Sims 4 paintings[How to get highly paid]

Sims 4: Make Money with Art! Guide to Highest-Selling Paintings
Sims 4 paintings[How to get highly paid]
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 07 July, 2024

The Sims 4 has different skills and career choices that provide players an open plate to choose their future. From taking admission in schools to gardening, The Sims 4, leaves no stone unturned to keep players entertained throughout the journey. 

Every career in Sims 4 has certain levels or milestones that players must complete to become experts in that field. The more players spend time polishing their skills, the more beneficial it will be for them to attain massive success. 

Besides, The Sims 4 allows players to grow their painting skills and become well-known painters. So, this article will discuss the painting career, and share some explanations on the highest-paying paintings of The Sims 4. 

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Which Sims 4 Paintings are Most-Profitable? 

In Sims 4, paintings are termed as one of the best and most luxurious hobbies to consider for a successful life. If your Sim likes doing paintings, you can move ahead and create masterpieces to earn thousands of Simoleons, which will help you to purchase many items in-game. 

Tip: You should upgrade your painting skills more often to get success in preparing excellent paintings. 

Besides, abstract and large classics are the most profitable paintings, bringing loads of money. Sims who are experts in Painting skills can sell their paintings for up to 15K Simoleons. 

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Basics to the Sims 4 Painting Skill

The painting skill is one of the earlier skills of the Sims 4 using which you can make loads of profits. You can start painting using an easel from the  Activities and Skills category of the Build & Buy mode. After you have placed it and purchased canvases, you can curate new ideas. 

There are 3 types of canvases, Small, Medium, and Large, that you can consider each time you do the painting. The Small canvases take little effort and time costing around 50 Simoleons to begin painting. The Large Canvases cost 100 Simoleons and take the longest time to get finished. 

Different-sized paintings sell for different Simoleons, so you need to keep upgrading your skills to get the best from them. Leveling more into the painting skill will allow you to unlock different art styles. 

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How to Make More Money Using Paintings in Sims 4?

The amount of money you will get from paintings depends on your skill level and the traits you are using. If you have mastered the Painting skill by reaching the 10th level, you will be more prone to generate interesting pieces, thereby generating more money. 

Tip 1: Consider the Best Moodlets

If you want your painting to be excellent, you must ensure that your Sim is Confident, Happy, and Inspired. Make your Sim think something out of the box by researching art and getting the best easel. Interestingly, the Inspired moodlet will help your Sim to create masterpieces. 

Tip 2: Use the Best Traits and Aspirations

As far as traits are concerned, you should have the Marketable Trait, increasing the painting's value greatly. For example, having this trait can increase the painting's value to 30K, if it’s worth 10K. Moreover, the Creative Visionary Reward Trait will increase the probability of creating masterpieces. 

If you are an aspiring painter in Sims 4, you can go for the Creative Trait, turning your Sim to be inspired while painting. Additionally, the Art Lover trait allows your Sim to feel Inspired when admiring excellent art. 

The Perfectionist Trait will result in making excellent art if you are comfortable working under pressure. However, there is a risk of getting the negative moodlet if your Sim produces low-quality paintings.

Sims 4 painting passion

Interestingly, you can consider the Painter Extraordinaire Aspiration for excellent paintings in Sims 4. Once your Sim masters the aspiration, it will unlock the Expressionistic Trait, allowing the Sim to create emotional artworks irrespective of their current mood. 

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A Guide to Make Excellent Paintings in Sims 4? 

When your Sim becomes an Aspiring Painter Extraordinaire, they should create 10 excellent paintings to jump into the next aspiration stage. Completing 10 paintings can be a hassle, but doing so is worth it. 

Your Sim can only develop excellent paintings when they have reached the 10th Level. Ensure to have the Inspired moodlet for better outcomes, i.e., getting excellent paintings. You can still take the risk with the Perfectionist Trait to get high-quality paintings. 

Leveling up Sim's painting skills quickly can be done by using the Home Studio and Natural Light Traits. The more your Sim will become skilled, the more chance producing high-quality items.

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What to Do with the Masterpieces? 

Once you have created a masterpiece, you might wonder about what to do with them. However, there are both pros and cons to selling and keeping masterpieces, so it depends on your personal choice. 

Pros of Selling Masterpiece Paintings

  • You can sell them to increase the household fund, bringing thousands of Simoleons.
  • For Mansion Baron milestones, these paintings are useful to keep as they will increase the overall household value.
  • You can keep and decorate them on walls or as a family heirloom.
  • You can give your Masterpiece paintings to your kids to sell them for upgrading in the future when needed.

Cons of Keeping Masterpieces Paintings

  • Keeping Masterpieces in your Inventory will not increase their value. Even if you keep them for some days or weeks, their price will remain the same always.
  • Keeping them will raise your household's value, thereby increasing the bills.
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Which Paintings to Avoid in Sims 4? 

When preparing art in Sims 4, you should avoid considering Pop Art and Impression paintings. Since they aren’t very profitable, you should avoid wasting time on them. On the other hand, focusing on Landscape, Motion, and Classic paintings will give you great results. 

However, you must prefer choosing a painting that your Sim can paint with top-notch quality. The notifications during leveling-up every time will tell you about the types of paintings that your Sim can prepare at high quality. For more security, you can stick to the classic paintings until you reach Level 8 of the Painting skill.

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Why Do Sims Keep Scraping the Paintings? 

If your Sim has the Perfectionist Trait, it will cause them to scrap their completed paintings. They do so to destroy the imperfect painting before people notice the issue. This scraping behavior can trouble you in selling or keeping the paintings. 

You can prevent your Sim from scraping your queuing other works to them one after another. Ensure to queue up things after the Sim starts painting as it will prevent them from destroying the art immediately.

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How to FAQ

Abstract and Large Classics Paintings are the most profitable painting types in Sims 4. Sims with great painting skills can earn around 15K Simoleons by selling their paintings.

You can keep or sell them depending upon your own choice. Selling them can bring you lots of Simoleons, but you can decorate your walls with those paintings or give them to your kids for selling them later.

Pop Art and Impression paintings are some painting types that you should not work on as they aren't beneficial. Besides, you can focus on Landscape, Motion, and Classic paintings, giving you the best profits.

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