Spar with others

Spar with others - Military career
Spar with others
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 11 July, 2024

The Sims 4 StrangerVille pack is a great option for all the military-lovers. With this pack, you can grow yourself in the military and join the forces if you wish to. However, The Sims 4 world seems not to have major threats if you can move forward in your military career path. 

The career can be challenging for your journey, requiring you to attain a good fitness goal and discipline. But, it is worth joining the military and will increase your courage and respect. 

During the military session, you must pass on several levels to upgrade your skills and abilities. Besides, this article will explain a comprehensive guide on how you can perform and practice sparring in The Sims 4 military career. 

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How to Spar with Other Sims?

In the Military path, you can perform quick sparring sessions and move forward to brush up your abilities to be a top-notch military. One of the daily tasks in the Military career is to Spar with others. If you need help understanding how you spar with others, you can follow the below steps. 

  • Initially, you must navigate to the ‘Friendly Interactions’ menu. 
  • Next, you should find and select the ‘Spar With Others’ option, allowing you to spar with other Sims. 

Note: Sparring can be done with any Sim with whom you have a good relationship.

The Spar with Others option may require you to find within the Friendly Interactions menu religiously, so take time to search the option. 

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How to Practise Sparring With The Machine? 

You can practice sparring using the Machine too, and here are the crucial steps you need to follow.

Practice sparring
  • You should head towards the ‘Build mode’ option/icon. 
  • Type ‘Training’ on the search bar. 
  • Select the first option after the search. 
  • Click on the ‘B64 Training Bot’ machine, requiring you to spend 500 Simoleons. 
  • Go back to the ‘Live Mode’ after you installed it according to your position. 
  • You can start training by clicking on the machine. 
  • Again, click the 'Practice Sparring' option and start brushing up your skills. 
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Why is Sparring Beneficial in The Sims 4? 

In Sim 4, sparring indicates fighting with others in a friendly way. Sparring is extremely crucial as it increases fitness and builds connections among participants. Additionally, it will help you to gain access to the Order Around menu. 

You can practice sparring to improve your physical skills in The Sims 4. In the Military career path, you will get the task to complete the sparring practice to advance and promote further in the career. 

So, to master the Military career, you must finish and practice sparring sessions as soon as possible.

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A Guide to Vampire Sparring 

Sims with the high Vampire level can perform sparring with other vampires. If your Sim is a Vampire, you can spar with other Vampires by following the below steps. 

  • Head towards the ‘Friendly’ menu.
  • Navigate to and select the ‘Spar’ option. 

Interestingly, you will find purple shockwaves and bats flying when vampires perform sparring. Additionally, it seems interesting to see vampire Sim lifting another vampire by throwing it on the ground. 

It can happen sometimes that when fighting with other Vampire Sims, you will find them sharing a close bond with them. If your Vampire Sim is in the same condition, you can head towards the 'Mean' menu and choose the 'Vampiric Duel' option. 

Choosing Vampiric Duel will give you Vampires that aren't friendly at all, allowing you to fight them with no regrets of hurting someone special. 

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Is Sparring with Different Ages or Teenage Vampires Possible? 

Vampire Sparring is extremely worth watching, but it has several points that you must consider while fighting. If your Sim is a Vampire, then you can perform sparring with the other Vampire Sim if they are of the same age. 

Sparring isn't possible for different age groups Vampire Sims. Similarly, teenage Vampires can't perform Sparring with other Sims irrespective of the age group. Thus, whenever you do Vampiric Sparring, you must have an improved Vampire Skill level for victory. 

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How to Spar with Werewolves?

Besides Vampires, your Sim can also spar with other werewolves. Similar to Vampiric sparring, sparring with werewolves requires extreme dedication and a high skill level for increased winning chances. 

  • To perform sparring with the other werewolf, you must visit the Sparring Grounds at the Portal Pottys region. 
  • Once you reach there, you can select the Spar With option. 
  • Finally, you can choose the werewolf with whom you want to spar. 

The better you will perform during sparring, the higher will be your winning chances. If you want to spar with other werewolves, you can use the Werewolf menu. However, you must be friends with the werewolf you wish to spar with to use this option. Importantly, you can turn any outdoor spot in The Sims 4 into the sparring pit. 

For Werewolf Sparring, fitness skills are vital, indicating that you should have outstanding fitness abilities. Sparring matches with Werewolves will only be possible if you have incredible fitness. 

The fitness level can be leveled up by participating in the Werewolves Sparring matches. Even if your Sim loses a match, it will help them to upgrade their fitness abilities.

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Why is the Sparring with Others option not Working in The Sims 4? 

If your Sim hasn’t yet met the essential moodlets, the option to sparring with others couldn’t work. 

  • The fatigued moodlet and not having martial arts skills can also be a probable reason for not showing the option.
  • Additionally, if you have a Pregnant Sim, then it will prevent sparring. 

Overall, you should carefully ensure you have fulfilled all the crucial criteria to spar with other Sims in The Sims 4. 

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The Sims 4 Sparring Cheat Guide

The Military career will test your patience to give your best and attain an extreme fitness level. As said earlier, the journey of the Military has never been easy in real life, and in The Sims 4 too, you should have a tough dedication towards it. 

However, if you don’t want to go through a challenging journey, you can use the cheats. 

  • After you have enabled the cheats using the ‘testingcheats on’ command, you should type in ‘careers.promote military’ in the bar. 

Doing so will help you to get career promotions to the Military Career Strangerville expansion pack.

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How to FAQ

To Spar with other Sims, you must head towards the ‘Friendly Interactions’ menu. After you reach there, select the ‘Spar With Others’ option, allowing you to perform sparring with other Sims.

The B64 Training Bot is a great tool that you can use for practicing sparring in The Sims. However, it will cost around 500 Simoleons to purchase and then you can put it in the appropriate spot of choice.

Sparring with Other Sims is one of the crucial milestones of the Military Career journey. Moreover, it is a useful practice that will help your Sim achieve a great fitness level.

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