Are Vampires Immortal? (How Vampires Age)

How to Aging down with occult sims
Are Vampires Immortal? (How Vampires Age)
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 20 June, 2024

Sims 4 includes a wide variety of Occult sims, including the infamous Vampire. If you have the Sims 4 Vampires game pack then you have the ability to play with vampires, drink plasma from other sims, and strengthen your vampire powers.

Like the movies, Sims 4 Vampires are immortal, and do not age after becoming a young adult, however death is not completely off the table. Your vampire sims may enjoy their youth forever but still need to be careful because they can still die like everyone else and have to worry about the sun.

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How to become a Vampire in the Sims 4

There are three ways a sim can become a vampire. The first is to create them as a Vampire. You can start your game off with any type of Occult sim you desire. You can do so by clicking on the "+" button at the bottom, then click on "Add Occult Sim," then select the vampire option.

Sims 4 vampire dresses


The second way is to ask a vampire to turn you. You will first need to have a friendly relationship with a vampire sim, and after gaining some friendship with a vampire the "Ask to turn" interaction will appear. The vampire will bite your sim, and then you will have to wait a few days and your sim will turn into a vampire during the night.

The third way is to give birth to a vampire sim. If one of the parents to the child is a Vampire there is a chance that your sim's child will be born a vampire. If that is the case, then once your child ages to a teenager their full vampire powers will be realized. Toddlers and child vampires do not have the vampire energy bar and their needs are fulfilled just like every other non-occult sim.

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Are Vampires Immortal in the Sims 4?

Yes, Vampires are immortal in the Sims 4. Vampires will not age after reaching the young adult life stage. Whichever life stage your sim is in when they turn into a vampire is the life stage they will remain in. For instance, if your sim is an adult when they get turned into a vampire they will not go on to be an elder as long as they remain a Vampire.

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Can Vampires Die?

Yes, Vampires can die, just not of old age or thirst (hunger). They can die by any other way regular sims can die, so by electrocution, drowning, fire, or high emotional states. Oddly, while they are immortal and won't die of old age, they have an additional way of dying that is exclusive to Vampires, burning by the sun.

Vampire Sims have Vampire Energy, it is a bar that appears above your vampire sim's needs. This energy is used when Vampires use their vampire powers and when they are in the sun. Your vampire sim cannot die from low vampire energy alone, they must run out of vampire energy and be out during the day when the sun is out at the same time. If you fail to get them inside quickly then they will die by burning in the sun.

Sims 4 vampire energy

An added advantage of being a Vampire is you no longer have to worry about their hunger. Vampire sims will have a "thirst" need rather than "hunger." You can quench their thirst in a variety of ways, drinking plasma from other sims, eating plasma fruits, or drinking plasma packs. The advantage is that Vampires cannot die from their thirst being too low. It takes one way of dying off the table.

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Can you age up Vampires?

Vampires are immortal in that they will never die of old age. There are a few instances where Vampires do age up. First, if your vampire sim gives birth to a vampire their child will age up as normal until they reach the young adult life stage. A baby vampire will not have any vampire powers until they are a teen. While a vampire is in the toddler and child life stage they act like a normal sim, they will eat normal food and need sleep.

Sims 4 has an interesting aging process and it can be manipulated multiple ways while playing the game. If you want to learn how aging works and how to even age down your sims, you can check out my guide to aging.

Once your sim reaches the young adult life stage there is not a way to age them up without cheats. You will notice that on the aging bar the language changes from "Aging up in x days" it will say "Sim has lived for x days."

Blowing out birthday candles on a cake normally will automatically age up your sim. When you are a vampire and have reached the young adult life stage the interaction to blow out the candles does not appear when you click on the birthday cake as a Vampire sim.

If you want to age your Vampire sim up further than the young adult life stage you will have to use the cas.fulleditmode cheat. To use Cheats in the Sims 4 hold down Ctrl+Shift+C for windows or Command (⌘)+Shift+C for Mac at the same time and a small bar will appear at the top left hand corner of the screen where you can type. You will then type in cas.fulleditmode once you do this when you go to modify your sims in create a sim you will have the options to change their age. You can change a vampire sim's age to either adult or elder at this point.

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