Guide to Sims' Weight Gain and Weight Loss

Know all about weight gain ins Sims 4 and how you can get slimmer
Guide to Sims' Weight Gain and Weight Loss
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 14 June, 2024

When playing Sims, you may notice over time your sim will gain or lose weight depending on what activities you have them do. Yes, your sims will gain weight it you allow them to neglect exercising and watching what they eat. After a variety of in game experiments I found out exactly what leads to weight gain and weight loss.

This article will go over how to change your sim's weight and go over some examples of how a variety of elements, including eating, exercise, and the wellness skill, that can affect your sim's weight during game play.

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Toggle Sims' weight in create a sim

When you first create your sim you have two bars that show up on the left of your sim. One will change how much muscle max your sim has and another will change how much body fat your sim has.

You get to use these toggle bars when you first create your sim, however, if you go to modify your sim in create a sim after you have started playing the game these bars won't be an option any more. You can use the cas.fulleditmode cheat to make these toggle bars show up during game play.

To use this cheat you need to open the cheat bar by holding down ctrl+shift+c on a windows computer or ctrl+shift+⌘ on a mac. A small bar will come up in the top left of the screen and you can type in cas.fulleditmode and then click enter. Now when you go to modify your sim in create a sim you will have full range to edit their body fat and muscle max as well as change their traits.

If you enjoy creating detailed sims you might find that you are limited due to your laptop not handling custom content well, you can use our system recommendation guide to help you find the best laptop to handle all your custom content to help create unique sims.

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Do Sims gain weight during game play?

Sims can gain weight during game play similar to gaining weight in the real world. If your sim lives a more sedentary lifestyle they will slowly gain weight. Depending on what type of food your sim eats they may gain a significant amount of weight in a short period.

The type of food your sim eats has a bigger impact on their weight gain than how frequently they eat. If you make your sim eat dessert or quick meals you will see a significant weight gain in as little as a week.

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How long does it take for a sim to gain weight?

Your sim will gain weight after a few days, and will gain a significant amount after a full week, 7 sim days, however sim's weight gain is not very visible until about 11 days of failing to work out. How much weight they gain depends on a variety of factors, the main factors include what your sim eats and how often they exercise. If your sim has a sedentary lifestyle and does not eat often or eats just salads they may gain weight slower than a sim who has a sedentary lifestyle but eats less healthy foods more often.

I did a few experiments with my sims to see how long it takes for each sim to gain weight. I created a sim and changed what she ate on a regular basis. I put her at the extreme end of the spectrum by having both the fat and muscle sliders all the way down. I entered the cheat cas.fulleditmode so I can go back occasionally and see the weight gain as it progressed.

How does the type of food my sim eats affect her weight gain?

So the first simulation I focused on what type of foods she ate and how that effected her weight gain. I did not allow the sim to do any kind of workouts, I selected a few traits to help keep the movement to a minimum. I used the lazy trait so she won't want to go and work out and I used the loner trait so she also would not want to go out and socialize as much either.

As far as her day to day activities go, I make her write books, play computer games, socialize through chat rooms, and do computer programming all sitting down and any other fun activities are only with a chess board and watching TV.

I only allowed her to eat when she was hungry. The area where the two simulations will differ is what food they consume. This first one she will eat only salad. I will check in with her weight gain after one full sim week.

She tended to only get hungry two times a day, so she ate 2 garden salads each day, and didn't leave the house. If she got lonely I had her socialize on the computer using a chatroom so she wouldn't use energy walking.

After one week I checked in and saw that she did gain a small amount of weight after one full sim week. You can see the fat slider went up slightly and the muscle one stayed the same.

Sims 4 weight food costume

For the second simulation I started her at the same point with both sliders all the way down. This time however I made her eat only cake when she gets hungry.

One surprising element that I wasn't expecting with this simulation was how often she had to eat, where two salads a day was enough to keep her full, she would get hungry pretty often with the cake. She had to have about 3 slices a day. I would always try and wait until the hunger moodlet would be present, and her hungry was in the red or about to be in the red.

After one week there was significant weight gain compared to only eating salads. However, I felt that the visual differences were not that great. I put the before and after images next to each other so you can look to see the slight difference in body image.

Sims 4 costume girl

I was a bit disappointed with the visual size difference after my sim gained enough weight to be almost half way up the fat toggle bar. So I wondered if there was a certain point where you would notice a significant difference, so I continued my experiment a couple more sim days. On the morning of the 11th day of the experiment I felt like I could finally see a difference in the body image of my sim.

Sims 4 weight girl costume
After 11 days of only eating cake and not working out my sim visually looks like she gained weight.

My final take away from this simulation is that the type of food your sim eats does make a significant impact on how much weight your sim will gain.

How does the amount of food my sim eats impact her weight gain?

Now that I know that the type of food makes a difference, I want to focus on how much food makes a difference in her weight gain. For this simulation I will continue the sedentary lifestyle, and I will have her only eat garden salad.

The factor I am going to change is how frequently she eats, I know based on the previous experiment that it takes two garden salads to keep my sim full. I am going to go one week making my sim eat three salads a day, a 50% increase in consumption, and another week making my sim eat four salads a day, a 100% increase in consumption.

I set her back to the extreme end of the spectrum once more, by moving the fat toggle bar to the very bottom. The first week I introduced a garden salad to her mid day to get her up to three garden salads daily.

