How to Make Pet Treats and When to Use Them

Know about to give pet treats to those lovely pets in Sims 4 game
How to Make Pet Treats and When to Use Them
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 14 June, 2024

If you have Sims 4 Cats and Dogs you have the ability to open a vet clinic, grow your veterinarian skill, and create unique pet treats that effect your pets differently. There are a wide variety of pet treats for your sim's cat or dog and each one provides a different purpose.

To make pet treats you will need to acquire the veterinarian skill, be at least skill level 2, and use the Medicine Craft-o-matic machine to craft pet treats.

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How to grow your Sim's Veterinarian Skill.

If you want to make your own pet treats in the Sims 4 your sim has to acquire the Veterinarian skill. To acquire the Veterinarian skill the best way is to open your own vet clinic. To open a vet clinic you use your phone, click on the household button at the bottom and then choose to buy a vet clinic. You can also click on the small cash register at the bottom right hand corner of your screen next to your Sim's needs and then choose to purchase a vet clinic.

Once you open your vet clinic sims will start to come in with their sick pets and you can treat them using either the exam table or surgery machine. As you continue to exam and treat pets your sim will grow their veterinarian skill.

sims 4 pet treats dog

If you want to acquire and grow your Veterinarian skill at home, you can use the Medicine Craft-o-matic machine to craft medicines and treats. To create pet treats you have to at least be Veterinarian skill level 2. As you grow your skill your sim will have the option to create more treats with different benefits. You can have a exam table at your house, and you can treat your household pets or other pets that come onto your lot.

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Do you have to own a Vet Clinic to make pet treats?

No, you do not necessarily have to own a vet clinic to make any pet treats. While you do not have to own and operate a vet clinic, growing your veterinarian skill at home can be quite slow. You are limited to crafting medicine and treats and you are limited to the amount of pets you can treat from your house.

Additionally, you can choose to use a cheat to increase your veterinarian skill to what ever skill level you would like with this cheat: stats.set_skill_level Major_Vet 10. If you enter this cheat as is you will max out your veterinarian skill to level 10. You can change this to be any level you'd like by simply replacing the 10 to a number any where from 1-10. This cheat does not allow your sim to complete forget the veterinarian skill.

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How To make Animal Treats Sims 4

To make pet treats you need to first reach Veterinarian skill level 2, you can do this by examining pets and treating pets at your vet clinic, or crafting other medicines on the Medicine Craft-o-matic machine. Once your sim has achieved Veterinarian skill level 2 when you go click on the Medicine Craft-o-matic machine and choose craft you have the option to craft treats.

sims 4 animal treats

Once you click on treats, you will see a menu that lays out the treats your sim is currently able to make at their current skill level. As you increase your skill level more pet treats will be available for your sim to make.

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Where to purchase Pet treats?

If you are not interested in opening a vet clinic or acquiring the vet skill to make your own pet treats you can purchase them. To do so, you need to make sure there is a vet clinic in your world. If you don't have one currently in your world, and do not want to build one, there are many you can download on the Sims 4 gallery.

To add a vet clinic to your world you will need to go Manage World and then choose the lot that you want to place your vet clinic on. Once you click on the lot you want to place the vet clinic on then choose the build/buy mode. You can then either load in the lot you download from the gallery or enjoy building your own vet clinic. Before you leave to go play with your household, make sure you have one of the two pet treat vending machine options on the lot.

Once you insert the vet clinic in your world, then you can play your household as normal. If you want to purchase any pet treats then you can go to your local vet clinic and purchase your pet treats from the pet treat vending machine.

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Types of Pet Treats

Sims 4 Cats and Dogs includes nine different pet treats you can either make or purchase. As you grow your Veterinarian skill you will have the ability to create all nine pet treats. The table below sets out which pet treats you have the ability to make at each skill level and the cost to make each treat.

Skill LevelTreats You Can MakeCost in Simoleons
2Cooler than Liquid Nitrogen Nutrition Bar
Swampwater Taffy
3Scorching Cinnamon Chew$15
4The Stinkinator$15
5Wellness Treat$15
6Age Up Treat
Age Down Treat
7Poop Randomizer$15
10Ambrosia Treat$300
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How to give your pet a treat?

