How to Take Vacation Days

Do you know you can take vacation in Sims 4 game?
How to Take Vacation Days
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Last updated on 09 March, 2024

Making money is a huge part of the Sims 4 and there are a variety of ways your sim can earn money. The most common and easiest way is to get a job. When your sims starts a new job they will get vacation days and can choose to take paid time off.

You can take a vacation day by using your sim's phone to call into work and select "Take a Vacation Day." This article will go into more detail about how careers work in general and how vacation days impact your sim's career.

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Sims 4 Careers

There are multiple ways Sims can earn Simoleons, but the most common is getting a regular 9 to 5 job and climbing the ranks. The Sims 4 comes with a list of jobs that your sim can choose from. Some are more traditional such as joining the Business career track and some are unique to the sims such as getting started in the Criminal career track.

Below is a list of all the careers included in the Sims 4 base game and expansion packs.

Career TrackGame Pack
Actor or ActressSims 4 Get Famous
DetectiveSims 4 Get to Work
DoctorSims 4 Get to Work
Interior DecoratorSims 4 In Home Decorator
ScientistSims 4 Get to Work
AstronautSims 4 Base Game
AthleteSims 4 Base Game
Civil DesignerSims 4 Eco Lifestyle
ConservationistSims 4 Island Living
CriminalSims 4 Base Game
CriticSims 4 City Living
CulinarySims 4 Base Game
EducationSims 4 Discover University
EngineerSims 4 Discover University
EntertainerSims 4 Base Game
FreelancerSims 4 Base Game
GardenerSims 4 Seasons
BusinessSims 4 Base Game
LawSims 4 Discover University
MilitarySims 4 Strangerville
PainterSims 4 Base Game
Paranormal InvestatorSims 4 Paranormal Stuff Pack
PolitianSims 4 City Living
SalarypersonSims 4 Snowy Escape
Secret AgentSims 4 Base Game
Social MediaSims 4 City Living
Style InfluencerSims 4 Base Game
Tech GuruSims 4 Base Game
WriterSims 4 Base Game
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How to Join a Career.

Joining a career track is very simple in the Sims 4 and there are a few ways you can join a career. You use your sim's phone and click on the work tab, it's the small briefcase in the middle. You will see the option to "Find a Job." Once you click on find a job then a menu will appear and you can select which career track you'd like to join.

You can also select the career button on your sim's menu next to their needs. This is where you will find the option to "Join a Career." Once you select that option the menu that has all the career tracks will appear and you can choose from the available jobs.

Lastly you can use the computer to get a job. When you select the computer there will be a "Career" tab that you can select and you will have the option to "Find a Job." Once you select that option the same career menu will appear and you can select from the available jobs.


sims 4 join a career

While your in your career and moving up the rungs, your sim may get opportunities presented to them from time to time. While your sim is at work a small pop up will appear and it will give you the option to start in a new career path. If you choose to switch career paths your sim won't start at the bottom of the career track, but will be a few levels lower than your current job. For example if you are in the business career track and are level 6 you might receive the option to join the culinary career track and rather than starting over at level one you'd start around level 4 or 5.

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Career Schedules.

When you join a career you will have a set schedule for your sim's working hours. When you first start a job you will earn a lower hourly rate and will be scheduled to work five days a week. As you move up in your career you will notice that the amount of hours you work starts to go down but your hourly rate starts to really take off.

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How many vacation days do you get?

When you first start a job you will start off with three vacation days. As time goes on and you stick with the same career path you will gain more vacation days. Sims gain one extra vacation day each week. As you climb the ranks in your given field you will accumulate quite a bit of vacation days that you can use whenever you'd like.

If you have Sims 4 Discover University and earn a degree you will be rewarded with more vacation days. You can learn how to enroll in university and the benefits of getting a degree and even a distinguished degree in this article.

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How to take a vacation day.

If you want to take a vacation day you will need to call in before going to work. To do this you will need to go into your sim's phone and select the work tab at the bottom. If you have some vacation days you will see the option to "Take Vacation Day." Once your sim calls in you will receive a wall notification that your sim has taken off work and to enjoy their day.

sims 4 vacation day

You will also notice that above your schedule it will now say "On Vacation" and your vacation day count will be one less than it was previously. The great thing about vacation days is that your sim will still receive payment for that day's work.

If you call in to take a vacation day on a weekend or a day your sim is not scheduled to take off, that vacation day will apply to your next working day. For instance, if you call in on a Saturday but are not scheduled to work until Monday, that Monday will be the applicable vacation day. Your sim will not have to go back to work until Tuesday and will receive payment as if they worked Monday.

If you choose to call in sick rather than using a vacation day your sim won't have to go to work that day and won't use one of their vacation days. However, they will not get any payment for that day's work. If you call in sick too many times because it can hurt your work performance.

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