How In Game Investing Works

Do you know you can invest in Sims 4?
How In Game Investing Works
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 14 June, 2024

There are many ways that your sims can make additional money besides your 9 to 5 job. One of these additional opportunities include investing in the stock market to try and make a profit. Investing can help bring your sims longer lasting wealth as they continue to grow their business career.

To invest in the stock market your sim must enter the Investor Branch in the Business Career and then you will have the option to invest in stocks on your sim's computer. This article will go through the details of the business career and how investing in the Sims 4 works.

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Is there a stock market in the Sims 4?

There is no working stock market system in the Sims 4 currently. While your sim does have the option to invest there is no way system that you can watch fluctuate in price like you would imagine with a normal stock market would work.

Investments in the Sims 4 feels more equivalent to gambling than strategic investments. There is no way to check on your investments or how the stock market is performing overall. You have to invest an amount of moment and then just sit and wait to see if you won or lost.

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Can all Sims invest in stocks?

All sims have the ability to unlock the option to invest in stocks if they climb the corporate ladder in the business career. While it is not an exclusive trait or reward you have to unlock it is limited to the sims that are engaged in the Investment Branch of the Business Career.

sims 4 select a career

Once you reach level 7 of the Business Career you will have the option to choose to either pursue the Investor Branch or the Management Branch. If you choose the Investor Branch you will have the ability to now make investments on the web. Sims who pursue the Management Branch will not have this option even if they max out their career path. There also is not a way to switch branches later on without cheats.

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Business Career

The Business Career is included with the base game and has 10 levels total. The skills needed include the Charisma skill and the Logic Skill. The Charisma skill is more important for the management branch and the logic skill is more important for the investor branch.

You can grow your logic skill by using an Observatory and there is a chance you might experience an alien encounter. You can learn more about alien and alien abductions here.

If your sim goes to University using the Sims 4 University expansion pack and you receive a degree in Economics from either Foxbury Institute or University of Britechester then your sim will get a bonus and a promotion when they first join the Business Career.

The table below gives you an overview of what to expect when climbing the ranks of the business career.

LevelTitleHour RatePromotion TasksBenefits
1Mailroom Technician16/hrN/AN/A
2Office Assistant20/hrReach Level 2 Charisma Skill$130 Bonus
Desk Nameplate
New Clothes
Make Fun of Corporate Goons Interaction
3Assistant to the Manager23/hrReach Level 2 Charisma Skill
Reach Level 2 Logic Skill
$156 Bonus 
S.A.L.E.S Award
Imitate Boss Interaction
4Assistant Manager35/hrReach Level 3 Charisma Skill
Reach Level 2 Logic Skill
$187 Bonus
Brag About Job Title
5Regional Manager53/hrReach Level 4 Charisma Skill
Reach Level 2 Logic Skill
$281 Bonus
Pie Chart Presentation
New Clothes 
Offer Career Advice Interaction
6Senior Manager75/hrReach Level 4 Charisma Skill
Reach Level 4 Logic Skill
Tiny Tranquility Zen Garden

When your sim gets promote to level 7 a menu will appear and you can choose from the Investor Branch or the Management Branch.

The Investor Branch gives you the ability to invest in the stock market while the Management Branch does not. The Investor Branch requires you to max out the logic skill and research stocks daily. On the other hand the Management Branch requires you to max out the charisma skill and make business calls daily.

Investor Branch

LevelTitleHour RatePromotion TasksBenefits
7Futures Trader112/hrReach Level 5 Charisma Skill
Reach Level 6 Logic Skill
Executron Personal Stock Ticker 
Can now invest in stocks
8Hedge Fund Manager145/hrReach Level 6 Charisma Skill
Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
Executron Desk Pen Set
New CLothes 
Give Fake Investment Tips Interaction
9Corporate Raider218/hrReach Level 8 Charisma Skill
Max Logic SKill to Level 10
Chronos Magazine
10Angel Investor406/hrN/A$2,619
Executron Executive Desk

Management Branch

LevelTitleHour RatePromotion TasksBenefits
7Vice President90/hrReach Level 6 Charisma Skill
Reach Level 5 Logic Skill
Executron Executive Desk Throne
Make Business Calls Interaction
8President134/hrReach Level 8 Charisma Skill
Reach Level 6 Logic Skill
Executron Bookshelf
New Clothes
9CEO201/hrMax Charisma Skill to Level 10
Reach Level 8 Logic Skill
Executive Guest Chair
10Business Tycoon375/hrN/A$2,417
Executron Executive Desk
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How to Invest In Sims 4 (Stocks)

Once you enter the investment branch of the Business career you sim now has the option to invest money. You will need to go to your sim's computer and select web and then choose "Invest in Stocks." You then have the option to invest $1,000, $2,000, or $5,000, if you have Sims 4 Get Famous, investing $5,000 will also give your sim some fame.

sims 4 invest in sims


Sadly the Sims team did not fully develop the stock market within the game and there is no way to check on your investment between when your sim invest and when they receive their returns. Since investing is such a limited part of the game, it is unlikely that the sims team will be implementing a fully development stock marketing into the game any time soon.

Once you invest you have to wait for your first investment to be fully realized before you can invest again. This takes about two full sim days for your sim to receive feedback knowing how your investment went. Your sim will either receive a return or a loss on their initial investment. Similar to real life the more your sim invest the more they can either gain or lose.

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How to increase your chances of having a good investment

Before you invest money in stocks you might want to make sure your sim is in the right mindset beforehand to increase their chances of your sim making a wise investment. If your sim has the right skill levels, fulfilled needs, and a good mood then they are more likely to see a profit from their investments.

You can increase your chances by increasing your logic skill, which should already be pretty high at this point. You can also make sure your sim has already done their daily task of researching stocks prior to investing in stocks. Also try and make your sim focused before they invest.

How to research stocks

If you are on the investor branch, you will gain the ability to research stocks. Your sim can hop on their computer and select the career tab, and you should find the "Research Stocks" interaction. Allow you sim to complete the interaction, and there is a high chance that they become focused. This will complete your daily task for your investor career, and should help you have successful investments.

You can only research stocks after you have entered the investment branch. If you are a lower level or choose the management branch you will not have access to this interaction.

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