When interacting with your pet, you always have the option to give your pet a treat and it would cost $5 simoleons to do so. This treat is a friendly interaction and can act as food for your pet and help grow your relationship with your pet.

However, if you want to give your pet one of the treats you make or purchase from a vet clinic you must have one of the treats listed above in your inventory. When you have these treats in your inventory you will notice when you click to interact with your pet you can choose give vet treat. When you choose this interaction a menu of the pet treats you have in your inventory will pop up and you can then select which treat you want to give your pet.

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What do pet treats do?

Each treat as a different effect on your pet. Some are obvious in what they do based on the name, and some are a bit more vague in exactly what their effects are. Below is a table of each type of treat and a brief description of what each pet treat does to your dog or cat.

Pet TreatEffect
Cooler than Liquid Nitrogen Nutrition BarThis treat gives your pet blue skin and will be cold as a result.
Swampwater TaffyThis treat can give your pet "Super-Duper Swamp Mouth" illness.
Scorching Cinnamon ChewThis treat may give your pet a glowing red nose and glowing red feet.
The StinkinatorThis treat will make your pet smell, they may need a bath after eating this treat.
Wellness TreatThis treat can make your sick pet well again. It also can reverse side effects the other treats have on your pet.
Age Up TreatThis treat will make your pet age up, if they are a puppy/kitten they will age up to an adult, if they are an adult they will age up to an elder.
Age Down TreatThis treat will make your pet age down, if they are an elder they will age down to an adult, if they are an adult they will age down to a puppy/kitten.
Poop RandomizerThis treat will make your pet go poop.
Ambrosia TreatAfter your pet dies, you can give them the Ambrosia treat to bring them back to life.

Some of the treats can make your pet sick, if you are wanting to build your veterinarian skill without needing to open a vet clinic you can utilize these treats and an exam table in your house to grow your skills and cure your pet.

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Which pets can take pet treats?

There are two different Sims 4 expansions that include animals. There is Sims 4 Cats and Dogs and Sims 4 Cottage Living. With Sims 4 Cats and Dogs, the expansion added "Pet treats" and Sims 4 Cottage Living added "Animal Treats."

The pet treats mentioned in this article are exclusively for either cats or dogs, not any of the other animals such as cows, llamas, or chickens. None of the treats listed in this article are exclusively for either a dog or a cat, but can be consumed by both cats and dogs.

The only limitation you have with pet treats is that puppies and kittens can only take the age-up treat. Once they are an adult dog or cat then you can give them any of the nine available pet treats.

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Where can you store your pet treats?

If you create a lot of pet treats and want to get them out of your inventory you can store them in a pet treat vending machine. There are two different versions of this vending machine. The Dr. Budget-Bandage Medico-Vendo-Thingo and Dr. Magi-Heal's Medical Vend-o-matic.

The Dr. Budget-Bandage Medico-Vendo-Thingo is a lower quality vending machine. It is uncomfortable for sims to be around and may result in a negative moodlet. Dr. Magi-Heal's Medical Vend-o-matic does not have the same effect. This can make a big difference when you are trying to open a successful vet clinic.

One common element sims complain about in their rating of your vet clinic is the way your clinic looks. Having the better quality or better looking equipment in your vet clinic will help you avoid low ratings from other sims who come to utilize your clinic.

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How to sell pet treats?

There are two main ways you can sell your pet treats. You can sell them straight from your inventory by dragging it to the bottom of the menu of your inventory. If you have a vet clinic you should include a pet treat vending machine in your clinic. Whenever you make some pet treats you can stock the vending machine full of a variety of treats.

Sims will come in and purchase treats straight from the vending machine while your vet clinic is open. This is an easy way for your sim to make some more money from their vet clinic without much effort. You don't have to check out the sims or interact with them in any way when they are purchasing pet treats from the vending machine in your vet clinic.

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