T pose challenge

Sims 4 High School Years: Mastering the T-Pose Challenge!
T pose challenge
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

The Sims 4: High School Years allows players to dive into the schooling days and enjoy the experience again. The expansion focuses on the high school phase, where players can control their Sims. 

You will get similar experiences to your school in The Sims 4: High School Years, from working hard for the grades to cracking jokes on friends. Besides enjoying school life, you can explore your style and become a Simfluencer. 

The High School Years pack is about exploring new things as a teen and enjoying the ups and downs of the schooling days. Interestingly, this pack has many new aspirations, such as the Admired Icon, where you notice a unique challenge, i.e., the T-pose Challenge. So, if you want to know more about this challenge, reading this article will help you. 

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How to do a T-Pose Challenge in Sims 4?

The Admired Icon Aspiration has many levels that you must finish to get the reward as the icon trait. The first milestone in this aspiration is the Everyone’s Bestie, inviting you to join the T-Pose challenge.

The challenge is a viral trend your Sim needs to complete for popularity. As the name indicates, the challenge involves the Sim standing or posing as a 'T' letter. To achieve the pose, your Sim needs to stretch its arms horizontally. 

Before you dream of participating in this challenge, you must have the Sim post about the T-Pose on Social Bunny. If you already have the post, you should follow the below steps to start with the challenge. 

Note: Most Sims will do the T-Pose challenge in the hallways area of Copperdale High.

  • Initially, visit any region where any Sim is doing this challenge. 
  • When you find any teen doing T-pose, you will notice several options. 
  • You can click on those options to learn more about the challenge. 
  • Finally, select the  'Join T-Pose Challenge' option to start T-posing. 

You can also let your Sim only watch others doing the T-Pose challenge. You might need to stand still at the T-Pose for a few minutes or hours during the challenge. Maintaining posture can be a massive trouble for long hours, and you might think the challenge is just for fun. 

However, completing this mission will enhance your popularity and like count, which is worth your time and effort. If your Sim doesn't like to interact much, they can skip doing this challenge without earning the popularity reward. 

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T-Pose Challenge Options

When you encounter any Sim in the High School Years pack doing the T-Pose, you will get different options, of which some are below. 

  • Watch T-Pose Challenge
  • Show Off Outfit
  • Joke about Facial Hair
  • Ask about T-Pose Challenge
  • Ask for Social Advice
  • Compliment Outfit
  • Join T-Pose Challenge

Besides joining the challenge option, you can crack jokes on the Sim doing the T-Pose. Additionally, you can ask about the challenge, social advice, and compliment the outfit of the Sim. Asking about the T-Pose challenge will inform you that it is famous in the Social Bunny, and everyone is participating in it for rewards.

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Why Participate in the T-Pose Challenge? 

The perks of doing the challenge are many, but it will test your patience to stand for long. Here are the top reasons why you should join this Sims 4 challenge. 

Get Immense Popularity

If you have successfully finished this challenge, your popularity will increase by a massive margin. Additionally, you will get additional likes to your videos and content after the T-Pose challenge completion. 

Move Closer to the Iconic Trait Reward

Participating in the challenge is the first step of the Admired Icon Milestones, rewarding you with the Iconic Trait at the end of all missions. The Iconic trait is a beneficial reward for your Sim for getting tremendous fame. 

Sims with the Iconic trait usually have an easier time increasing their online followers. Importantly, if you have The Sims 4: Get Famous pack, you will have the advantage of gaining increased popularity by creating videos. Additionally, you can get an increased follower count in Simstagram using the Iconic trait. 

Overall, if you look closely, completing the T-Pose Challenge will benefit getting massive limelight for your Sim. The fame will help you in the Get Famous where you will get increased traction to your content.

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T-Pose Challenge Cheat

To complete the mission without participating, you must activate the TestingCheats and ensure that your Sim is selected. Finally, you can use the command- ‘trait_HighSchool_Active_LearnedTPoseChallenge.

Next, you can let the Sim experience the moodlet after learning the mission, using the cheat  ‘trait_HighSchool_Active_CompletedTPoseChallenge. However, you must install this mod before using the above command. 

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What to do after the T-Pose Challenge?

There are still a few challenges that you need to complete after completing the T-Pose Challenge. Next, you should move ahead with the 'Make Ten Teen Friends' and 'Post on Social Bunny Five Times' missions from the Everyone's Besite milestone. Finally, completing the Cloud Chaser and Admired Icon milestones will grant you the Iconic Trait. 

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How Sims Can Socialize in High School Years? 

In Sims 4: High School Years, there are many things to do besides concentrating on the grades. If you want a break from the studies in Sims 4 and want to socialize, the pack has a few activities and platforms ensuring a well-balanced life for your Sim. 

Social Bunny and Trendii

The Social Bunny is the social media software that every Simmer will have in the Sims 4. Using the application is easy, allowing you to interact with your friends by messaging them directly or tagging them in the shared posts. You can choose your tone according to your choice and how strong the relationship bond is with other Sims. 

Trendii isn't a social app completely, but it allows you to browse and purchase new dresses from second-hand stores. You can interact with your friends and check the new style that best fits your Sim. If you are interested in fashion, you can promote your fashion to your friends to see their reactions to your work. 

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How to FAQ

The T-Pose is a trending challenge where your Sim should stretch its arms horizontally, giving a T-shaped pose. Additionally, you can join the challenge once you interact with other Sims doing the mission.

You must find any teen doing T-pose and select the 'Join T-Pose Challenge' option to start T-posing. During the challenge, your Sim might need to stick to the T-position for a few minutes to long hours.

You will notice tremendous popularity after you complete this challenge. In addition, you will move closer to the Iconic Trait Reward at the end of all the milestones.

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