Sims 4 perform dramatic scenes monologue - Acting skill for beginners

Monologues: The key to unlocking your acting career!
Sims 4 perform dramatic scenes monologue - Acting skill for beginners
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

Sims 4: Get Famous feature allows players to get stardom in the acting field. If you want to participate in an acting career, your Sim must perform certain things and pass certain requirements. 

The Get Famous expansion is about your Sim achieving fame and reputation as a celebrity. Becoming a celebrity starts with roaming around the Del Sol Valley and meeting new individuals. By learning new stuff in the acting genre, your Sim can get big breaks in the commercials or start a series itself.

In short, the Sim 4 Get Famous is a perfect opportunity for those who like to live a lavish lifestyle and get publicity in the acting path. So, this article describes and suggests performing the dramatic scenes monologue in Sims 4. 

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How to Perform Dramatic Scenes Monologue in Sims 4?

Most importantly, your Sim should reach Level 10 of the Acting skill to perform the dramatic scenes. If the Sim hasn't reached the level yet, all you must do is keep practicing. Even your Sim can impress other Sims to practice those scenes. 

Practicing for the acting can be done in various ways, including by standing and performing against a mirror or microphone. If your Sim has met the Level 10 requirement, then click on the Sim and select the dramatic scene performing option. 

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Acting Leveling Guide

There are ten levels of acting skills in Sims 4, each marking certain instances or rewarding something to your Sim. Leveling up the acting skill can be done by getting the Sim in a Confident mood. To get the mood buff, you need to practice religiously and efficiently. You have to be serious in your acting career. 

Additionally, you can boost the process by reading the skill books. The more you progress on the skill levels, the higher your chances will be to master your Sim's acting. 

Acting Skill Level Perks
1Practice acting using a microphone or against a mirror. 
  • Practice with another Sim 
  • Get a short sad moodlet by Cry on Demand.
3Perform romantic scenes with other Sims. Your Sim can act to prevent awkward talks. 
4Unlocks the Trouper’s Looking Glass to accelerate the acting skill. If the glass is not in the Inventory, you can purchase it for 400 Simoleons. 
5Perform a Musical segment with another Sim.
  • Allows performing the Action scene. 
  • Prevent boredom by using 'Act Not Bored'
  • Perform a Horror scene. 
  • Save an awkward conversation and lighten the mood.
8Unlocks the Basic Microphone Stand and Sci-Fi scenes. The stand will help to build and boost acting skills. 
9Performs the Comedy scenes with another Sim. Unlocks the ‘Act Not Embarrassed’ to prevent embarrassment. 
10Unlocks the Drama sequels, gold pants, and jackets. Your Sim can wear pants and jackets freely. 
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Acting Career Cheating Tips

If you don’t want to go through the above lengthy steps, you can perform a cheat, unlocking the dramatic scene monologue. 

  • Press the Control, Shift, and C keys on the keyboard. 
  • Next, type 'testingcheats on' and tap the 'Enter' button. 
  • Set the 'skill level stats.set_skill_level major_acting 10.'
  • Finally, the command will take your Sim directly to Level 10 of the acting skill. 
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How to Pursue the Acting Career?

Once your Sim has learned acting, joining or diving into the acting field would be profitable. Sims can go for auditions, interact with cast members, and brush up their skills for fame/money. Additionally, your Sim needs to improve by going to the gym and learning new skills, like guitar or comedy timings. If Sim performs well, it can be nominated for roles and invited for awards. 

  • Perform to Get Acting Suggestions 

Street Performances can help your Sim to gain confidence for auditions and gain some cash. You can prefer doing solo acts or involving other Sims to capture the public attention. 

Beware of collaborating with any famous Sim as it will turn the public’s attention to them. 

Search for new festivals or events nearby for larger crowds. Additionally, hosting a house party can be a good choice to prepare your Sim for the upcoming auditions. There are numerous ways you can search and become famous.

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Acting Audition Guide

In the acting industry, the ultimate hurdle starts with auditioning for roles and getting selected. The process begins with selecting the appropriate auditions with the best-fit roles.

Selecting Auditions 

Take up your phone or head toward the Careers tab and tap the J key to see the available jobs on the new screen. Next, press the Check Open Auditions button to find all the openings The Gigs will mention the recommended skills, audition time, date, and payout details. 

After you have signed up for a certain gig, your Sim will have two options: 

  • Audition: It is a usual part where you can carry on looking at the jobs, setting your mood depending on the role. 
  • Filming for the Role: Here, you need to mold yourself for the shooting and perform your best. 

Prepare for Acting Roles

When you gig for auditions, applying to jobs according to your skills is recommended. You should master your Sim to a certain field that aligns with your abilities. In the meantime, you can learn different skills to expand yourself more. 

Get into the Shooting 

After getting selected for the audition, you can check the shooting details from the jobs panel. Before the shoot, you can complete two daily tasks to help your Sim perform better.

You need to inform the director when you are ready for the shoot tasks. Afterward, the stage will light up and let you choose the scenes to shoot. 

Start shooting by clicking at the X marks on the stage. Interestingly, you will have the option to perform risky scenes; of which passing a level will give you points and vice-versa. 

During the audition, you should try to be confident by performing against the mirrors. Also, there are other techniques like emotional manipulation, to perform well. 

Acting Promotion Rewards 

Once you reach a higher rank in the acting industry, you must maintain your Sim to keep yourself active and well-presented. You can find the to-do list to get all the advice for your career. 

After you complete a shooting, you will get exclusive rewards. Shooting more risky scenes can benefit you with more fame, but only after hitting the breakpoints. 

Like the acting skill levels, the career level has 10 ranks which will benefit you more with every promotion. 

Rank  Actor TypePromotion BonusAverage Per Gig PayRewards
1Uncredited Extra-$640Sign-up for Auditions
2Back Actor$200$640Voidcritter Costume and Stage
3Commercial Spokesperson$250$1,755
  • Family Home Stage
  • Camping Adventure Stage
4Guest Star$350$1,755
  • Pirate and French Court Costumes
  • Pirate Ship Wheel and Stage
5Supporting $400$4,010Police and Hospital Drama Stage
6Sitcom Star$600$4,010Apocalyptic Costumes and Scene Stage
7Rising Star$800$4,010Western Stage and Victorian Drama Stage
8Seasoned Thespian$1200$9,800
  • Medieval Costumes
  • Creature and Alien Costumes, and Medieval Adventure Stage
9Superstar $1500$9,800
  • City Street Stage
  • Romantic Garden Stage
10Silver Star Icon$1800$9,800
  • Super-Hero Costumes
  • Sci-Fi Costumes, and Super-Hero Headquarters Stage
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