Getting a Sim's affairs in order

A guide to get affairs in order in your sims 4 game
Getting a Sim's affairs in order
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 04 July, 2024

The Sims 4 has many interesting features and mechanisms to keep you entertained throughout the gaming journey. To keep up the excitement, The Sims 4 has several extension packs, allowing you to experience different scenarios. Additionally, the game has the same lifespan of Sims as real life, giving a realistic vibe to the players. 

However, if you are near death, you will receive several messages that might confuse you on what to do next. So, if you wish to know what you can do after getting affairs in order in The Sims 4, reading this article will help you. 

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What is Getting Affairs in Orders in Sims 4?

At a specific stage of turning older in Sims 4, you will receive the invitation to get affairs in orders. The term itself is confiding which might leave you clueless about what it is addressing. However, getting affairs in orders in Sims 4 indicates that your Sim is near death and has only a few days of survival. 

But, this message can again put you in trouble on what you should do next. If your Sim has received the message, you should be ready to meet the Grim Reaper. However, within the remaining days, you do numerous stuff for your Sim, including: 

  • Decide About Their Assets

You can check your Sim's assets and decide what you can do with them. Additionally, you can transfer their valuable items from their Inventory to their Kids' Inventory if their offspring reside with them. Also, you can use their remaining points for cash

  • Throw a Party as a Final Goodbye

If your Sim loves to get along with other Sims, you can plan a special party for them. Gathering all the family members and friends will let your Sim feel special and spend some time with them. 

  • Let Them do Whatever They Want

You can let your Sim do whatever it wants during its remaining days. It is a great gift that you can give to them doing their favorite activities. Most probably, they will dance near the front of the fridge. 

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What Should Be Done After Getting the Death Message? 

Before deciding about the above plans, you must ensure the following points for great results in The Sims 4 journey. 

  • Complete the Current Aspiration

If your Sim has already got the death message, you must head towards completing the current aspiration. Doing so will help their families and kids with great profits. 

  • Help Reaching the Life Goals

Similarly, every Sim in The Sims 4 has certain life goals upon completion which they can collect fresh rewards. If your Sim has an incomplete life goal, you should try completing it before they leave the Sim world. 

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What to Do After Encountering a Grim Reaper in Sims 4? 

Interacting with the Grim Reaper is only possible when your Sim is near death. In Sims 4, the Grim Reaper is an NPC who will take your soul to the other realm. They collect the souls of the dead Sims and replace them with an urn. 

  • Talk about Different Topics: After the Reaper takes the Soul, you can interact with him. You can discuss politics, literature, life mysteries, and other interesting topics.
  • Ask for a Second Life: You can try pleading with the Reaper to bring your Sim back to life. There is a 33% chance that the Grim Reaper can give back your life. Additionally, if your Sim is confident, the chance will increase by 50%, while having the Confident trait will have a 40% succeeding chance. However, you can offer the Death Flower to the Grim Reaper to bring back your Sim's life.
  • Bring Reaper Back to Your Home: Interestingly, you can bring the Grim Reaper to your household and marry him. You can have children with the Reaper using mods and cheats. 
  • Flirt with the Soul Reaper: Upon meeting the Grim Reaper, you can flirt with him. However, he will not seem interested in flirting back with your Sim, but still, you can try. A religious and consistent flirting can bring success to your Sim. You can't build a stronger relationship as he will fade with smoke.
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When Old Sims Die? 

Your Sim can die after 90-100 days of them turning older. Usually, it takes around 48 hours after the meter is full with your Sim having a normal lifespan. However, the span can be increased by using mods. 

Additionally, if your Sim has been treated with standards, including a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, it will increase their span to 120-130 days.

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How to Live Longer in Sims 4? 

You can prevent your Sim from aging, by heading toward the Game Options, and turning the Auto Age option off. Importantly, the auto-aging feature is only available for the Played and Unplayed Sims. If you want to age up your Sim, you should bake the birthday cake. 

Additionally, you can use the Long-Lived Reward Trait to increase Sim's lifespan as an elder. The span will be extended by 25 days more using the trait. Importantly, the Long-Lived Reward Trait can only be gained after completing the Bodybuilder aspiration, allowing your Sim to remain alive until they become grandparents. 

Getting older comes with both perks and cons, so it is your choice to extend your Sim’s age more than usual. 

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What is the Span of the Elder Life Stage of Sims 4?

The life span of every age depends on their duration in The Sims 4. In the Short Lifespan, the elder stage will last 5 days, while the period extends to 14 days on a normal lifespan. 

Moreover, the Elder life stage will remain for 36 days on a long lifespan. With the required reward traits, like the Long-Lived Reward Trait, extending the usual lifespan of the elder stage is possible.

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Why do Sims Age While Not Playing? 

Sometimes, your Sim may continue to age even if they aren't playing. The most probable reason for this could be the activation of the auto-age option of the unplayed Sim. You can alter the Settings by following the below steps. 

Getting a Sim's affiar in order

  • Find and head towards the ‘Game Options.’
  • Next, visit the ‘Gameplay’ tab. 
  • You should locate and uncheck the ‘Auto Age (Unplayed Sims)’ option. 
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Age Editing Guide in Sims 4

If you want to edit your aging options in The Sims 4, here is the process you should follow carefully. 

Click on the ‘Gameplay’ category from the ‘Game Options’ menu. 

  • For your (Played) Sim, you will find three Auto-Age options, including: 
    • Yes
    • No
    • Only Active Household
  • For the unplayed Sims, you can untick the ‘Auto Age (Unplayed Sims)’ option. 
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How to FAQ

In Sims 4, getting affairs in orders addresses that your Sim is near death and soon the Grim Reaper will take Sim's soul. After you know your Sim will die, you can host a party for them and let them enjoy the remaining days.

You can let them feel special by throwing a party, deciding about their assets, etc. But, once you get the death message, you must complete Sim's current aspirations and help them finish their life goals

A Grim Reaper in The Sims 4 will take the Soul after death and will turn your Sim's body into an urn. You can flirt with, take back, and plead to the Grim Reaper after he takes the Soul

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