How to Ace Your Final Exams

Unveil the mysteries of final exams!
How to Ace Your Final Exams
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 14 June, 2024

Sims 4 Discover University added the thrills of university life and the opportunity for sims to earn a higher degree to help them achieve their career goals later in life. You sim will have the option to live on campus and get the full college experience, or to take classes while working and living at home.

Either way, if you want your sim to succeed and have straight As your sims will need to ace their final exams. To do well on your final exams you will need to make sure your sim stays on top of their class work throughout the term and properly prepare the day of the exam.

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How to know if you have a final exam

When you are first enrolling in University for a new term you will have the option to choose which classes you'd like to take. When selecting your classes you won't know whether or not there is a final exam included. Not every class requires a final exam. There are three main components that make up your sim's class work:

  1. Homework: Is a daily task that your sim needs to do before each class.
  2. Attendance: Requires your sim to attend each class.
  3. Final Task: Requires your sim to either take a final exam, turn in a term paper, or do a term presentation.

Not every class you take requires your sim to attend a final exam. Some require your sim to work on a term paper throughout the term and have a final draft submitted for a grade. Other classes give your sim a display board for your to work on a presentation throughout the term and do a final presentation before the end of the term. Lastly, some require your sim to take a final exam on the last day of class.

You won't know which final task your sim will be required to complete before enrolling in a new term for university. Once you enroll in your classes when you go to look at your schedule you will see that each class has tasks that need to be performed. This will include your homework and then your final task that you must complete before the end of the term. If your sim has to attend a final exam you will see a task that says "Take Final Exam!"

I go over everything you need to know in order to successfully enroll in university in this article.

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What impacts your performance on your final exams

Your sim's performance on their final exams will depend on their performance over the term and their skill building. If you want to Ace your final exams at the end of the term, you will need to stay on top of your homework and class attendance throughout the term.

Doing your homework helps your sim build the necessary skills required to be successful in the class and prepares them for the day of the exam. You also want to help your sim get the most from their classes by making sure your sim is in a good mood when attending and making sure they pay attention while in class.

How to do homework.

When you first start university your sim will receive a composition notebook in their inventory called "University Homework." You will be assigned the daily task of doing homework for each class. Thankfully you only have to keep up with one notebook and do not need to worry about having a different book for every class.

sims 4 how to do homework

To do your homework you will need to go to your inventory and click on your university homework. You will can choose to do homework for any of your classes right from your inventory. Once you complete your all your homework for each class your sim cannot do any additional interactions with their university homework book.

If your sim is in a pinch and doesn't have time to complete their homework, you always have the option to cheat on your homework. Cheating helps your sim complete their homework faster but you lose out on the opportunity to gain any skill. You can cheat on your home by going to a computer, choosing "University" then "University Coursework" and then "Cheat on Homework."

How to do well in class

To help your sim do well in class you will want to make sure they are paying attention and taking notes to get the most out of their classroom experience. As the default your sim will always "Attend Class Normally" however you can change how they act in the classroom by click on the small person icon that shows up on your sim while they are in class.

sims 4 how to do well in class

You can make your sim do one of seven different tasks while in class: "Actively Listen," "Attend Class Normally," "Chat With Students," "Leave Early," "Sleep in Class," or "Take Notes." If you want a high grade the best action to do is "Take Notes." It will increase your grade but reduce your fun need. You can also opt to "Actively Listen" if you want to increase your skill gain.

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How to prepare for a final exam

While you had the entire term to help your sim prepare for the final exam, the day of the final exam is very critical if you want to get a good grade. Your Final Exam will take place at the same time as your normal class time.

You will want to make sure you set some time aside to study for your classes, take care of your sim's need, and get them focused. You can study by using either the computer or the research archive machine. Studying will help increase your sim's chances of success while also increasing your sim's skills.

The research archive machine is a great object to help your sim hone in on their research and debate skills, study, and can even earn your sim money from contributing knowledge. You can learn more about the research archive machine in this article.

Once it gets close to the time your sim is supposed to take the final exam you will want to make sure all their needs are taken care of and in a good mood. Ideally you will want them to be focused. The quickest way to get your sim focused is to "ponder moves" at a chess table.

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Debate Guild

If your sim is attending the University of Britechester, they have the option to join the Debate Guild. If you climb the ranks of the Debate Guild and become a Senior Member, you have the ability to influence your professors.

Your sim can influence their professors and can try and convince them to either increase their grade, give study tips, or give homework help. This can help give your sim a slight edge over the other students and ace their final exam.

While it is not required that your sim be part of the debate guild to ace their exams, sims can enjoy being part of the student organization while increasing their chances of academic success. You can learn more about the debate guild and how to join in this article here.

While the Debate Guild gives you the ability to influence your grades in any classes, if your sim is either a Fine Art or Art History major at the University of Britechester your sim may want to consider joining the Art Society so they can earn extra credit for their Fine Art and Art History classes. You can learn how to join the Art Society here.

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