Get Famous: Stop Failing Auditions

Sims 4 - Guide to Bumpy acting career
Get Famous: Stop Failing Auditions
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 15 June, 2024

The Sims 4 Get Famous introduced new career paths that lead to the road of fame. The acting career can be your sim's road to fame in the Sims 4. However, the acting career can be a bumpy ride and learning how to nail auditions is critical to your sim's success.

If you want your sim to stop failing auditions and starting landing gigs to become a superstar you need to make sure your sim is properly prepared. This article will go over everything from joining the acting career to preparing for auditions and how to successfully complete an acting job.

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How to join the acting career

Joining the acting career is similar to joining any other job or profession. You can use either your computer or phone and select "find a job." You can also click on the work tab while in live mode and choose "Join a Career."

To join the acting career you will choose to be either an Actor or Actress and you will start out as an Uncredited Extra. Before you get started with auditions you will have to select an agency you'd like to start with, you have two options: "Everyday Extras Talent Agency" and "A.I. Staffing Agency."

Each agency is slightly different the Everyday Extras Talent Agency does give you a few more gig options to start with which can be nice, but pay wise they each pay about the same amount per gig. Don't be too concerned about which one you choose, you can always change agencies later on.

To get promoted in the acting career you will need to successfully land jobs and do a good job at each gig to grow your performance bar.

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How to change acting agencies

As you grow in your acting career new acting agencies become available and you will want to change to agencies. You can change agencies at any point in your acting career. To change acting agencies you will want to go to your sim's phone, and under the work tab you will see the option to "Hire a New Acting Agency."

sims 4 selecting agency


A menu will appear with all the current agencies that are available to your sim. Once you get promoted to level 4 of the acting career you will have the option to choose from two more new agencies. The G.R.A.N. Talent Agency and Well Suited Talent Agency. Both these agencies are a step up from the two beginning agencies and you will have more gig options with higher payouts.

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How to get auditions

Once you join the acting career and choose your acting agency you can start choosing gigs and getting auditions. Unlike other careers you won't have a normal working schedule and will need to constantly choose which gigs you want to audition for.


sims 4 open auditions

To get an audition, you will need to go to the career tab in your sim's profile on the bottom right side of your screen. You will see a small clipboard with a checkmark on it, if you hover over it, it will say "Check Open Auditions." Once you click on this a menu with a few audition options will appear.

Each audition will show which skill is recommended for your sim to have in order to be successful. Making sure you choose auditions that align with your sim's skills will help your sim succeed in their acting career.

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How to prepare for auditions

If your sims keeps failing auditions it might be that you are not properly preparing for your auditions. You will have a roughly 24 hour turn around from when you book the audition to when you have to go to the audition. During this time you will need to prepare your sim to pass their audition.

You will want to practice the recommended skill and get to the recommended level before the audition. When you are first starting out, many just require that you are level 2 of that skill. This can easily be achieved within the turn around period. As you progress you will want to try and choose auditions that align with the skills your sim already has because you will be required to be a higher level, which cannot be achieved within the 24 hour turn around period.

Additionally you will want to make sure your sim's needs are high. You don't want them to be in a bad mood or they will likely fail the audition even if they have the required skills. If you have an evening audition, I suggest you make your sim take a nap right before they go to avoid them getting tired.

You will also noticed that next to the performance bar is the ideal mood. While this is can be helpful, I have never found that not having the ideal mood at the time of my sim's auditions has really impacted their success rate. If your sim has been continually failing auditions, it might be worth going the extra step to make sure your sim is in the ideal mood when they go off to their auditions.

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How to successfully complete a job

If you pass your audition then you will see on your sim's career page that they now are scheduled to go to their job. You will also have new prep tasks to do before you go to the job, they normally include developing your sim's skills or researching an emotion.

Similar to how professions work in Sims 4 Get to Work, you will have the option to send your sim alone to their job or you can join them. If you choose to go with them you will be assigned multiple tasks that you have to do within your sim's work day. You will have first have some tasks that get your sim prepared for the performance and will need to be competed before your sim is ready to perform on stage. These tasks include getting hair and makeup and getting into costume.

Once your sim is ready, you can go tell the director you are ready to perform. You will see your tasks bar clear out and new tasks will appear and include each of the required scenes. You can choose to do a risky scene performance or a safe scene performance. The risky performances, if done successfully, will give you much higher performance boost to help you get promoted sooner.

You are more likely to pull off the risky scenes if you did the prep tasks the day before. You also want to keep an eye on your sim's needs while on the job site. If your sim's needs are getting low doing a risky scene might not be the best idea.


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