Missing presentation board

The guide to presentation board in university expansion pack
Missing presentation board
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

The Sims 4 Discovery University expansion pack is about Sims enjoying their college days again. In the university, you can take classes on different subjects, including law, engineering, and education. Additionally, you can play pranks on the rivals for fun, study, and work hard for good results. 

The pack has many more attractions, like riding bicycles, spending time in libraries, and many more, that will keep you bringing back your schooling memories. In Discovery University, the Presentation board is a crucial term that will affect your grades in the end. 

However, many Sims 4 players seem to have an issue with losing the presentation board. So, this article will mention the presentation board's missing solution and many more related strings. 

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How to Get Back the Presentation Board in Sims 4?

Losing a Presentation Board has troubled many Simmers in the past. In many cases, the presentation board went missing and students can't find them anywhere as it is faded with the air. However, this issue was earlier addressed by EA Games, and they provided a hotfix for it in Patch 1.63.133. 

Before you reach the professor, kindly ensure that you have already downloaded the mod from here

Obtaining the Presentation Board Guide

If your presentation board remains missing, you must reach out to your professor through the mail. You should mention your progress in the mail, adding a fresh presentation board to the Inventory. Still, if you have this problem, follow the steps below carefully.

  • Firstly, you should click on the computer.
  • Next, tap on the University and Email professors about progress options.
  • Pick out the Class for which you have lost the presentation. 
  • Finally, you will get a notification regarding your progress and a new presentation board. 
  • You can check the fresh board in the Inventory. 

What Causes the Presentation Board Disappearance? 

Losing the presentation board can provide you with many difficulties in studying and ahead of your career. So, taking care of presentations should be the utmost choice for any Simmer during the Discovery University journey. The missing presentation board without more clues can leave you behind with the excitement to know more about the cause of the issue. 

  • The probable reasons for its disappearance from your Inventory could be due to traveling more. In addition, there are high chances of losing the board if you move more. 

You can avoid missing it by keeping the board on the lot beside the Inventory. Additionally, try to travel or move less when you need that presentation. 

You can't get a new presentation board in Sims 4 once you lose it. If you can't find the missing presentation, you need to terminate the class without presenting your work, reducing the grades by a huge margin. 

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Why is the Presentation Board Essential? 

As the name indicates, the presentation board helps Sims 4 students to deliver their presentations. Through presentations, students can share their ideas and suggestions with others. 

Also, it affects students' grading and can help decide further Sim's career. Properly handling presentations and using them appropriately will help you to score well in the University exams. 

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How to Make a Presentation in Sims 4? 

Before you think of giving presentations, you must create one. It is a simple method, requiring you to follow some steps. 

  • Navigate to the Inventory and search the Presentation Board. 
  • After you decide to work on it, you need to place the board appropriately and choose the Capture Information option. 
  • Now, you can create your presentation according to the course and requirements. 

The presentation board will be plain initially, and you need to complete it with all the top-notch information. This work can confuse some Simmers, leaving you to prepare the best piece for good grades. 

You will be notified through an in-game popup about how best the presentation is. The more you spend time and refine the presentation, the more it will be productive for your Simmer. 

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What to do After Preparing the Presentation? 

When you have completed preparing the presentation, you will have several options, like refining it more, practicing, and looking for feedback. Additionally, you can put it in the Inventory or present it to the others. 

After you begin the presentation, it will be of low quality. However, you can improvise it by upgrading and organizing, getting high marks. 

It is suggested to refine and go through the presentation and make it more enhanced for better grades. 

If you choose the Give Final Presentation option, you need to head towards the relative University building. Doing so will automatically let your Sim bring the presentation board with them and show it for a couple of in-game hours. 

After you finish the presentation task correctly, it will mark the course's main objective. Your job in the entire University days should be to study and do homework religiously to attain high grades.

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What is the Appropriate Time for Presentation? 

You should submit the presentation only if you feel that it is a great one. You should practice your presentation once, but you can do it multiple times to increase the Charisma skill. 

Usually, you can perform the presentation only during school hours, i.e., from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm. Also, you must present it before the final classes for that term. 

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What if an A+ Sim Student Loses the Presentation Board? 

If your Sim gets an A+ grade in exams and has lost the presentation board, then the Sim's overall grade will be affected. In addition, it will hamper the Sim's progress in the University and future career goals. 

Getting your Sim the A+ grades is a dedicated task, requiring you to complete the course, pick the course load, and do the presentations correctly. But, it will turn all bad for your Sim after you lose the presentation. 

In the worst circumstances, your Sim can fail the class for not providing the work on time. Additionally, if the missing presentation is for your class, then the situation will turn even worse. 

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How to FAQ

You should mention your progress in the mail, and send it to the Professor, which will add a fresh presentation board.

Traveling or moving more are the probable reasons for losing your presentation.

You must submit the presentation from 8 am to 4 pm during school hours

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