Baby whisked away get back

Don't Lose Your Baby! How to Get Them Back After Neglect
Baby whisked away get back
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

In Sims 4, plenty of hurdles will test your skills and abilities. You must keep yourself updated and lose no loopholes to progress ahead in the journey of Sims 4. If you love parenting or want a baby, newborns in Sims 4 will help you fulfill your wish.

The Sims 4 is the first game series to allow breastfeeding, where females can breastfeed by default. Additionally, teens and older Sims can interact with the babies in Sims 4, making it a fantastic feature to play with them.

However, this article will describe the condition where your baby will be whisked away to safety and other necessary details.

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Why 'Baby has been Whisked Away' Message Appears

In real and Sims 4, babies need extreme care and parenting to grow healthy. A slight negligence can lead to devastating adverse effects. However, if you have a newborn, there could be some reasons to get the Whisked Away message.

Reason 1: Negligency of the Baby Sims

If you aren’t feeding your newborn for some time, you will get a notification advising you to feed them. However, even after you receive the message, a message will pop up saying that the baby has been whisked for safety purposes if you fail to feed the newborn. Additionally, the notification will tell you to try the goldfish before parenting, leaving you clueless about how to get your baby back.

Reason 2: Using Cheats

The message can also appear if you have already used the cheat and have selected the ‘[DEBUG] Starves Baby’ option in the bassinet. The starve baby option can appear by clicking the Shift key in the bassinet with the newborn.

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How to Get the Baby Back After the Message?

The disappearance of the newborn can leave you in great pain and trouble as it will sweep all of your hard work away. So, if you have got the baby whisked away message, you can follow the below methods to fix the problem.

Fix 1: Try the Previous Saved Game Option

You must visit the previous Save Game to get the baby back in the family.

  • Firstly, leave the game without saving it.
  • Head towards the ‘Main Screen’ and select the game.
  • Click on the ‘Recover Save’ option from the screen’s bottom side.
  • Choose the save you did before the baby was taken away in the game.
  • Finally, you can start playing the game with that recovered file instead of the original file.

Note:Check if your disappeared baby has been recovered from that file before progressing ahead with parenting.

If the above method hasn't worked, you can follow the underlying fix that could help bring back the lost newborn. Before you try the second method, you must do the steps as soon as your baby has whisked away. Unfortunately, if you don't find the newborn quickly, the system will remove it after some time.

Fix 2: Use the Transfer Sims between households option

  • You can start by clicking on the ‘Manage Worlds’ option.
  • Choose the option to ‘Save’ and Go to Manage Worlds.’
  • Next, pick the same household.
  • Head towards the ‘More Options’ section.
  • Tap the ‘Transfer Sims between households’ option.
  • Click on the ‘Not in World’ option.
  • Carefully select the baby that disappeared a while ago.
  • Finally, you can add the newborn back to your home.
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What can Happen if the Newborn is Left Alone at Home?

If you have a newborn with no adults or teens at home, they will be sent to the daycare, causing the baby and bassinet's disappearance. The Bassinets are provided without cost if the Sim gives birth to the baby at the hospital.

However, if the birth was at home, the Sim needs to get the bassinet afterbirth. If the Sim's moodlet is near its expiration, they will receive a free bassinet. Immediately, when a teen or older Sim comes back to the lot, the newborn can return.

How Newborns Ascend to the Next Life Stage?

Usually, the newborn progresses to the next life stage, i.e., the Infant in 24 hours. However, the older Sims can upgrade a newborn anytime using the 'Age Up' option. Since newborns are new additions to your home, Mother Sim and siblings will get new options, like the 'meet new sibling' to create good interaction.

The newborns can use moodlets whether they are sad or angry, indicating their parents to take care of them. Toddler Sims are cute, but they often irritate players, creating tensions.

You must provide much attention and extreme care to toddlers at this age. The skill-learning process of toddlers happens slowly, but you can accelerate the process by following the underlying ideas.

  1. If your toddler has the Independent trait, it will help to learn the skills quickly, ultimately allowing them to upgrade faster.
  2. Usually, toddlers have 5 skills: Imagination, Thinking, Communication, Potty, and Movement. You must work on their primary skills first and upgrade every skill at a time.
  3. Before you work on their skill, you should feed them first as doing so will make them happy and help learning quickly.
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What to do if You Don’t Have Time for Your Newborns?

Issues might arise if you are a busy Sim and can’t give much time to your newborn. In such cases, you can hire a nanny to take care of younger ones when you are at work.

In Sims 4, nannies can be adults or elders and male or female, ensuring that your baby gets the appropriate stuff. If you want to hire a nanny, you can open your phone and select Hire a Service option. Next, navigate to the Career and Household categories and choose to hire a nanny.

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How Are Nannies Beneficial in Sims 4?

  • Besides pampering newborns, nannies are helpful in various ways in Sims 4 as they will help upgrade their skills.
  • Additionally, they will help with small household chores, like putting things in place, especially when you are not at home.
  • Emptying the potty and washing the dishes after newborns eat food are essential works Nannies in Sims 4 can do.
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How to FAQ

You can use the Previous Saved Game option to bring the time when your newborn wasn't whisked away. Alternatively, choose the Transfer Sims between households option to add the missing newborn to your home.

If you leave your newborn alone at home, with no adults or teens, they will be transferred to the daycare. Similarly, your newborn will return when an adult comes back home.

You can hire a Nanny from your phone to pamper your newborn when you are at service. In addition, they will do many things like cleaning dishes, emptying the potty, and many more.

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