City living food stalls

Spice Up Your Sims' Lives: The Ultimate City Living Food Stall Guide
City living food stalls
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

In Sims 4, food stands or stalls are small stores that allow Sims to buy drinks and food. Interestingly, some of the food stalls in Sims 4 are unique for special occasions only. This blog will give you a list of all the City Living Food stalls, their rotations, food stall recipes, and many more details. 

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Why are City Living Food Stalls a must-try for Visitation? 

Food Stalls are beneficial for the Simmers to enjoy food and learn new recipes. Moreover, some festivals like the Special Festival allow Simmers to participate in unique challenges and gain rewards. The more you try new dishes from the food stalls, the more you learn different recipes. 

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Rotational Schedules of City Living Food Stalls 

In the City Living expansion pack, the stalls in San Myshuno automatically change at 2 am of the in-game time. Every food stall is unique where you can buy special dishes and cooking ingredients. You will find four neighborhoods of San Myshuno, including the Arts Quarter, Fashion District, Spice Market, and Uptown. 

Arts Quarter

As the name indicates, the Arts Quarter is filled with artistic attractions and is home to the Hijinks and Humor Festival. One penthouse and two apartment buildings are in this district. The apartments are inhabited by the Jang and Benali families. 

Fashion District

This area is home to the GeekCon and Romance Festival and is heavily inspired by modern cities like Shanghai and Tokyo. The San Myshuno neighborhood has a penthouse and two buildings. The buildings are occupied by the Karaoke Legends households and Pizzazz family. Additionally, the region has a karaoke bar, Planet Honey Pop! 

Spice Market

It is the neighborhood of San Myshuno and is home to the Flea Market and Spice Festival. Here, you will find one community lot and three apartment buildings. Of the three apartments, two are of the Rosoya and the Bheeda families. This area has a Waterside Warble and Karaoke Bar. 


This is a high-class neighborhood of the San Myshuno where rich and powerful individuals reside. The region has two community lots and three apartment buildings. The Feng and Lobo families live in the apartments of this district. 


 Arts QuarterFashion DistrictSpice MarketUptown
StallsFilipino and ProduceChineseMexican and ProduceGourmet
StallsTea and ProduceAmerican and JapaneseIndian and Produce            American
StallsMoroccan and ProduceChineseMexican and ProduceJapanese
StallsTea and ProduceVietnamese and ProduceMoroccanCupcakes
StallsFilipino and ProduceAmerican and JapaneseIndian and ProduceGourmet
StallsMoroccan and ProduceChineseIndian and ProduceJapanese
StallsAmerican and ProduceVietnamese and ProduceIndian and TeaCupcakes
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Food Stalls Specific to Festivals

The festivals in Sims 4 City Living are basically in-game events. The events happen around different parts of San Myshuno for two weeks. The bulletin board in the apartments will help your Sim to know about the upcoming festivals and activities. 

Also, the dynamic signs throughout San Myshuno will give all related information on the festivals. The beginning and ending of festivals will be announced via the notification. 

After a festival ends, the festival objects will disappear and be replaced by the usual street items. Importantly, the Sims 4 City Living has a special feature where you will notice some food stalls for the festivals only. 

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How Many Festivals are in the City Living Pack? 

The City Living pack features five festivals, including Humor and Hijinks, Flea Market, Romance, GeekCon, and Spice Festival. Each festival is unique with special themes to provide a new experience every time. 

Flea Market

  • Days: Sunday
  • Timing: 10 AM-6 PM

This festival is the correct place for the Simmers to find local wares and unique furniture, treasures, and decorations. Additionally, you can set up the display table and sell your items at this festival. 


  • Days: Thursday
  • Timing: 10 AM-4 PM

GeekCon is a special event where you can play numerous video games, wear costumes, and participate in different costumes. Sims with the Geek trait personality can enjoy this festival, but it is open to everyone. Simmers can get great boosts to their mental skill while using different items like Rocket-Building Stations, Motion Gaming Mats, etc. 

