Guide to Plant Sims (Plant-A-Sim Scenario)

How do you make a sim a plant sim?
Guide to Plant Sims (Plant-A-Sim Scenario)
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 15 June, 2024

The Sims has been known for it's fun imaginative game play. The PlantSim is no exception, if you enjoy unique gameplay while enjoying the Sims, the PlantSim is a fun new territory in your game. PlantSims comes with a unique way of living, and can pose for a fun challenge.

To become a PlantSim you will have to find the Forbidden Fruit, and learn how to satisfy your new needs as a PlantSim. This article will go over how to become a PlantSim, how to care for your PlantSims, and the Plant-A-Sim Scenario.

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What is a Plant Sim?

The PlantSim has been around since Sims 2, and has been slightly different in each generation of the game. In Sims 4 a PlantSim is a green sim with leafy hair and has the ability to photosynthesize. A plant sim is not quite an occult sim like Vampires, Aliens, Mermaids, or Spell Casters.

PlantSims were introduced to the game as a challenge where you would have to go speak to a sim known as Jasmine Holiday to obtain six magic beans. You then used the magic beans given to you by Jasmine Holiday to obtain the forbidden fruit.

Unlike other occult sims becoming a PlantSim is not permanent, your PlantSim cannot pass down the PlantSim trait to their children. Sims 4 really did not give PlantSims any special abilities that other occult sims enjoy.

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How do you become a Plant Sim?

If you want to become a PlantSim you can do this by either obtaining the forbidden fruit or cheats. While the first Sims 4 PlantSim challenge has been over for quite some time you can still obtain the Magic Beans without Jasmine Holiday.

To get a forbidden fruit you will need to purchase a Magic PlantSim Stump from the buy menu, and then fill it with the six magic beans. You need one of each different colored magic bean, which represent a different moodlet.

  1. Red = Angry Bean
  2. Purple = Playful Bean
  3. Navy = Sad Bean
  4. Orange =Uncomfortable Bean
  5. Pink = Flirty Bean
  6. Blue = Confident Bean

You will need your sim to reach level 10 of the gardening skill to unlock the ability to purchase the Rare Seed Packets. Select the Seed Packet in live mode and select open seed packet. The magic beans are randomly in these seed packets so you will need to purchase multiple of these packets in order to get all six magic beans.

To learn how to max out your gardening skill I have create a guide to everything you need to know about gardening in the Sims 4.

After you have all six magic beans, you can place one of each in the slots in the Magic PlantSim Stump. Then once you have placed them click on the stump and choose "water." Once you water the stump the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree will grow and you will notice a hole in the side of the tree. When the hole is opened you can click on the tree and then choose to explore.

Sims 4 inventory

You will receive a notification that your sim was greeted by a bright sunny pastures, filled with all kinds of flora. There was a glowing bearing fruit and your sim plucked the fruit from the tree, and immediately found the sunny landscape disintegrate into darkness. Then they stepped out of the tree with something in their pocket, the Forbidden Fruit.

Once you have the Forbidden Fruit in your inventory you want to have your sim eat it. Once they eat the forbidden fruit your sim will turn into a PlantSim.

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Plant Sim Cheats

There are multiple ways you can cheat to get a PlantSim in the Sims 4. To use Cheats in the Sims 4 hold down Ctrl+Shift+C for windows or Command (⌘)+Shift+C for Mac at the same time and a small bar will appear at the top left hand corner of the screen where you can type.

For the first option you will want to enter testingcheats on and then click enter. Once you have testingcheats enabled, you then hold down shift and click on your sim at the same time. You will then see an option to "Make into Plant Sim (DEBUG)," once you select this option your sim will immediately turn into a plant sim.

You can also use an objects cheat to get the forbidden fruit for your sim to eat without needing to go through the process of obtaining the magic beans. You will enter bb.showhiddenobjects and then go to build/buy mode. While in buy mode you will want to search for "DEBUG" and then scroll until you come across the Forbidden Fruit. You can purchase it straight from the buy menu and then have a sim eat the fruit to become a PlantSim.

If you want to learn about all the hidden objects in the Sims 4 you can learn about all hidden objects in my Ultimate Guide to Moving Objects.

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How long does my sim stay a plant sim?

As I mentioned earlier, PlantSims are not technically an occult sim in the usual sense. There is no way to make your sim remain a plantsim forever. A sim will remain a plantsim for a total of 5 days. You will see a small moodlet with a leaf on it called "Be a PlantSim" and will start with a 5 day timer. You can hover over this moodlet to see how much time your sim has left as a PlantSim.

