The dew collector

Enhancing your eco foot print in Sims 4 game
The dew collector
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

The ninth expansion of the Sims 4, Eco Lifestyle, features the world’s eco-footprints. These eco-footprints are a vital game mechanic that helps determine Sim’s environment. It tells us how eco-friendly the neighborhood is. 

Surprisingly, the footprints can be maintained using different items like Water Generators/Dew Collectors, Solar Panels, Power Cells, etc. So, this blog will help you learn about the Dew Collectors and their role in Eco-footprints. 

Role of Dew Collectors in Boosting Eco-Footprint

Sims 4- Role of dew collectors

In Sims 4, the Pollution Levels can be determined by three indicators. The green addresses the best state, and the Neutral says the average condition. Unfortunately, the bad state is indicated by the Industrial tag. 

If your neighborhood turns into an Industrial state, you will notice trash all over the streets, a thick smog layer, a reduction in the greenery, etc. Additionally, your Sim's level will increase massively, putting you in great trouble. Prevention can be done by removing the trash and installing different beneficial items, like the dew collectors. 

  • Dew collectors are unique items of Sims you can use from the Outdoor Activities segment of the Build/Buy mode around your Sim’s house. 
  • The collector will help enhance the Eco-footprint by reducing the household’s bill. 

If you have multiple dew collectors, it will help produce sufficient water and maintain a good ecosystem. Your Dew collectors will produce more water if it rains. So, making the best of these collectors can be done by installing the Seasons. 

How to Use Sims 4 Dew Collector? 

Installing the Dew Collector is crucial to get water from the air. The collectors start collecting water autonomously, and its production increases on rainy days. You can upgrade the dew collectors by interacting with them, resulting in more benefits and productivity. 

Why are Dew Collectors Essential for Obtaining Water? 

When it rains, these tools automatically collect water, and you don't need to do anything. In Sims 4, water is vital for your Sim as it helps with the hunger bar. It is said that drinking water can reduce your Sim's hunger. Also, water is the primary nutrient source for plants, so if you are a gardener, you must have sufficient water in stock. 

Other simple ways of collecting water in Sims 4 include visiting nearby ponds, lakes, or seas. Any fishing spot can help your Sim with enough water for household needs. 

Types of Dew Collectors in Sims 4 

Sims 4 has many variants of Dew Collectors, each with different sizes and costs. So, you can consider any of them depending on your budget and water requirements. 

  • Scrapper’s Dew Collector, 
  • Lab-Pro X2 Dew Collector, and 
  • Atmospheric Water Generator. 

Scrapper’s Dew Collector

This dew collector uses an eco-friendly process to get moisture from the air and precipitation. Interestingly, this item needs no fuel and helps save on bills. Additionally, it provides water utility on off-the-grid lots. 

  • Cost: §560
  • Size: 2x3
  • Specifications
    • Eco footprint green: 3
    • Reliability: 5
    • Water production rating: 2

Lab-Pro X2 Dew Collector

It is a new-generation water collector and an eco-friendly pick for any home. It captures moisture and precipitation from the air without fuel. Overall, it is an ideal choice for sustainable living and cutting down huge margins on bills. 

  • Cost: §1,260
  • Size: 2x3
  • Specifications
    • Eco footprint green: 3
    • Reliability: 8
    • Water production rating: 3

Atmospheric Water Generator

Unlike its name, the Atmospheric Water Generator doesn't produce water but collects usable water from the surrounding air. It helps save on your bills, but it requires fuel to run. Also, another main advantage of this dew collector is it will rarely crash. 

  • Cost: §1,870
  • Size: 2x2
  • Specifications
    • Eco footprint green: 7
    • Reliability: 5
    • Water production rating: 5

Which Dew Collector is the Best in Sims 4? 

The Atmospheric Water Generator is the most useful and productive dew collector besides the above two variants. This collector can produce a lot of water, providing you with enough water for household chores. Additionally, it requires less space than Lab-Pro X2 and Scrapper's Dew Collectors. 

But, besides producing loads of water, this tool degrades the environment more compared to other collectors. The Eco footprint green rate of 7 indicates that it takes fuel to work, ultimately polluting the air. The air pollution issue can only be reduced if your Sim is in the Civil Design field and uses the Smog Vacuum. 

Overall, you can go for the Lab-Pro X2 as it is advanced, comes at a reasonable cost of §1,260, and doesn't pollute much compared to the Atmospheric Water Generator. 

What Does Break Water Valves Indicate in Dew Collector?

As the term indicates, the Break Water Valves is when you break the dew collector’s water valves. You can break the valve by interacting with the dew collector, resulting in water leakage. 

Moreover, you will get the option to fix the broken valve, so you don't need to worry about what to do next if you break it. Interestingly, the leakage can help water your plants. But, you must ensure that the valve is fixed to ensure a good ecosystem. 

Repairing or breaking the valves will not enhance your Handiness Skill

  • s. You can improve this skill by upgrading and repairing certain objects. Additionally, preparing sculptures and furniture, and reading skill books can help increase the skill level. 
  • Sims who have mastered this skill can help other needy Sims to repair broken objects. 

Is A Dew Collector or Water Sprinkler Good For Watering Plants?

Gardening Sprinkler of Sims 4 usually has a 3x3 area effect for plants. Like its name, it sprinkles water on plants, providing them with the required nutrients for effective growth. Interestingly, this object helps Sim to play with others in hot temperatures. 

However, sprinklers often create puddles after use, and this can be prevented by upgrading it using a Sim with high handiness skills. Importantly, these sprinklers can be upgraded to be unbroken and thus an effective choice for watering plants. 

In contrast, Dew collectors are mainly for collecting water using less fuel, and saving your Sim's bills. Breaking its valve can be used as a sprinkler, but not an ideal tool for watering. So, it is recommended to use a Water Sprinkler for gardening purposes, especially for watering plants. But, Dew Collectors can play as a water sprinkler in unfavorable conditions or specific requirements. 

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