Wellness Skill Guide

Learn all about how wellness skill helps you in sims 4 game
Wellness Skill Guide
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 15 June, 2024

The Sims 4 Spa Day introduced spas and new relaxation and tranquility lifestyles. Sims can become master yoga instructors, earn money giving a variety of massages, and teleport through meditation. The wellness skill can be earned by partaking in a variety of activities making it a fun skill to learn.

This article will go over the main ways to increase your wellness skill, the benefits your sim can gain from the wellness skill and the variety of ways you can earn money using the wellness skill. Keep reading if you want to know exactly what your sim can expect on their wellness journey and even how to use cheats to skip the long process and reap all the benefits.

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Sims 4 Spa Day

The Sims 4 Spa Day is a DLC game pack that introduces new game play elements such as yoga, meditation, the wellness skill, massages, manicures, and much more. Sims 4 Spa Day introduces the spa lot type to the game where you sims can go and receive multiple services, or they can also choose to open up their own business and use their new skills to earn money.

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What is the Wellness Skill?

The Wellness Skill can be gained through doing a variety of activities such as mediating, yoga, and giving massages. Spa Day also included multiple new items that you can use to enhance your wellness skill.

There are three main ways to gain your wellness skill, yoga, mediation, and massages.


Your sim will need a yoga mat or an instructor's yoga mat (if they plan on leading yoga classes) in order to practice yoga. You can find a variety of four different yoga mats under Activities & Skills in the buy menu. If you want to teach yoga classes you will need an instructor's mat over the regular yoga mats.

sims 4 yoga

As your wellness skill advances you will unlock a variety of new poses and new routines. You can use these routines to unlock different moodlets. Below you can see what poses you unlock at each level of the wellness skill.

Skill LevelYoga Pose
2Boat Pose
4Tree Pose
5Warrior Pose
6Lord of the Dance Pose
7Bridge Pose

In addition to advancing your wellness skill, yoga is the best workout your sim can do. Unlike regular exercise, yoga will simultaneously make your sim lose body fat and gain muscle. I laid out exactly how body fat and muscle work in the Sims 4 in this article.


Meditating is another great way to increase your sim's wellness skill and help focus your sim to complete other tasks in their daily lives. You will need a meditation stool to get started. Once you reach level five of the wellness skill you have a chance of levitating while you meditate. Eventually once you reach level seven of the wellness skill you can teleport.

sims 4 meditation

You can also choose to lead guided meditations to earn some money. Once you get to level two of the wellness skill you will have the ability to host guided meditations. You can choose to either "Host" guided meditation or "lead" guided mediation. If you want to earn money you will want to choose to Host Guided Meditation, you will earn money per participant. You can choose to promote your guided meditation session online if you want to try and get a full house.


Lastly, you can give massages to increase your wellness skill. All you need is a massage table or massage chair to get started. So long as a massage table or massage chair is on the lot you can offer to give other sims on that lot a variety of massages. As you increase your wellness skill more types of massages will be available to you and each also increasing in the amount you can earn.

sims 4 massage

There are a variety of different massages your sim can offer using the massage table and earn anywhere from $120 to $380 per massage.

Skill LevelMassageEarnings
1Swedish Massage$120
3Aromatherapy Massage$140
5Deep Tissue Massage$180
6Sports Massage$230
8Stone Massage$300
9Fertility Massage$380

You can also offer a both hand and foot massages using the massage chair. You can earn up to $40 per hand or foot massage. You can also use the massage chair to offer manicures and pedicures.

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Benefits of the wellness skill

The Wellness skill provides a host of other benefits that your sim can enjoy as a result of their new lifestyle. These include ways to change your sim's current mood, new recipes, and new social interactions.

For example, once you reach level 10 of the wellness skill your sim unlocks the ability to brew lemon honey ginger tea which will give you a focus +2 moodlet. During your wellness journey you unlock a few other recipes on the way. Below there is a complete list of all the benefits you can expect along the way.

Skill LevelBenefits
1Perform various yoga poses, mediate, and give massages.
2Discuss cognitive focusing methods, and bake sugar free carob coconut cake. Boat Pose, teach yoga classes, host guided mediations and tend massage tables and massage chairs.
3Give Aromatherapy Massage and perform the Triangle Pose.
4Offer Mental Relaxation Tips and perform Tree Pose.
5Give Deep Tissue Massages, perform Warrior Pose and has a chance of levitating when meditating.
6Give Sports Massages and Suggest Visualization techniques, and perform the Lord of the Dance yoga pose.
7Teleport when levitating and make Superfood Salad. Can perform bridge pose in yoga.
8Give Stone massages and recommend self esteem exercises. Can perform handstand in yoga.
9Give Fertility Massages.
10Brew lemon honey ginger detox tea and share detox secrets.
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Wellness skill cheat

If you want to take advantage of the benefits without having to go through the motions of unlocking each level, you can easily cheat your way to level 10.

Once you have the cheat bar open you want to type in stats.set_skill_level major_wellness 10 followed by enter to max out the wellness skill. You can replace number 10 with whatever level you want to achieve. You can even use this skill to move backwards in the skill in case you decide you want to take your time playing through the skill.

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