Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration

Sims 4: Become a Neighborhood Confidante (Aspiration Guide)
Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

The Sims 4 has many adventurous missions for the players to test their abilities and enjoy the fullest. In this game, you might have heard about Aspirations, the lifelong goals for every Sim in Sims 4. There are many categories of these aspirations, each being different for different age gaps. However, toddlers and younger Sims don't possess any aspirations. 

A successful completion of Sims 4 aspiration rewards Sims with specific traits. Aspirations not only reward players with the bonus trait, but they also provide loads of satisfaction points that you can use to purchase rewards from the Rewards Store.

Thus, the more religiously you finish a certain aspiration, the higher the chances of getting unique traits. In this article, you will learn about the Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration of Sims 4, its perks, and other related strings.

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A Brief of the Sims 4 Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration

In Sims 4, the Neighborhood Stories provided Simmers with a great way to ensure the well-being of their surroundings. Additionally, the story has two unique aspirations and one of them is the Neighborhood Confidante. The Neighborhood Confidante belongs to the Popularity category of the Sims 4 Aspirations. 

Sims 4 Neighborhood aspirations

The Neighborhood Confidante Sims gets fond of positive influence on the neighbors' lives. So, if you want to support your Neighbor or interact with other Sims, choosing the Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration would be an appropriate choice. 

In this aspiration, your main aim is to be a positive support to your Neighbor. If you complete the aspiration, you will get a special reward, helping you to enhance your Sim's abilities and make life easier. 

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What are the Milestones of the Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration?

Neighborhood Confidante isn't a too-hard aspiration to complete, but it requires you to fulfill some requirements or milestones. If you want to dip your hands in this aspiration, complete the following steps. 

  • Successfully Advise and Influence the Lives of 20 Sims.
  • Become Good Friends with 5 Sims.
  • Achieve Level 7 of the Charisma Skill. 

As soon as you complete the above milestones of the Neighborhood Confidante, you will get a worthy reward. 

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A Guide to All the Neighborhood Confidante Milestones

Influence the Lives of Sims

The first level you need to complete of the Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration is influencing the lives of 20 Sims. To add positivity to the Sims' lives, you must use friendly interactions, helping you to know them better. 

You should analyze what they need and provide suitable suggestions for them. For instance, if you find any Neighbour Sim conscious about their job, you can give them career advice. Additionally, you can help with family-related issues, like expanding the family, etc. 

Influencing 20 Sims can be a hectic task for you, but it is worth it to get a step ahead for the reward trait. 

Be Friends with Sims

Once you have completed influencing the lives of 20 Sims, you should be friends with 5 Sims. You can meet them, get to know each other, spend time and gradually become friends. Building trust will take time in Sims 4 but the friendship level can be raised by using cheats.

Reaching Level 7 of the Charisma Skill

Charisma will help your Sim gain immense popularity and increase its influence. Improving the Charisma skill to Level 7 is the last step that will give you the reward trait. 

One of the quickest ways to increase the skill is by practicing speech in a mirror. Initially, you must get the Confident tag using the Brush Teeth and Psych Up interactions. Afterwards, you should move ahead with the Practice Speech option to enhance your Charisma. 

Tip: Your Sim should have the Confident moodlet while improvising the Charisma skill as it boosts the Charisma gaining rate. 

Alternatively, you can socialize with other Sims and start practicing the pickup lines at higher Charisma levels. Importantly, using the Convivial Lot Trait will help your Sim to boost the Charisma by up to 50%. The trait helps in socializing and thus will accelerate the charisma-developing process. 

If you are a bookworm and love reading books, you can refer to the Charisma-related books. After you reach Level 5, you can start social networking that will help you learn more Sims. 

Overall, Charisma is a must-have skill for you if you love interacting with individuals. Maxing out the Charisma level will make you great at cracking jokes and doing funny stuff. 

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How is the Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration Useful?

While progressing into the Neighborhood Confidante milestones, you will automatically increase your popularity. The increased fame will help you with many benefits like you will be more prone to get party invitations, make new friends, etc. Additionally, you will add positivity to the lives of many neighbors while providing them with suggestions on their careers and lives. 

Most importantly, after completion of the Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration, you will get the Confidante trait as the reward. The Confidante Trait increases the probability of making conversations pleasant and prevents talks from turning boring. In addition, the trait will help you to improve your socialization skills and make your Sim influence positive changes.

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Is Neighborhood Confidante an Exhausting Aspiration? 

There is no concrete answer to this question as the situation and skills of all Simmers can’t be the same. However, reaching out and advising 20 Sims can be difficult if you don’t like socializing too much. In contrast, if you love interacting with new people and making friends in Sims 4, you will enjoy the Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration. 

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Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration Cheat Guide

Completing Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration is full of ups and downs, but the Confidante trait as a reward is worth it. But, if you don't spend too much on doing Neighborhood Confidante Aspiration milestones, you must follow the below steps: 

Before you progress ahead with using Cheats, you must open the Cheat Window. The commands differ according to the platform you use to play the game. 

  • Xbox: LB, RB, LT, and RT keys 
  • Mac: Shift, Command, and C keys
  • PC: Ctrl, Shift, C keys
  • PlayStation: L1, L2, R1 and R2 keys

Next, you should type ‘testing cheats on' or 'testingcheats true’ and hit the Enter button carefully. You must clear milestones one by one to complete an aspiration. 

In the cheat bar, type ‘aspirations.complete_current_milestone’ to complete the current milestone. Interestingly, you can get the Confidante Trait reward by using the command- ‘traits.equip_trait NosyNeighbor.’

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How to FAQ

The Neighborhood Confidante is a Popularity Aspiration of the Sims 4 allowing you to create a strong bond with your neighbors and make new friends.

You need to influence the lives of 20 Sims, be friends with 5 Sims, and reach Level 7 of the Charisma Skill. After you complete these three milestones, you will have the unique reward trait.

A successful completion of all the Neighborhood Confidante milestones will help you get the Confidante trait. The trait will help prevent turning the conversations boring, thus, resulting in efficient socialization with other Sims.

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