Humor and Hijinks Festival

  • Days: Monday
  • Timing: 5 PM-10 PM

This festival is about social and fun interactions like doing pranks and telling jokes to others. It is not for the hot-headed Simmers, because they might lose their minds when someone does pranks or jokes on them. 

Romance Festival

  • Days: Saturday
  • Timing: 5 PM- 1 AM

If you want your Sim to get into a relationship, have flirty interactions, and need advice from the Romance Guru, the Romance Festival is a must-try. This event will help you to take your relationship to another level in Sims 4.

Spice Festival

  • Days: Mondays, Saturdays, or Fridays.
  • Timing: 5 PM- 1 AM

This festival is perfect for the Simmers who love spicy cuisines. The main attraction of this festival is the Spicy Challenge where you can try if your Sim can tolerate eating the spicy curry for rewards. 

During festivals in San Myshuno, you will find the following stalls available. 

FestivalsFlea MarketGeekconHumor and Hijinks FestivalRomance FestivalSpice Festival
  • Vietnamese
  • Filipino
  • Indian
  • American
  • Moroccan
  • Vietnamese
  • Japanese
  • Indian
  • Mexican
  • Vietnamese

If you have the Season pack, the place's weather where the festival takes place will automatically turn cool and sunny, irrespective of the current weather. 

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Why Are Festivals Crucial in Sims 4?

In the City Living pack, the festivals benefit the Simmers to socialize and make friends with other individuals. The festival events invite Sims to interact with other Simmers, roam around the San Myshuno, learn different recipes, and win prizes sometimes. Festivals are a fun way to earn exclusive rewards and learn new stuff easily. 

However, if any Sim is living outside the districts where the festival will take place, then they will be notified. If you want to spend something out of the box besides the hectic Sims 4 usual schedule, festivals will help you to freshen up your life and mood. 

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All City Living Food Stall Recipes 

Besides ordering the food from the respective stalls, your Sim can learn new recipes. Using these recipes and necessary ingredients, the Sim can prepare those foods at home. Thus, if you wish to get the recipes, you must practice their cooking skills. 

Reading cooking skill books and spending time in the kitchen chores will also help your Sim to improve their cooking skill. Cooking more meals improves the skill level, unlocking more new recipes. In total, your Sim can learn 27 recipes from the food stalls during the festivals. 

Food Stalls Dishes
  • Samosa
  • Bhel Puri
  • Curry
  • Egg Rolls
  • Mapo Tofu with Pork
  • Sweet and Sour Eggplant
  • Sweet and Sour Pork
  • Dango
  • Ramen
  • Nigiri
  • Pufferfish Nigiri
  • Chicken Burrito
  • Spinach Wrapped Veggie Burrito
  • Bean and Cheese Burrito
  • Tomato Wrapped Veggie Burrito
  • Empanadas
  • Taquitos
  • Banh Mi
  • Pho
  • Goi Cuon
  • Pork Adobo
  • Lumpia
  • Siopao
  • Ensaymada
  • Tajine
  • Brochette
  • Merguez
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How to Cook A Recipe in Sims 4? 

Recipe Cooking in Sims 4 is straightforward, and you need to follow the below steps carefully. 

  • Initially, select a fridge or an oven to unlock Sim's recipe catalog. 
  • The catalog will display all the recipes that your Sims knows, the required items and skill level, and the dish price. 
  • After you have all the ingredients, your Sim will start cooking the recipe.   
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Is Living in San Myshuno Expensive? 

San Myshuno centers all the attractions of food stalls and has become a popular spot for the Simmers. However, residing in San Myshuno, especially in the Uptown area, can be costly. 

If you can't pay the rent or want to limit your budget, you can travel to the area during the festivals. You can purchase the necessary items and return them to the residence. 

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A Glimpse of the Vegetarian-Safe Recipes

In addition to the above dishes, the City Living expansion has 10 new Vegetarian-Safe Recipes. These dishes can be made at home using the appropriate Cooking Skill level. 

