Best mods for pets

Your sims game is not complete without having a pet. We have listed some top pet mods for Sims 4 game
Best mods for pets
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 07 July, 2024

The Sims 4 is an interactive and entertaining platform for players who love adventure. This game allows players to live freely, compete with friends, and pursue their dream careers. 

Additionally, The Sims 4 has a great mechanic using which players can home pets and get companionship. Usually, pets will help you throughout your journey in The Sims 4 by adding real-life pet experiences. 

There are many expansion packs in The Sims 4 that will provide a great way to include pets. But, if you want more personalized and engaging experiences, there are several mods that you can consider. 

From creating a strong bond with your pets to adding more realistic petting experiences, the mods will provide exciting features. To help you with it, this blog will provide a complete list of all the best pet mods for The Sims 4. 

Best Pets Mods for The Sims 4

1. Selectable Pets Always

Specialty: Pets Managing and Caring 

Creator Download 
CharitycodesVisit Here! 

Starting our list with Selectable Pets Always as it is one of the most popular pets mod. Moreover, this mod fixes the errors in the Playable Pets mod, allowing players to manage their pets more seamlessly. Similarly, as you manage your Sim, this mod works exactly like that for your pets. 

With this mod, you can analyze whether your Sim needs food, energy requirement, bladder status, and many more features. You will have direct control over your pets and understand them properly, giving you a more realistic experience. Unfortunately, if your pet is stuck at any place, this mod will help you to teleport them easily, preventing your pet from getting frustrated. 

Overall, if you wish for an enhanced pet care and interaction mod without previous glitches, this mod is a perfect choice. 

2. Pet Immortality Trait

Specialty: Makes Pets Immortal

Creator Download 
CrucibleGamingVisit Here! 


Everyone wants their loved ones to remain nearby and never leave them. Similarly, if you want your Sim pet immortalized, consider this amazing mod. It is a simple yet crucial mod that will introduce the 'Immortal' trait you can apply to your pet in the CAS mode. 

The trait will never cause your pet to age up, but you must ensure that your pet gets essential comfort and necessary nutrients. This small mod will multiply your happiness as there will be no teary eyes when the Reaper takes your pet's soul. 

This life-saving trait will put you in question if we get this trait in real life, but it is only possible in The Sims 4 universe. 

3. Playable Pets

Specialty: Control Pets Easily


Creator Download 
Andrew and Orange MittenVisit Here!

Sadly The Sims 4 hasn't categorized pets as playable characters. But, here is the excellent creation 'Playable Pets' by Andrew and Orange Mitten, where you can control your pets directly, including managing their behaviors and requirements. 

You can select a pet and make suitable moderations like you did of your Sim. Moreover, you can ensure that your pets eat, explore the surroundings, and play, and many more. This mod makes the game more interesting by providing more control over your pets. 

However, you may find occasional glitches with this mod when used along with the newer game updates. Still, it remains a famous choice for the players who love interacting with their pets more closely. 

4. Hide or Reveal Pet Quirks!

Specialty: Know Pet’s Traits

Creator Download 
Spazmunki13Visit Here! 

As the name indicates, this interesting mod helps to learn about your pet's personality quirks. If you are curious about your pet's traits, this mod is a good-to-go option. Importantly, using the mod shows everything about the pet's traits, from obsession to fear. 

You should click on the pet's personality panel to see their quirks under the Traits menu. The mod will help you understand your pets' likes and dislikes more deeply. With the correct research, you can keep your pet away from the things they don't like, keeping their mood fresh. 

However, you must have the Playable Pets Mod to get this mod worked. If you want to strengthen the bond with your pet, you can refer to this mod. 

5. Pets Seasons Package

Specialty: Make Pets Fashionable 

Creator Download 
TheKalinoVisit Here!

If you feel bored of seeing your pet with similar outfits, the Pets Seasons Package will end your search. The mod is a collection of several items aligned with your pet's wardrobe. With this mod, your pet can have many fashionable items, like sunglasses, scarves, etc. Moreover, the mod lists raincoats, boots, and winter coats for pets for changing weather. 

Besides clothing material, your pet will have an umbrella-attached bed for rainy days. The Pets Seasons Package ensures every minute detail regarding your pet's clothing and essential weather items. Grab this mod to confirm your pet is well-maintained and prepared for every season. 

6. Animal Rescue

Specialty: Introduces Animal Rescue Career


Creator Download 
PurpleThistlesVisit Here! 

The mod features an amazing addition to the Animal Rescue career. So, if you are fond of rescuing animals, you can fulfill your wish with this The Sims 4 mod. 

In the game, you often might find neglected animals in our neighborhood with some of them suffering illness. This mod allows you to give a helping hand to abandoned animals and makes them able to provide a fresh start to their life. 

