Sulea tiger sanctuary

Expand your game journey using the Sims 4 rent expansion pack. Explore the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary and explore its secrets. Learn how to visit this iconic landmark, find the best times to go, and many more!
Sulea tiger sanctuary
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

The For Rent expansion of the Sims 4 is a perfect pack of entertainment for adventure lovers. The expansion has a broad Tomarang world, showing a resemblance to Southeast Asia. 

Moreover, the region is characterized by greenery with the sea on many sides, sharing the Tormani culture evenly from Koh Sahpa to Morensong. Additionally, the world has many secrets, hidden caves, sanctuaries, and many more attractions that will help you to complete Tomarang’s aspirations. 

One of the most-talked and famous spots in the For Rent pack is the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary. So this article will mention the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary, including how to visit there, the best visitation time, etc. 

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How to Reach Sulea Tiger Sanctuary? 

The Explorer Extraordinaire milestone of The Fount Of Tomarani Knowledge Aspiration allows Sims to explore the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary.

  • You should head towards Koh Sahpa's Screaming Gecko Lounge and cross the river behind the lounge. 
  • Next, find the mossy shrine in the back area, where you will find the Tiger Sanctuary. 

The sanctuary is a hidden lot area of the Koh Sahpa and an exclusive addition to the Tomrang. Moreover, it is an attractive temple on the Eastern side of the Koh Sahpa. This region is tagged as a rabbit hole where you can enter and do plenty of stuff. 

A successful navigation into the sanctuary will provide you with tons of interesting freebies and treats. However, entering the Tiger Sanctuary needs some specific timing and process for the Sim to follow. 

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How to Sneak into the Sanctuary? 

Upon reaching the Sanctuary, you will get the option to enter it. 

  • You can enter the sanctuary during night or day, but you can get caught by the guard if you try to get into it at night. 

Visiting the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary will reward you with great freebies that you can enjoy and get help for progressing ahead in the journey.

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Benefits of Sneaking into Sulea Tiger Sanctuary

Entering the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary has impressive attractions and rewards. You can expect some rewards for visiting the sanctuary during the day. However, a successful sneak-in at night will give you delicious Sanctuary snacks. 

Additionally, sneaking inside the Sanctuary will help you explore the region and progress ahead in the journey. 

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What is the Best Time to Visit the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary? 

In Sims 4, the sanctuary remains open only in the day, unlocking some rewards. You can sneak into the area at night to spice up the adventure. Sneaking in during the night can cause you to get caught by the guard, preventing you from entering the area.

Still, you can hide in the trash can nearby or do a sneaky dash for the employee room. Choosing the appropriate time to visit the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary is a personal choice with different rewards and risks. 

If you want a safe journey, daytime would be the appropriate time, but you can choose nighttime for sanctuary snacks. 

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Can Sims Enter the Sanctuary at Night?

Yes, you can let your Sim to enter the area at night, but be careful of the associated risks. You can find the special Tiger Inspector Badge to get inside at night after in-game 7 PM. After you get the option to sneak inside the sanctuary at night, you can obtain the badge.

You can get it by chance and there is no guarantee that you will obtain the badge. Try as much as you can until you get caught by the sanctuary guards. It may be possible that you have to leave empty-handed from the sanctuary with the temporary restriction to enter the area again. Once you get the Tiger Inspector Badge, you can find it appearing in your Inventory. 

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How is Tomarang Expert trait Beneficial for the Sanctuary Visit?

You will get the Tomarang Expert trait as soon you have completed all the milestones of the Fount Of Tomarani Knowledge Aspiration. 

  • The trait will improve your Sim's Tomarani cuisine cooking ability from earlier and help with the Child of the Village Trait. 
  • Additionally, the Sim can find better luck getting Tassels and exploring the Sanctuary and the Beard Beard cave even better. 

How to Support the Sanctuary? 

When exploring, you can contribute to the Tiger Sanctuary by donating some Simoleons. The prompt will give you several options, like Donate 10 and 50 Simoleons. 

Donating Simoleons to the Sanctuary is a personal choice and you can do it if you want to support and ensure its well-being. Implementing this option in Sims 4 reflects how important conservation is in the Southeast Asia region. 

  • Donating 50 Simoleons will welcome you to the Cub Club, thanking you for contributing to the Adopt-A-Tiger Program. 
  • You will get a club membership and a cute plush tiger. 
  • The tiger buddy will be reflected in your mailbox within 1-2 working days. 

Can Sims Have a Tiger as a Pet? 

After you heard about getting the tiger for donating Simoleons, you might be curious to know if you can own the tiger as a pet. Unfortunately, you can’t use the tiger as a pet in The Sims For Rent. Tigers aren’t featured in the game, so you should dream of owning it.

Still, if you love petting dogs and cats, you can go for the Cottage Living or Cats & Dogs expansion packs. Importantly, the Adopt-A-Tiger Program doesn't give you the tiger as a pet in real, but it shows your contribution to the organization if you donate. 

While sneaking out in the sanctuary at night, you will notice the glowing eyes of animals, probably the tigers. But, still, you will be unable to interact with them as of now. 

A Glimpse of Khun Mae and a Tiger Statue

The next mission after exploring the Sulea Tiger Sanctuary is Viewing the Khun Mae and a Tiger Statue. You will find the statue next to the Sanctuary, where your job is to click and view the statue. After clicking the Statue, you will get a notification mentioning Khun Mae's details. 

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How to FAQ

It is a beautiful temple to the east of the Koh Sahpa, where you can find the Tiger Inspector Badge and participate in the Adopt-A-Tiger Program

Daytime is the appropriate time to enter the sanctuary. At night, you can sneak inside it, but be careful of the guards

No, Sims can’t pet a Tiger in Sims 4; however, you will get the plush tiger for donating 50 Simeleons for the Adopt-A-Tiger Program

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