Sims 4 plant sim

Once the moodlet runs out, your sim will return to their normal state. There is not currently a cheat in the game that allows you to revert your PlantSim back to normal. You must wait for the effects of the Forbidden Fruit to wear off on their own.

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How do you satisfy a Plant Sim's needs?

You will notice that once your sim becomes a PlantSim their needs will change, Bladder will be Replaced with Water. You will still see a normal hunger bar, but you won't have to cook or eat normal food. Instead, you will be satisfying your sim's hunger with the sun or other plants.

You can satisfy your PlantSim's water need by either drinking water or taking a shower. You can get water from the sink, or if you are out on the town you can order water from a bar. No other drinks will satisfy your sim's water needs. Taking a shower tends to give your PlantSim more water than drinking a glass from the sink. If you have Sims 4 Seasons you can stand out in the rain to satisfy your PlantSim's water needs, or go swimming in Sulani with Sims 4 Island Living.

sims 4 taking shower

There are also three different ways to satisfy your PlantSim's hunger. If it is a nice day outside just have your sim stand outside during a clear day. Your PlantSim will start photosynthesizing and you will see their hunger go up. If it is nighttime or cloudy you can do one of two other things to get your sim's hunger up.

You can click on any plants and choose to "absorb solar energy from plant." This will give your PlantSim a small boost in hunger, but be careful because it will drain the energy from your plants, and reverse your plant's growth cycle. You will see your plants go back down to small seedlings if done too often.

While your PlantSim cannot satisfy their hunger eating regular meals, they can consume fresh produce to satisfy their hunger. If you have a garden you will want to make sure your PlantSim has access to fresh fruits and vegetables to help keep your PlantSim full in a pinch.

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What is the Plant-A-Sim Scenario?

The Sims 4 has recently introduced a new way to play the game through scenarios to help expand players' gameplay. There are a variety of scenarios you can choose from, a new one introduced in April of 2022 is the Plant-A-Sim Scenario. There is no end date for this particular scenario, so it seems that it is here to stay.

Sims 4 plan a sim scenario

It is a Difficulty level of Easy and encourages players to enjoy the wonders of the PlantSim. When you start this scenario your sim will start with 5 Forbidden Fruit already in their inventory. You will have a neutral moodlet called "Wilting" saying that your sim desires to live the PlantSim life! You have 24 hours to eat one of the Forbidden Fruits in your inventory or your sim will Wilt and will not successfully complete the Plant-A-Sim scenario.

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How do you complete the Plant-A-Sim Scenario?

Once you start the Plant-A-Sim scenario you will have a list of things your sim must do before time runs out. You will want to space your Forbidden Fruit out carefully. Once your sim reverts back to their normal state after 5 days, the wilting moodlet will come back and you will have only 24 hours until you must eat another Forbidden Fruit. If you run out of Forbidden Fruit and you can't change back into a PlantSim before your 24 hours runs out then you won't successfully finish the Scenario and will have to start again.

There are 7 main tasks that your sim must do, these tasks have to be done while your sim is actively a PlantSim. Some require you to do that particular tasks a certain number of times.

Eat the "Forbidden Fruit of the PlantSim" from your inventory1
Have your PlantSim Talk to Plants5
Harvest from a Perfect Quality Plant1
Satisfy Water Needs5
Absorb Solar Energy from Plants5
Photosynthesize by absorbing sunlight25
Care for Plants as a PlantSim99

Counting the time you can spend wilting you have approximately 30 days to complete the tasks above. This includes 5 days of being a plant sim over 5 forbidden fruit, with 23 hours of wilting in between eating each Forbidden Fruit.

If you have Sims 4 Cottage Living you can use the Oversized crops to help complete some of the above tasks. When you care for your oversized crops you will gain progress for the "care for plants as a PlantSim" task, and these can help you complete that particular task faster because they usually require more tending than the normal plants. However, if you harvest a perfect quality oversized crop it will not count towards the "harvest from a perfect quality plant" task.

I found that the hardest task was harvesting from a perfect quality plant task because it took me a very long time to increase a plant's quality that high. If you have Sims 4 Seasons you have the additional challenge of your plant not being in season, so I would move one plant inside to start to avoid that problem. I would also suggest starting right away on finding good fertilizers, which I outlined the best fertilizers in this guide.

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What is the benefit of the Plant-A-Sim Scenario?

As a reward for finishing the Plant-A-Sim Scenario each sim in your household will receive the Super Green Thumb trait which increases plant growth rates while reducing watering needs and bugs. The Super Green Thumb trait normally cost 4,000 satisfaction points in the reward store.

You will also now have a sim that most likely maxed out their gardening skill by now and has a pretty impressive garden.

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