After downloading, your Sim can make more money for pampering pets, get free pet food, and receive reduced veterinary bills. You will have an equal benefit for treating pets using the Animal Rescue of The Sims 4. 

7. Animal Shop!

Specialty: Presents an Animal Shop for Purchasing Pet Products


Creator Download 
ZafireVisit Here! 

It is an amazing mod, giving your Sim an animal shop application to buy pet products. This mod is a great addition to The Sims 4 Cottage Living pack where you don’t need to rely on NPCs for your pet’s clothing or other attires. 

If you need anything special for your pet, you should have this app as it brings an open and user-friendly pet shop. All the items brought from this shop will go to your Sim's Inventory. 

Interestingly, you can search for the items according to your pet type, from cats to llamas.

8. Planet Canine Active Doggy Daycare

Specialty: Allows to Run a Doggy Daycare

Creator Download 
ItsKatato and MizoreYukiiVisit Here! 

This mod is for players who love pampering dogs, allowing them to operate a daycare. The mod grants Sims to work at the daycare where you can pamper neighborhood dogs. Your Sim can start working with less amount, like 50 Simoleons, but the payout will increase by upgrading the training skill. 

The more quickly you ascend your training skill, the more it will be beneficial for you to run and get profit from the daycare. Moreover, this daycare business provides a joyful energy-filled environment while pampering pups. 

To expand your business, you must ensure customer satisfaction and the well-being of your pups. Thus, you can use this mod to enrich your gameplay by blending your passion and business for dogs. 

9. Dog Walker & Dog Jogger

Specialty: Get a Dog Walker/Jogger

Creator Download 
LittleMsSamVisit Here!

Getting a Dog Walker is a good feature where you can hire an individual to take your dog for a walk. Even in real life and The Sims 4, you can use this mod to get a person for dog walking. If your Sim has a busy work schedule and doesn't get enough time to take the dog for a walk, using this mod can help you greatly. 

After downloading the mod, you can head towards the Household menu through the phone, enabling you to hire a Dog Walker/ Jogger. Immediately after hiring, the Walker will arrive within some time. Interestingly, you can get 2 Walkers for your pets, costing 10-30 Simoleons each. 

10. Custom Career- Pet Sitter 

Specialty: Become a Pet Sitter

Creator Download 
SimsandWhimsVisit Here! 

If you love taking care of pets, especially cats or dogs, this mod is an appropriate choice for you. This career mod allows you to turn into a professional pet sitter, where you can pamper cats and dogs. Importantly, while doing the dream job, you can get a good income.

It doesn't matter whether you are a teen, young, or an adult Sim, this mod is perfect for all users with the fondness of dogs and cats. The mod has three progression levels, from starter to professional. 

It might be a rewarding career for your Sim, but it gives proper care to pets. If a Sim religiously sticks to this career, it can become a popular name as a Pet Sitter, exhibiting its dedication to animal care. 

11. Foster Family

Specialty: Become a Foster Family Member and Take Care of Kids. 

Creator Download 
LittleMsSamVisit Here! 

The Foster Family mod, as the name indicates, allows Sims to become a member of the foster family network. Interestingly, this mod uses a heartwarming approach where you can care for toddlers, children, and even pets searching for a foster family. 

Usually, this mod works by notifying players when a pet or someone needs a temporary home. However, you can manually check for any shelter request. 

Additionally, you can share your stories and thoughts on fostering, adding depth to your lives. If you love sharing ideas and narratives on care, and the importance of adoption, you should go for this incredible mod. 

12. Pet Assignments & Pet Jobs

Specialty: Allow Pets to Work 

Creator Download 
ShuSanRVisit Here!

Inspired by the pet jobs from The Sims 2 Pets, this mod is made for your pets, allowing them to do jobs. If you want your pet to help you financially in The Sims 4, you can consider this mod. Every job has a certain pay scale and working hours, so check them carefully before getting into it. 

If you have a Dog pet, you can let them go to the Pet Training School to learn stuff from several classes. However, using its Healthy Care option will be good for pampering your sick and dirty pet. 

Overall, this is a unique approach for the pets, but it will keep you entertained and focused on your pet’s life. 

13. Train your Puppies

Specialty: Help Your Puppy to Learn Basic Commands

Creator Download 
LittleMsSamVisit Here! 

Can't you wait for your puppies to grow and follow the basic commands? This great Sims 4 mod will teach your puppy pet some useful commands. Doing this will make your puppy ahead of other pets and you can benefit from their early actions. 

Using the mod, you teach your puppy how to Sit, Lie down, Speak, and Heel. Overall, this is a small mod but helps your puppy to get ahead of time and race to become the smartest pet quickly. 

