search for a death flower in the buy menu's search bar. It cost $1,200 simoleons to buy, but can save valuable time. You can learn more about objects and all the objects cheats in my complete guide to objects.

You can get a potion of youth for 1,500 satisfaction points in the reward store. You can earn satisfaction points by satisfying Aspirations and whims. The potion of youth can be used to age down sims the potion of youth and aging down sims is covered more in depth in this article.

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Where are the best places to find angelfish?

Simmers have had the most luck finding angelfish in is Willow Creek. You can find them in the rivers around any of the neighborhoods there, and you can also head over to Sylvan Glades to fish in the secret lot that tends to have a lot of uncommon fish. Players have also reported having success in Oasis Spring, Newcrest, San Myshuno, Forgotten Hollow, Brindelton Bay, and Sulani.

In my experience there has never been one go to fishing spot that always have angelfish. It's always best to examine the fishing spots and try and do your best to assess that particular spot using the methods I discussed in the next section of this article.

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What is the best bait for angelfish?

You have the option to fish with or without bait. If you choose to use bait your chances of catching a particular fish go up. If you are looking for an angelfish it is best to use either a bass or frogs.

Bass are a common fish that requires a low fishing skill level to catch. You can find them in almost all fishing locations so they are not hard to come by. You can equip your fishing rod with bass by choose fish with bait and then selecting bass from the pop up menu.

Frogs are also quite a common occurrence, for angelfish the type of frog used does not matter. You can find frogs in the ponds located in Willow Creek at the Magnolia Blossom Park, in Oasis Springs, and Sylvan Glades. You can also find frogs by searching in logs that spawn across the worlds and at the water pump in Forgotten Grotto.

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How to tell if a fishing spot has an angelfish

There are a few signs you can look out for to help you decide if an angelfish is likely to be at a certain fishing spot.

If you have not caught an angelfish before then you can go around and examine the water to help you determine the best spot to fish at. When you go to examine the water you will see one of two notifications pop up.

  1. Your sim examined the water and recognized a fish they have caught before, but didn't notice any new varieties of fish.
  2. Your sim sees unrecognizable shapes moving beneath the surface of the water. This looks like an excellent spot for a fisherman of your sim's caliber to try their luck with some different catches.

If you see the second notification appear you are more likely to catch an angelfish in that spot if you have yet to catch one.

Another sign appears once you reach level 8 of the fishing skill you will also notice that some of the fishing spot signs start to sparkle. This indicates that there are rare fish at that particular location. This comes in handy when deciding which fishing spot to use when looking for angelfish.

Sims 4 fishing spot

Lastly, you can also zoom in on the fish you see out in front of the fishing spot sign you can look for an angelfish spawning. This is not a guarantee that you will catch an angelfish but it is a good indicator that an angelfish is likely to be caught.

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How to get an angelfish with cheats

If you don't want to take the time to fish for an angelfish there are some cheats you can use to get an angelfish. The old cheat that used to summon objects and collectables was removed from the game in 2018. You can no longer use the objects.gsi_create_obj cheat to summon any collectables.

If you use the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat you will notice an angelfish that comes up as a debug item. Unfortunately that angelfish does not allow you to interact with it. It is the fish that the developers use in the pond itself for the animation of all the fish swimming around in front of the fishing spot rather than the fish your sim will actually catch.

sims 4 angel fish cheats

While you there are no cheats you can type into the cheat bar, you can use the gallery to get an angelfish. Many simmers have uploaded a room that contains a single angelfish that you can take and place on your current lot. To get this room, open the gallery and do a search for angelfish, you will have multiple options some contain only an angelfish while others contain a room full of a variety of fish. Choose whichever room works best for your current lot, and you can easily get an angelfish without waiting around for your sim to fish.

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