Vertical Gardening

Vertical gardens offer a unique and space-saving option! Learn how to nurture your Sims' vertical haven and watch them blossom alongside it.
Vertical Gardening
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

Gardening is one of the great inclusions in Sims 4 for plant lovers. The journey of gardening starts by leveling up the skills. Your Sim can increase your skills using Stuff Packs, Game Packs, Kits, and Expansion Packs. If you need to start gardening you need somewhere to plant. 

The Sims 4 base game has the Garden Pot or Planter from the Build mode. If you have the Eco Lifestyle pack, using the vertical garden can fulfill your gardening wish. You can proceed by purchasing the seeds and nurturing them periodically for great productivity after you have the correct spot for gardening. This article will help you learn about the vertical garden and its importance in Sims 4 gardening. 

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Concept of Vertical Garden and Planter

Vertical Gardening is one of the innovative and space-saving concepts in Sims 4 that lets your Sim grow selected plants. This concept starts with installing vertical planters indoors and growing the plant seeds. In this gardening, you can save space by harvesting your favorite plants. 

For Vertical Gardening, you will need the Vertical Planter, costing around 365 Simoleons. This planter is a good alternative for a horizontal planting method that causes back problems. The planter changes the gardening concept and will help you with more spaces in your home. These planters are ladder-like structures where you can grow plants in small rectangular boxes attached to the ladder steps. 

Sims 4 pest control

You can install the automatic water system at Level 4 of Handiness skill. The automatic pest-controlling system can be done after reaching Level 6 of the Handiness skill. 

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How to Do Vertical Gardening in Sims 4? 

Vertical gardening is possible by obtaining a vertical planter. 

  • If you are ready to spend Simoleons, you can head towards the ‘Build and Buy mode.’ 
  • Next, purchase the ‘OK-Bloomer Vertical Garden planter.’
  • You can place it according to your convenient place, like a patio or within the home. 
  • Finally, you can start seeding your favorite plants. 
  • You can use fertilizers for effective plant growth. 

You should check your plants frequently, provide required nutrients, and remove weeds. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Garden in Sims 4? 

Sims 4 Vertical Garden is an innovative way, allowing to grow plants at home. However, this approach is beneficial and has a few limitations, so let us check them below. 

Perks of Vertical Gardening

  • Vertical Gardening is less spacious.
  • It doesn’t harm your plants’ quality and growth. 
  • Gardening indoors by vertical planters can affect harvesting quantity. 
  • Reduces back problems from the horizontal planting. 

Drawbacks of Vertical Gardening

  • Trees can’t be planted in Vertical Planters. 
  • Getting Vertical planters requires Simoleons. 
  • Not all plants are ideal for vertical planters, as some don't like higher altitudes. 
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Why can’t Trees be Grown in a Vertical Garden Planter?

Vertical Garden Planter can harvest a lot of plants from the Sims 4, but not all. Since Trees are broader than plants, it is impossible to grow them inside your home. The Vertical Planters are made for space-saving, and trees require a large area. Therefore, trees can't be grown in these planters at any cost. 

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Which Plants are Suitable for Vertical Gardening? 

In Sims 4, not all plants are appropriate for Vertical Gardening. Here's a list of plants and berries you can harvest in the Vertical Planter. 

  • Basil
  • Elderberry
  • Begonia
  • Green Pea
  • Bell Pepper
  • Madnip
  • Dahlia
  • Bird of Paradise
  • Holly
  • Noxious Elderberry
  • Mandrake
  • Soy Beans       
  • Napnip
  • Strawberry
  • Catnip
  • Bizarre Fruit
  • Parsley
  • Tomato
  • Spinach
  • Huckleberry
  • Christmas Rose
  • Daisy
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Rose
  • Black Bean
  • Muckleberry
  • Blackberry
  • Sage
  • Nuzzlenip

Effect of Vertical Garden on Plants

Vertical gardening doesn't affect plant growth, quality, and productivity. But, vertical gardening at home reduces the quantity of plants and berries you can grow, keeping the crop yield decreasing as usual. 

Which is Better: Growing Plants in Vertical Planters or Other Planters? 

Growing Plants in Sims 4 requires extensive dedication to gardening, as a slight mistake in any step can harm the plants. The Sims 4 has different Planters, depending on your need and planting spot. Some planters, like Garden Pot, are for growing a single plant, while the Hand Fashioned Planter Box can help produce plants, flowers, and trees. 

On the other hand, the Vertical Garden Planters come under a similar budget to most of the other planters. Additionally, they eliminate the back problems from the traditional horizontal planting approach. 

Choosing Vertical Planters over other planters is a personal choice, as both are different approaches with their respective pros-cons. However, if you are tired of doing horizontal planting and wish to do gardening using vertical planters, you can go for a vertical gardening approach. 

For tree lovers, vertical gardening is not a good deal, but it is an efficient solution to save space at home for planting specific plants.

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How Vertical Gardening Helps Getting the Meat Plant? 

In the Eco-Lifestyle expansion, you can grow the Meat Plant using the Vertical Planter. The product you will be is a cruelty-free meat that can be used in foods. You can store or sell it if you don't want to consume the meat. If you want to get the plant, your Sim must be a Civil Designer and have selected the Green Technician path. 

Your ultimate aim to be eligible for the meat plant production is getting the Design Guru role, which can be achieved by completing the Level 5 Civil Designer path. After being the Designer Guru, you must get the Planter and choose the 'Grow Cruelty-Free Meat' option. 

The meat plant will only be grown on the Vertical Planter by placing it on one of your lot. 

Once you start growing the plant, you must take proper care to make it of high quality. You can increase the quality by massaging the plant, so level up your Fitness skills for better productivity.

Is Meat Plant Appropriate for Vegetarian Sims? 

The produced meat can't be used as an alternative to the meat in Sims 4. You must use the vegetarian-safe dish to grow the plant for the vegetarian Sims. Importantly, Vegetarian Sims don't like the meat, and they get unconformable when around it. 

Additionally, you will never see a vegetarian Sim to touch this meat. So, if you are a Vegetarian Sim in Sims 4, you should be away from the meat walls. But, you can harvest the meat for profit being a vegetarian. 

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