14. Breeding Unlimited!

Specialty: Encourage Breeding Neighbour Pets

Creator Download 
PolarBearSimsVisit Here! 

You can understand the benefit of getting this mod by its name only. Basically, this interesting mod helps breed outside of your neighborhood pets with other pets. 

With this mod, you can ask an outside pet for breeding, removing the issue preventing you from breeding immediately after your pet breeds. 

The primary motive of this mod is to increase the quantity of pets nearby. So, if you love to live around pets, you can use this mod to fulfill your dream. 

15. Dog Groomer Career

Specialty: Help Your Sim to be a Dog Groomer


Creator Download 
HexeSimsVisit Here! 

Yet another entertaining and unique job for all the dog lovers there is fulfilled by the Dog Groomer Career. Moreover, this mod is a custom dog groomer career, allowing your Sim to work as a receptionist or start a dog grooming business. 

However, before you dream of getting this mod, you should be careful and complete the Dog-related training skill. But, having this mod will help you greatly if you are way too passionate about pampering or grooming dogs.

16. Cat Whisperer Career

Specialty: Be a Cat Film Maker/ Cat Rights Activist


Creator Download 
SimplyAnjutaVisit Here!

Till now, you were mostly getting dog-related mods. But, this mod is for the cat-lovers. It is a unique custom cat whisperer career mod where your Sim can be a Cat filmmaker or Cat Activist. But, you must have reached Level 5 and be a true Cat Whisperer. 

The career level has 2 branches and 8 levels after completing the said level. The mod is made with exceptional details and graphics, so using it will give you tremendous experience with cats. 

If you are a true Cat-lover who wants to create a strong bond with them, using this mod will help you strengthen it more tightly. 

17. Working Pet Water Bowls (Cats & Dogs)

Specialty: Provides a Custom Pet Water Bowls

Creator Download 
LittleMsSamVisit Here! 

It is a small mod but gives an interesting addition to The Sims gameplay. With this mod, your pet can have a custom water bowl that your Sim can fill for the pet to drink from. Importantly, this unique mod requires XML Injector mod to work.

Your pet can drink water from this bowl autonomously. After your pet completes jogging or walking, they will receive a push to drink the water. Drinking water from the bowl will affect the bladder, body temperature, and hunger. 

When the bowl is empty, your Sim will fill it again, without being lazy. However, you should ensure that the water bowls don't spoil.

18. Atmospheric Default Eyes

Specialty: Enhance the Quality of Pet’s Eyes


Creator Download 
LightdeficientVisit Here!

If you want to customize and enhance the look of The Sims 4 pets, you can try this mod. Moreover, this mod will transform and improve the eyes of your pet from the default ones.  With the enhanced glazed eyes, your pets can share their emotions more precisely. 

Your pet can connect with you more genuinely in any activity, from playing with a cat, a cute dog, or a horse. This mod offers about 9 nine eye colors and heterochromia options. Interestingly, the developer of this mod mentioned increasing the variety of eyes in the future. 

So, if you want your pet to look more realistic and different from other pets, this mod can make their eyes more improved. 

19. Feed Your Pets: Feedable Frogs

Specialty: Allow to Interact With and Pamper Frogs

Creator Download 
IlexSimsVisit Here!

Are you fed up with dogs and cats in The Sims 4 gameplay? Do you want to include more animals, like frogs, and pamper them as pets? If you ever had the same dream, you are in the correct spot.

This mod by IlexSims will fulfill your wish to get frogs as pets. With this incredible mod, you can name your frog, let them eat, and interact with them. The elder Sims can feed them every 8 hours and get a 4-hour happy buff. Moreover, this mod provides a bit of the Responsibility Trait which is a crucial factor to consider. 

The add-on of this mod helps children to feed and interact with the frogs, but you need the Eco Lifestyle pack as it will not work with the base game. Additionally, it requires the  XML Injector to reduce the conflict probability.

20. Three Legged Furrends

Specialty: Get a Three-Legged Pet

Creator Download 

 Link 1: For Front Leg Version

 Link 2: For Hind Leg Version

It is one of the most innovative and special mods, dedicated to all the pets who lost a leg. Moreover, this mod provides a unique addition to The Sims 4, where players can create three-legged dogs and cats. The inclusion of three-legged pets will include a touch of realism that can happen in unfortunate circumstances. 

You will find the option in the full-body clothing section of the CAS, making it easy for pet lovers with customization. If you want a special pet, this mod will help create a unique three-legged cat or dog. Additionally, it allows players to narrate the challenges faced by the innocent creatures and the way they still manage to live their lives. 

Overall, this mod celebrates a real-life pet with three legs and their strengths. So, if you want to support them uniquely, you can go for this mod anytime. 

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