  • Faux Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus
  • Faux Lobster Tortellini
  • Faux BLT
  • Meatless Monte Cristo
  • Roast Tofu Chicken
  • Tofu Chicken Saltimbocca
  • Tofu Stir Fry
  • Tofu Tacos
  • Vegetable Casserole
  • Vegetable Chili
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Describing All About Pufferfish Nigiri Dish 

In the Sims 4: City Living, Simmers will learn about the Pufferfish Nigiri. The Japanese dish is dangerous in real life and Sims 4, as mishandling can cause the consumer's death. 

You can get the Pufferfish Nigiri by visiting the Japanese Food Stall. Be careful because of the stall rotation, and try to find the stall religiously in the Fashion District. 

If you can’t find the vendor at the stall, you can hire someone else with 100 Simoleons. You can purchase the food and produce stalls from the Build & Buy mode. 

How to Cook the Pufferfish Nigiri in Sims 4? 

After you order the fish for 50 Simoleons from the Japanese stall, you will get its recipe from the hidden recipe collection. You can find the recipe under the Seafood which will cost around 10 Simoleons for single-serving. 

The family-sized serving will take around 38 Simoleons, whereas 55 Simoleons are required for the party-sized dish. After you have all the essential ingredients, click on the refrigerator or stove and pick the 'Cook..' option to cook the Pufferfish Nigiri. 

Where to Find the Pufferfish Nigiri in Sims 4? 

Cooking Pufferfish Nigiri is a challenging task requiring proper handling and excellent cooking skills. If your Sim delivers a poor-quality dish, it can take the life of the innocent. You can get the Pufferfish at the fishing area at the San Myshuno docks. 

You will get discounted prices if you catch the fish, hold it in their Inventory, and use fresh items. 

How Consuming Pufferfish Nigiri Can Cause Death?

Pufferfish Nigiri is a tasty dish that you will enjoy consuming. However, the unskilled Simmers may result in cooking a poor-quality meal. Usually, the properly cooked meal will look bright, but the degraded dish will look moldy and brown. 

Simmers consuming the poor-quality dish will have a 50% death chance. The death probability increases more if Summer is in an uncomfortable mood. 

If, by chance, any Simmer survives even after eating the bad quality Pufferfish, then they will get the boosted Confident moodlet. If a Simmer dies of eating Pufferfish, they will appear in the world with the fish floating inside their chest region. 

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All Spices of the Spice Festival 

The Spice Festival is very unique allowing Simmers to buy spices for making dishes. Interestingly, this event features four spices you can purchase from the vendors. 

  • Wasabi
  • Curry
  • Chilli Powder
  • Saffron
SpicesCost Description  
Wasabi10 SimoleonsIt is a green root that originated from the mountain streams. Many think this spice is a burning paste, but it is a blend of horseradish, green coloring, and mustard. 
Curry 15 SimoleonsOne of the most common and cheapest spices is the Curry as it is used in different common dishes. It has the great ability to transform food color. However, Curry is similar to Saffron, but they should be used separately and respectively upon requirement.   
Chilli Powder5 SimoleonsThis spice is a blend of jalapeno and habanero chilies. It is ideal for cooking salsa, soup, rub, or sauce. 
Saffron 25 SimoleonsIt derives from the dried stigmas, taking around 225,000 hand-picked stigmas or 75,000 blossoms to prepare a single pound. The special and massive amounts of ingredients make this spice costly. 

Using Spices in Sims 4 requires you to have good Cooking skills. You should use the species carefully in certain dishes that you can learn by participating in the Spice Festival. 

Before you cook a dish using those spices, you need to taste that dish from the festivals. In addition, you will get its recipe as soon as you eat a dish. Afterward, you can cook the dish after getting all the necessary ingredients ready. 

The spices reduce the total cost of a recipe. 

There are a total of 27 dishes that you will notice from the food stalls of the San Myshuno, but not all spices as their ingredients. 

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What is Spice Tolerance in Sims 4? 

Initially, your Sim might feel uncomfortable when consuming spicy food. If you want your Sim to tolerate the spice, you must eat as many spicy foods for the Spice Hound trait. 

Generally, you will have to consume Spicy Food five times to obtain this trait, increasing your tolerance ability. After getting the trait, your Sim will no longer feel uncomfortable when consuming any spicy food. Continue to eat spicy foods will give you a Happy Buff. 

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