Every Money Cheat You Need to Become a Millionaire

How to become a Millionaire in Sims 4
Every Money Cheat You Need to Become a Millionaire
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 15 June, 2024

The Sims is a unique game in that you can choose how you want to play and take it in any direction you'd like. You can create challenges for yourself, play the in-game included scenarios, or use cheats to manipulate your sims' lives.

Cheats have been a principal part of the Sims games since the start of the franchise in 2000. Some of these money cheats have been around since the beginning and are still part of the game. This article will go over all the money cheats currently in the game, and a few other cheats you can use for monetary gain.

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How to use cheats

sims 4 how to use cheats

Once the text bar shows up on the top of your screen you can type in your desired cheat followed by enter. You should see an immediate response from your cheat code so you will know you typed it in correctly.

Tip: If it is a gameplay cheat, if your game is paused you may have to click play for the effect to take place.

Once you are done with the cheats to make the cheat bar go away, you want to hold down Ctrl+Shift+C for windows or Command(⌘)+Shift+C for Mac.

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All money cheats

There are a lot of different types of money cheats included in the sims 4. Below is a list of all the current available money cheats.

KachingAdds $1000 to your household account
RosebudAdds $1000 to your household account.
MotherlodeAdds $50,000 to your household account.
Money XX is the amount of money you want to set your household income to. You can use this to also lower the amount of money your household has.*

*This cheat requires testingcheats to be enabled. To enable testing cheats you need to open your cheat bar and type in "Testingcheats on" followed by enter. Then you can use the Money X cheat.

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Endless money trees

Rather than using a direct money cheat, you can use cheats to obtain an endless supply of money. The Money Tree is included in the Sims 4 Seasons Expansion pack. You can obtain a money tree through the reward store for 5,000 satisfaction points. If you want to learn how you can grow endless money fruit and get the most from your money trees, I wrote this article that goes over everything you need to know about money trees.

Satisfaction points are earned through completing aspirations, completing scenarios (such as the Plant Sim Scenario), or having a successful holiday. You can also use the sims.give_satisfaction_points X with X being your desired amount of satisfaction points. You do need to have cheats enabled to use this cheat, before you type in this cheat you need to type in "testingcheats on" first.

You can use your satisfaction points to get as many money trees as you desire and never have to worry about earning money again. When you cash in your money tree reward, you will receive a money fruit seed and can plant as many as your sim can purchase. Money trees do require some patience and some gardening on your sim's part to reap all the rewards. If you are new to the sims I wrote this article to go over all aspects of the gardening skill, from planting seeds to grafting and creating new plants.

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Money rewards

While money trees are a great way to earn tons of money, they do require a bit of patience and some gardening skills to maintain. You can use the same satisfaction points cheat and use them to gain other rewards that will keep you from having to pay for service, reduce your living expenses, or help you earn more from your sim's side hustle or job.

Free ServicesYour sim will no longer have to pay for any services. You can get a gardener, nanny, maid, and more for no cost to your sim.1,500
MarketableAnything your sim makes and sells will now go for more.1,500
EntrepreneurialYour sim is more likely to get promoted and earn raises.2,000
FrugalYour sim's household bills will be reduced.2,000
SlackerYour sim no longer needs to worry about performing on the job. They can no longer get demoted or fired.4,000

You can use some of these rewards on top of each other to get the most passive income a sim can achieve. For instance, if you want to reap the rewards of your money trees without having the pain of gardening, redeem the Free Services and hire a scheduled gardener and they will come out almost every day and take care of your money trees for you.

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Get free real estate and live without bills

If you want your sims to enjoy living worry free there are a few cheats you can use to get rid of the cost of living entirely in the game.

First, you can make all the houses in your world free by typing in FreeRealEstate On into the cheat bar. This will allow you to live on any lot you choose without needing to worry about purchasing it. If you decide later on that you want to turn this cheat off you will need to type in FreeRealEstate Off into the cheat bar. This will set the neighborhood lots back to their original price.

Second, if you don't want to worry about weekly bills you can eliminate these by typing in household.autopay_bills true into the cheat bar. If you decide later on you want to play with the challenge of having to upkeep your household by paying their bills you can type in household.autopay_bills false.

You can also reduce your household bills by taking advantage of neighborhood action plans, this article goes over which neighborhood action plans have an impact on your household's weekly bills. I also wrote this article that explains in detail how bills and utilities work in the game and help you pinpoint how your water and power usage is affecting your household bills.

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