Why attend the guest lectures

Why Guest Lectures Matter for Your Sim's Future
Why attend the guest lectures
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 04 July, 2024

The Sims 4 has a massive fanbase, where players can be the Sims and live on their own terms. Moreover, this game allows players to enjoy every phase of life identical to our real life.

In this game, you can choose life goals and move ahead in the journey respectively. Additionally, The Sims 4 has an incredible feature where players can witness and enjoy the old-school learning days. 

However, if your Sim wants to join the Discovery University Guest Lectures, but doesn't know how to, this article is a must-read. The Discovery University brings back high-school memories, where getting high grades was the main priority for students for a better career ahead. 

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Why Attend Guest Lectures of The Sims 4? 

While enjoying the schooling days, the Discovery University pack allows Sims to attend Guest Lectures. These lectures will help your Sim to get high grades, ensuring a high success rate. 

If your Sim attends all the lectures religiously, it will help them to get their dream job after graduation. So, if you want to be successful with a good career and move forward to achieve academic success, attending guest lectures is a must. 

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How to Attend The Sims 4 Guest Lectures? 

Guest Lectures are a vital pillar of your University life that you can attend by following the steps below. 

  • Tap on the two classroom buildings of the Quad Area region. 
  • Click the 'Attend Lecture' option to participate in the guest lectures. 

If any lecture is available, you will get a pop-up to attend it. The option to participate in guest lectures will turn grey if no lecture is available.

However, before you attend guest lectures, you must know that these lectures are available from 5 PM to 7 PM only all day. 

The Quad Area has six buildings, including the Sports Arena, the Student Commons Building, Two Classroom Buildings, and Two Dorms. But, you must tap on the Classroom Buildings with the specified time slot to attend the lectures. 

If your Sim has a tight schedule, making them unable to attend lectures on weekdays, you can try on weekends and check if any lecture is available. Your Sim can still attend the lectures to complete the Academic Aspiration if they are on the Sports team. But your Sim might be late in the game due to lectures. 

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Are Guest Lectures Free in The Sims 4?

Attending guest lectures in The Sims 4 isn't free of cost, but you must pay a certain fee, like 40 Simoleons. Importantly, spending that amount is worthwhile as it will help you complete the Academic Aspiration quickly and ensure a good career. 

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How to Get Excellent Grades in The Sims 4?

A religious dedication to attending guest lectures in The Sims 4 can bring great results. But, there are many stuff that you must do along with attending guest lectures for excellent grades. 

Why attend guest lectures in sims 4

  • Attend Classes Timely: You should be on time to attend guest lectures or other classes as skipping them can reduce your grades. Additionally, ensure that the bar doesn't turn red because it will count as an absence. 
  • Finish Coursework and Presentations: Only attending classes will not make you eligible for A+ grades. To do so, you need to check your coursework regularly from the Sim's Inventory to track what has been completed and which are left. 

Keep your courseload simple and concise according to your load. It would be good if you take three classes, helping your Sim to manage your mood. In some cases, a few tasks require doing presentations. So, it is suggested to make good presentations by completing all the requirements for good grades.

  • Revise Courses Properly: After you have prepared the courses, you must revise them carefully or twice if the exams are knocking at the door. Your Sim should edit the presentations carefully to make them high quality. 
  • Attend Final Exams: The final hurdle of The Sims 4 education career is examinations. You must ensure that your Sim has studied religiously for the final examinations. If your aim is A+, you must study as much as possible, but to a reasonable extent. 
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What to do if You Want to Give Academic Lectures? 

Surprisingly, if your Sim has good academic grades and educational skills, they can be a tutor. Sims can educate others by clicking on the Classroom buildings. 

Educating other Sims on respective topics can bring you money you can invest accordingly per needs. The more you educate others, the more you will learn from them. 

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Why The Sim isn’t Going to Attend Classes? 

Getting excellent grades isn't possible until you attend classes and prepare for exams. Unfortunately, there are a few scenarios where your Sim refuses to attend class. However, not attending class messes with your schedule and interferes with your grades. 

If your Sim stands long outside the school premises, it indicates that it refuses to attend classes. You can fix it by resetting your Sim as it can be problematic. 

Additionally, editing the Sim in the CMS mode can help your Sim to attend the class lectures. You can let your Sim do some activities like cleaning that could fix the bug interfering with the Sim to attend the classes.

If your Sim is running late for the class, you can head toward your Sim's career tab and check whether the Go To Class option is available. 

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How to Drop From the University in The Sims 4? 

During any period of your University days, you might find it is not a suitable choice. Thus, in The Sims 4, you can drop a certain class or the University. 

If you want to drop from a class, you should follow the underlying steps. 

  • Click on your phone after your Sim is activated. 
  • Select the Work option addressed by the briefcase icon.
  • Finally, tap on the Withdraw from Term to withdraw a class. 

Finally, if you want to opt out of the college, you should transfer your Sim to a different household. Next, bring your device and select the 'College' and then 'Drop Out' options to terminate yourself from the University. 

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How to FAQ

Attending Guest Lectures in The Sims 4 is simple, and you can tap on the two classroom buildings of the Quad Area region. Next, click the 'Attend Lecture' option to participate in the guest lectures.

If your Sim continuously attends guest, it will help them to get their dream job. Completing guest lectures will ensure a good career and academic success for your Sim, benefitting you with a luxurious life ahead.

Yes, your Sim can provide guest lectures if they have a good academic background. Moreover, giving lectures to other Sims will help you generate more money you can spend anywhere for purchasing items.

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