Gardening: Get orchids

Sims 4 Orchid Guide: Where to Find & Grow These Elegant Flowers
Gardening: Get orchids
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

The Sims 4 is packed with unique elements and activities for the players. With completing missions, Simmers can do whatever they want, from gardening to enjoying their school days. 

For many Sims 4 players around there, gardening has been a popular hobby. In the gardening world of Sims 4, there are many plants that you can grow using different unique methods. 

However, you should be aware of certain requirements before entering into gardening. Besides, this article will explain orchids, how to get them, and their locations.

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How to Obtain Orchids in Sims 4? 

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Base Value: 180 
  • Perfect Value: 625
  • Growth Rate: 36 hours
  • Seasons: 4 Winters, and 1 Spring

In Sims 4, Orchids are described as rare colorful, and exotic blossoms. Moreover, this plant has a base value of 180 and a perfect value of 625. In addition, the Orchid's growth rate is 36 hours and its seasons are 1 Spring and 4 Winter. 

Obtaining Orchids isn’t simple as it is not a common flower. But, getting it can provide you tons of benefits, including massive money. There are plenty of ways of getting orchids and each method is explained below, so please follow them religiously. 

Buy the Rare Seed Collection Package

In Sims 4, you will find the rare seed packets, containing orchid seeds. Approximately, you must spend around 40-50k Simoleons to get a single seed of the Orchid plant as it is a rare item. After you get the seed, plant and water it correctly and provide enough nutrients. 

You can take the help of the fertilizers for improved growth of the Orchid plant. 

Purchase Orchids from Finchwick Stalls

This method is for the Simmers having the Cottage Living expansion pack. Fortunately, if you have the pack, quickly head towards the fruits and vegetables stalls of Finchwick. Upon interaction, you can purchase Orchids. 

However, sometimes it can happen that the stall might not have the Orchids in stock. So, you can visit Finchwick the next day and check if the Orchids are available. Usually, every stall has over one orchid in its stock. 

In Sims 4, each Orchid costs around 1125 Simoleons. 

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Participate in the Space Rock Collection

Another efficient way to get the rare Orchid plant is by completing the Space Rock Collection. Simmers with Rocket Science skills can participate in the task whose completion can reward them with the plant.

Upon finishing the mission, you must check the mailbox for the reward. Finally, after you get the plant, you can visit your garden and plant it at the appropriate spot. 

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Graft a Lily and a Snapdragon 

You can access the Crafting and Grafting abilities once you complete Level 5 of the Gardening skill. Both skills are required to graft two different plants and produce a hybrid. 

At Level 5, you should interact and take a cut from one of the two plants by choosing the ‘Take Cutting’ option. Next, select the Graft option after interacting with the second plant, allowing you to graft the sample of the first plant to the second one.

You might need to wait a while to know if a rare or common plant is growing. In most scenarios, the common plant grows mostly while grafting. A successful grafting of a Lily and Snapdragon will give you the Orchid plant. However, the Orchid plant produced by the Lily and Snapdragon plants and the plant from the seed packs will not be the same. 

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Which is the Most Appropriate Method to Produce Orchids?

There is no concrete answer to this question as it depends on the player's decision. If you have enough Simoleons, you can directly purchase the Rare Seed Packs for Orchids. Alternatively, you can go for the grafting process or use cheats to get the Orchid plant. 

Similarly, the answer to get the Orchids quickly only depends on your patience and the nutrients you provide to them. Both the grafting and rare seed packets process will give you the Orchid plant ultimately when you provide enough time and dedication to it. 

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Is Orchid Plant from the Grafting Different From the Seed Packets? 

The big difference between the Orchid production is that the Orchids resulting from the grafting are Magnificent. But, the Orchids derived from the Rare Seed packets are tagged as Excellent. So, it is advised to keep a note of the difference and choose either method wisely. 

However, growing Orchids from the seed packs or grafting requires time, dedication, and patience. Thus, it is up to you to decide between the two procedures of generating the Orchids.

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Why Planting Orchids Useful in Sims 4? 

Growing Orchids is a challenging task, requiring massive time and money in Sims 4. But, the more hard growing an Orchid plant is, the more beneficial it will be for you if you have a healthy one. 

Selling an Orchid planter will give you 13,000 Simoleons, bringing in a lot of money. Additionally, Orchids help in generating the unique Death Flower which can save your Sim’s life. If your Sim is dead, you can offer the Death Flower to the Grim Reaper who will revive the life back. 

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How Orchids Help in Producing the Death Flower? 

How Orchids Help in Producing the Death Flower

Once you get the Orchid either through the seed packets or grafting, you can graft the plant with Pomegranate to get the Death Flower. Finally, after getting the flower, you can use it in deadly situations or revive life. Besides, its spooky appearance and the flower looks elegant too, which can be a savior for you in Sims 4. 

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Why Are Orchids Not Growing in Sims 4? 

There are many reasons behind the Orchid plant not growing appropriately. One of the most common causes is the deficit of light that can interfere with the production of flowers. So, you need to check its leaf frequently to see whether it is growing properly. 

Another probable reason that can interrupt the growing Orchids is choosing an appropriate base plant. It is advised to use only a rare plant for grafting the Orchid plant as the rarer a base plant is, the more chances of it making the successful hybrid. 

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Orchids Location

All the rare plants of the Sims 4 cannot be found near the neighborhood, being the festivals are exceptions if you have the City Living Pack. Rare plants can be gathered by grafting or during festivals. So, if you want to get any rare plants in Sims 4, grafting is a must-known gardening skill. 

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How to Get Orchids Using Cheats? 

You can get the Orchids by using the cheat command in Sims 4. 

  • After you have opened the cheat window, you should type 'testingcheats on.'
  • Next, type in 'bb.showhiddenobjects' while in the Build & Buy mode.
  • Finally, you can get the seed packets from there, ultimately letting you get the Orchid plant. 
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How to FAQ

Orchids are rare plants in Sims 4, requiring players to follow and spend some Simoleons to get the seeds. Also, growing Orchids can only be possible by providing efficient time and nutrients.

Getting Orchid is a dedicated task, but it will be helpful once you get the plant. Interestingly, you can sell an Orchid planter, giving you 13,000 Simoleons.

You can graft the Pomegranate and Orchid to get the Death Flower. After you get a healthy Death Flower plant, it will help your Sim to take their life back when they die

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