Loverstruck expansion pack

A guide to new loverstruck expansion pack and its features
Loverstruck expansion pack
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 11 July, 2024

Published by Electronic Arts, The Sims franchise has come a long way since it was created approximately 10 years ago. Moreover, the game series has continued to grow, bringing happiness to the players. 

One of the main reasons for the game getting tremendous popularity is being relatable. Currently, the Sims 4 is in the headlines because of its improved gameplay and immersive expansion packs, allowing players with more approaches. 

From attending guest lectures to gardening, The Sims 4 is a roller-coaster ride that will ensure a top-notch gameplay experience. Another great expansion of The Sims 4 is yet to be released, creating a massive buzz over the players. 

However, this article will explain the upcoming expansion of The Sims 4, Lovestruck Pack, to keep all the Sims 4 lovers updated with all essential strings.

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A Brief of the Lovestruck Pack

Expansion Release Date 
Lovestruck Expansion Pack25th July 2024

The Lovestruck Pack is hitting the headlines as it will be released on the 25th of July 2024, bringing many new features that will blow your mind. If you like to socialize with others, go on dates, build strong relationships, and experience high-voltage romance, the Lovestruck Pack is for you. 

Loverstruck expansion pack features

Moreover, the game has many more exciting inclusions, like new areas, traits, etc., that will help you reach the peak of fun and intimacy.

  • New Traits

The brand-new traits that are going to be added to the Lovestruck Expansion packs are:

  •  Lovebugs: As you might have calculated about the term, lovebugs will be those Sims who adore romance and can’t be kept away for long.
  •  Romantically Reserved: Unlike lovebugs, Romantically Reserved Sims takes time to get romantic bonds.
  • New Areas

With the release of the new Lovestruck expansion, you will notice three areas, including one city with new neighborhoods. The Ciudad Enamorada city will have three neighborhoods, including, Nuevo Corazon, Plaza Mariposa, and Vista Hermosa

Interestingly, you must explore these locations as religiously as you can, since it will give you the Singles Hangout Lot Trait. These traits will help you to reach out to new singles if you are single.

Cupid’s Corner App

Social media can be used for finding true soul mates and romance, as it is the approach you can notice in this expansion pack. The Cupid's Corner App will invite you to make your dating profile and get the ideal match for your life.

Loverstruck social profile building

Interestingly, you can see their Turn-Ons and Offs, letting you decide whether and how much you are compatible with others. Additionally, you can decide how to move ahead with the matches through the app. 

If you find yourself a pro in relationships or romantic stuff, you can be a Romance Consultant. You can click on another Sim and announce your feelings at the numerous attractions within Ciudad Enamorada city. 

The fresh date-planning system will help you express what you are, click your pictures, and connect with people sharing identical interests. 

Romance Dynamics 

In The Sims 4: Lovestruck Pack, you will see four Romance Dynamics that can build between Sims while dating. 

  • Steamy: This dynamic builds the relationship between Sims, mainly on physical closeness. 
  • Strained: Sims who are romantically bonded, but often beings unhappy and treat each other badly. 
  • Unpredictable: Similar to the name, these Sims are unpredictable which will make you confused by their often love-hate treatments. You might find them fighting at a particular time, but they can be found kissing each other later. 
  • Wholesome: Sims who love each other with authenticity and express their feeling in every possible way, i.e., through friendship or relationship. 

The more you meet and date with other Sims, you will get your skills more polished, unlocking unique dating interactions. 

Other Romantic Terms and Inclusions

  • Turn-On and Turn-Offs: These are indicators about Sims that will help you decide whether to proceed ahead with them or not. Importantly, they are minute but crucial stuff that will assist you in getting an ideal match for dating.
  • Attraction: It dictates how two Sims are romantically connected. Attraction between Sims can be affected by many components, like their Turn-on and Turn-offs.
  • Romance Satisfaction: It determines how the romance builds over a while. This new mechanic will be introduced to fill the gaps between the Attraction system and the previous romance system of The Sims 4.
  • Polyamory: In the Sims 4: Lovestruck Pack, Polyamory is when your Sim can date multiple Sims without interrupting other relationships.
  • Inclusion of Night Club, Park, Botanical Garden Cafe and Bar, Dive Bar. etc.
  • Introduction of the Love Hotel, Beso Rapido, Picnic Blanket, and new actions like new kiss type, sharing foods, etc.
  • The pack will have three new WooHoo spots and Couples counseling options.
  • The lovestruck expansion will have new aspirations (Romantic Explorer & Paragon Partner), new deaths (Heartbreak), and new fears (Fear of Being Alone & Fear of Intimacy).

How to Pre-Order the Lovestruck Pack?

You must follow the below steps if you find the Lovestruck Pack entertaining and worth experiencing. 

  • Visit here to land on the EA’s Lovestruck Pack page.
  • You can buy the loverstruck on amazon here
  • To purchase the pack, click the Pre-Order option to pre-register. 

Note: You must choose the preferred menu from the Pre-Order drop-down menu while pre-ordering.

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Will the Lovestruck Expansion Make The Sims 4 Satisfying?

Depending on the features and unique approach, the expansion might look good and can become popular. Additionally, since the pack focuses on one of the major societal pillars, i.e., romance, it might get great publicity once published. 

Therefore, if the Lovestruck expansion provides what it promises, it can allure more players, thereby increasing its popularity. Unfortunately, the Lovestruck pack could have stability issues, as previous The Sims expansions have gone through this problem at launch. However, you can wait for some time after the Lovestruck release for genuine reviews and decide whether it is worth buying. 

But, if you are way too excited to play the expansion, you can head towards the above link and follow the steps carefully to get it immediately after release. Additionally, since The Sims 4 is trying to experience something new, it will be interesting to see if it becomes a major hit.

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How to FAQ

Lovestruck Expansion Pack will be released on the 25th of July 2024, making players curious to know more. Besides, the pack will have many unique inclusions, like new traits, areas, etc.

The Lovestruck Pack will help you to go on dates, build relationships, socialize with others, and witness realistic romantic experiences. If you want to romance in The Sims 4 and make genuine connections, you can give it a try.

Pre-ordering the Lovestruck Expansion pack is a personal choice. If you can't wait to experience romantic interactions, you can go for pre-ordering the pack. However, you can wait for authentic feedback and consider the pack eventually.

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