How to Enroll In University

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How to Enroll In University
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Last updated on 15 June, 2024

Sims 4 Discover University allows your sims to pursue higher education and earn degrees to help them jump start their careers and get better pay. Sims who are young adults or older may enroll in university and choose to take on a full load while living on campus to get the full university experience, or live at home and take classes on the side while working and raising their family.

To enroll in university you have to apply to be accepted using either the mailbox or computer, and then enroll in your classes for each term. If you want to know the entire process on how to become a university student in the Sims 4 keep reading below.

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How to apply to university.

Applying to university is a straight forward process in the Sims 4. Once your sim reaches Young Adulthood they can now apply to university. To apply to University using either the mailbox or the computer you will want to click on the mailbox or computer, select "University" and then "Apply to Universities." Your sim will be charged a $75 application fee. Once you apply to University you will have a waiting period of a few days before you receive your acceptance letter in the mail.

Sims 4 acceptance letter

There are two different universities in the Sims 4, the Foxbury Institute and the University of Britechester. You don't have to worry about applying to each one individually, your one application will be an application for both universities.

Once your sim is a student they will need to make sure to pass their classes so they can continue to pursue their dreams. If you want to know what it takes to make good grades you can learn how to ace your final exams in this article.

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How to check your application status

Your application letter may take a few days to arrive in the mail. You can check your university application to see if the system has processed your application using either your computer or phone. If you have not been accepted yet, you will receive a notification stating that your application is still being processed. However, if you have been accepted you will receive your acceptance letter even if it has not come in the mail yet. A menu will appear and let you know which programs you have been accepted to.

Your acceptance letter will tell you if you were accepted to any distinguished degree programs at either university. You will see at the bottom of your acceptance letter which distinguished degrees, if any, you were accepted for and at which university.

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How to be selected for distinguished degrees

You can never be out right rejected from university you will always be accepted into both Foxbury Institute and the University of Britechester. However, distinguished degrees are only available if your sim is accepted to the distinguished degree programs.

Your sim will likely qualify for some distinguished degree if you have a higher skill level for the skill related to that particular degree. For example if you sim has a high cooking skill level you are more likely to get selected for the University of Britechester's culinary arts distinguished degree.

Each university has different distinguished degrees that your sim could be accepted to if they qualify. You don't have to submit a separate application in order to be accepted to these degrees. When you get your acceptance letter you will know whether or not you were accepted to take any of the distinguished degrees.

Foxbury Institute tends to lend itself more to sims interested in the math and sciences while University of Britechester tends to lend itself more to sims interested in the languages and arts. Below you can find a list of all the distinguished degrees that each university offers.

Foxbury InstituteUniversity of Britechester
BiologyArt History
Computer ScienceCommunications
EconomicsCulinary Arts
PsychologyFine Art
 Language & Literature

What are the benefits of a distinguished degree?

Getting a degree helps your sim jump the ranks in their career, receive a signing bonus, get increased daily pay, and awarded more vacation days. When you get a regular degree you will enter your career at a mid-level with a smaller signing bonus. If you get a distinguished degree your sim will start at a high-level with a large singing bonus. You will also get a larger increase in daily pay and even more vacation days than with a regular degree.

If your sim gets to their career and is ready to use those vacation days they worked hard for, you can learn how to take your well deserved paid vacation days in this article.

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How to apply for scholarships

In addition to applying to get into University your sim can also choose to apply for scholarships to help pay for their degree. You can apply to scholarships similar to how you would apply for university. You can use either your mailbox or computer and select "University" then select "Scholarships" and then "Apply for Scholarships."

There are a few different types of scholarships that you can choose from. The table below lays out the types of scholarships that may be available to your sim. You have to apply for all of them except for the distinguished scholarship that is automatically applied to your sim's account if they were accept into any of the distinguished degree programs.

Scholarship TypeDescription
Distinguished ScholarshipsThese scholarships are for those sims who have been accepted to study any distinguished degrees. You don't have to apply for this scholarship, it is automatically credited to your sim's account when you go to pay tuition.
Need-Based ScholarshipsThese scholarships are for those sims who come from households with a low amount of household funds and modest homes. These help those sims who are not as fortunate still attend university.
Skill ScholarshipsThese scholarships are awarded to high performing sims. If your sim has a high skill level they should consider applying for skill based scholarships.
Career ScholarshipsIf your sim has already started working and has achieved some level of success, then they can apply for career scholarships.
Sports & E-Sports ScholarshipsIf your sim is on the soccer team or an e-sport competitor, they can apply for a sports scholarship to award them for their performance.
Resident GrantsEach world gives their residents a chance to obtain a grant to go to school. Each world has different amounts that they are able to give their residents.

If your sim is an overachiever they may want to consider climbing the ranks of the University of Britechester's Debate Guild or Art Society. Student organizations are a great way to improve your sim's skills, receive exclusive member benefits and much more.

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How to enroll for a term

Once you receive your acceptance letter you have to enroll in a term in order to start taking classes to earn your degree. Enrolling in a term is similar to applying for university, you can click on either the mailbox or computer and select "University" and then "Enroll in Term."

Once you select enroll in term a menu will appear where you can choose which University you want to go to, either Foxbury Institute or University of Britechester. After you select your university then you can select the degree you'd like to major in and how many classes you'd like to take that term. Next you have to select which housing option you'd like, and finally you have to pay your tuition bill.


sims 4 university enrolment guide

Your sim can take up to four classes each term. You can choose from core classes that will help your sim gain skills that would be relevant to the careers that your degree is aimed at, or you can choose to take optional elective classes that can help your sim gain a variety of skills. All degrees require that you take 12 classes in order to graduate.

If your sim was able to obtain enough scholarship they won't be stuck with a bill to cover the cost of school. However, if they are not fortunate enough to obtain enough scholarship then you can choose to either pay out of pocket or take out student loans that you will be forced to pay back later.

If your sim is tight for cash you can consider contributing knowledge to the research archive machine. You can learn where to find the research archive machine on each campus and how to contribute knowledge in this article.

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