How To Sell At The Flea Market

Learn all about flea market and make some money
How To Sell At The Flea Market
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 15 June, 2024

The Sims 4 City Living includes multiple festivals that your sims can enjoy, including the flea market where your sim can start making some money from items they make or collect from around their world. If you enjoy a fun rags to riches challenge or making money in unconventional ways the flea market is a must do for your sim.

You can sell certain items in the game from one of the two sales tables located in the Flea Market. If you want to learn how to stock the table and start making money continue reading below. You might also learn some other ways to make money in the game that don't require the flea market.

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Sims 4 City Living

The Sims 4 City Living introduced the first apartments and festivals to the sims. These festivals vary from the Humor & Hijinks, GeekCon, Spice Festival, Romance Festival, and the Flea Market. Each have fun, unique events your sims can take part in.

The Flea Market allow your sim to purchase some exclusive pieces of furniture, as well as earn some money by selling some items on the sales tables. You can enjoy some bubbler machines and some food vendors as you shop around to find some good deals.

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The Flea Market

The flea market takes place every second Sunday and last from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. It takes place at the Spice Market in San Myshuno in the middle of the common area between all the lots. You can travel there by clicking on the notification you get and choosing "Show Festival Info." The informational pop up will have an option at the bottom to "Travel to Flea Market."

sims 4 flea market

You can also travel to the flea market by using your phone and selecting travel and then go to any of the lots in the Spice Market neighborhood. You will have access to the specific lot you choose and the common area between them where the flea market is taking place.

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How to set up shop at the Flea Market

There are a few tables available for you to sell on at the flea market. Unfortunately, you cannot use the mats that have furniture for sale on them to sell your own items, you are limited to the two sales tables located behind the mats with furniture.

To sell items from the sales table you need to first move items from your inventory into the table's inventory. You can easily drag items from your sim's inventory over to the table. You will notice when you are grabbing the items from your inventory that the sales tables will have a white highlight come up around them. If you aren't sure if you can use the table to sell a particular item you can try dragging it over, and if it is an unsalable item it will immediately return to your sim's inventory.

sims 4 setup shop at flea market

Once you place all the items you wish to sell into the sale table's inventory you will next to need "stock table." This will make your sim take the items from the table's inventory and place them out on the table for your sim to start selling those items.

Once your sim has stocked the table you will want to make them "tend table" this will make your sim stand behind the table and not move around when trying to sell items. Once you are ready to start selling your items from the table you will want to choose "Start Street Sale." As soon as your street sale begins sims will start to come over to your table to start shopping.

When sims come up to your table you can introduce yourself and start a conversation with them. You will also have the option to "give sales pitch." Having a friendly relationship will help with your sim's chances of having that particular sim buy from them. It also helps if you have a higher charisma skill because your social interactions have a higher chance of being successful.

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What can you sell at the Flea Market

While it would be great if your sim could sell furniture, especially with the introduction of fabricating in Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle, you are quite limited in what you can sell at the flea market. You can only sell items that you can fit in your sim's personal inventory and will fit on a table.

Some great options for the sale table include: potions, plants, crops, collectables, children's toys, fish, magic beans, candles, juice, and shells.

Some items that you can not sell from the sales table include: vet treats, mounted fish, oversized crops, yoga mats, laptops, tablets, food, paintings, violins, guitars, mic stands, dog food bowls, and dog toys.

If you are interested in selling bigger items such as furniture you create or paintings you might want to consider opening a retail store. You can learn everything you need to know in our guide to opening a retail store.

If your sim is more into cooking and wants to open a bakery you can learn more in our guide to running a successful bakery.

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How to host a yard sale

If you don't want to wait for the flea market to come to town, or you do not have Sims 4 City Living you can have a similar set up at your house or any lot for sims to come by and purchase items from your sales table. You can purchase a selling table from the build/buy menu that come with either Jungle Adventure, Eco Lifestyle, or City Living. You can find the tables in the outdoor activities section in the buy menu.

You will want to place that table outside where sims coming to your lot can easily access it. Then follow the same steps as outlined above. You put items in the table's inventory, stock the table, tend table, and then "Start Yard Sale."

Once you start your yard sale sims will start to arrive to your lot and start shopping and purchasing items you have out for sale. These tables are portable so you can take them anywhere to start selling from any lot in the game. If you want to have plenty of prospective buyers you can start a street sale in a populated area.

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