Increasing my sim's consumption by 50% really did not make much difference over a week. There was slightly more weight gain with eat 3 salads over 2 salads a day. You can see that the toggle bar is slightly higher than when my sim was only eating 2 salads a day.

Sims 4 weight
Weight gain after a week eating 2 salads a day.
Sims 4 wieght
Weight gain after a week eating 3 salads a day.

Now I moved onto my sim increasing her consumption by 100% so she is now eating 4 salads a day rather than only 2 salads a day. After a week of eating 4 salads a day, the amount of weight gain compared to 2 or 3 salads a day was not too significant.

Weight gain after eating 2 salads a day.
Weight gain after eating 4 salads a day.

Overall, it seems that the type of food you eat makes a much bigger difference in your sim's weight gain rather than how often the sim eats.

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How does a sim lose weight?

Sims can lose weight by doing a variety of work outs. Without working out your sim won't lose any weight by just eating healthy food, with the exception of the "Taste of Diet" ice cream that comes with the Cool Kitchen Stuff pack.

The main types of workouts you can choose from includes jogging either outside or on a treadmill, punching a punching bag, lifting weights, and doing yoga (Spa Day pack needed).

Can your sim lose weight by eating healthy food and not working out?

Before incorporating workouts I wanted to see if just eating salads only when hungry for a week would make my sim lose weight. I made her live the same lifestyle as in the weight gaining experiments above, no exercising or leaving the house, she does all her daily activities sitting at the computer or on a couch.

I did one full sim week of no exercising and only eating two garden salads a day. I choose the garden salad because the recipe comes with the base game and should be considered a healthy food. After one week of only eating salads and avoiding any sort of physical activity my sim did not lose any weight.

With Sims 4 Snowy Escape installed you can have the option to make healthy meals. Snowy escape comes with lifestyles which you gain through your sim doing various activities in their day to day life.

Since my sim was only eating salads she gained the "Health Food Nut" lifestyle. Once this was active when clicking on the fridge the option to cook healthy meals comes up. After one week of eating only meals that the game specifically labeled as healthy meals she still did not lose any weight.

You can make Taste of Diet ice cream with the ice cream maker that comes with the Cool Kitchen Stuff pack. This taste of diet ice cream will instantly make your sim lose some weight. After 5 servings of Taste of Diet ice cream will make your sim go from maximum body fat to minimum body fat.

Can your sim lose weight by not eating?

No, sims will not lose weight by not eating for a day or even two days. I did an experiment with my sim to see if she would lose weight I did not allow her to eat for a day.

I used the create a sim mode and put the fat toggle bar all the way to the top, maxing out the weight gain a sim can have. I then waiting one day, a 24 hour period, to see if there would be any weight loss. I controlled her environment by not allowing her to do any kind of workouts so it would be based just on her not eating.

After one full day period there was not much weight loss, I decided to take it to the next level and not allow her to eat for a 2 day period. Still after two days of not eating there was no weight loss. If I went another 24 hour period, a total of 3 days, my sim would have starved to death.

How long does it take for your sim to lose weight when jogging once a day?

Adding in exercise into your sim's routine will make them lose weight. Jogging once a day will make your sim lose weight but very slowly. Jogging will not make your sim gain any muscle.

I made my sim have maximum body fat, and only allowed her to jog one time on a treadmill each day for one week. Since I found out garden salads do not alter my sim's weight that is all she ate and she ate only when she was hungry. I avoided letting her do any other type of exercise.

Sims 4 weight jogging

After one week my sim did lose some weight but not a significant amount.

How does pushing the limits affect your sim's weight loss?

Once your sim finishes one workout you have the option to have them "push the limits." This option speeds up the weight loss process. After two days of jogging and then pushing the limits my sim lost the same amount of weight that she lost after one full week of jogging only once a week.

I put my sim back to the maximum body fat, and each day I made her jog on the treadmill and then push the limits for one week. I had her eat the garden salads and didn't allow her to do any other type of exercise throughout each day.

After one week of jogging and pushing the limits each day, she lost all her body fat.

Does lifting weights make your sim lose body fat?

Lifting weights will make your sim gain muscle, so you will see the muscle toggle bar go up as your sim does more weight lifting. However, lifting weights won't make your sim lose any body fat.

I did a similar experiment as with the jogging, but I used a weight lifting machine and only made her lift weights once a day. I put her body fat back up to the maximum level before starting my one week of lifting weights.

She didn't lose any body fat but lifting weights once a day moved the muscle max toggle bar about half way up.

Does yoga make your sim lose weight?

Yoga will make your sim lose weight and gain muscle mass. If you have the Sims 4 Spa Day game pack your sims can now gain the wellness skill. This is not the same as the fitness skill. The easiest way to grow the wellness skill through yoga, meditation, and messages. If you want to learn more about the wellness skill, I wrote this article that goes over everything including how you can use the wellness skill to earn money and teleport.

Yoga is surprisingly a very effective way for your sim to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time! I did the same routine as with the exercises above. I had her do yoga once a day until she stopped, she only ate two garden salads a day, and didn't do any other exercise for one week.

My sim lost over half of her body after one week of doing yoga only once a day, and got close to maxing out the muscle max toggle bar.

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How to get weight gain and weight loss potions in Sims 4?

The Sims 4 has a couple of different types of potions and serums you can get that tamper with your Sim's weight. The ones included with the base game are the "Insta-Large" and "Insta-Lean" potions you can get through the aspiration rewards store and each cost 750 aspiration points. The insta-large will make your sim gain weight and the insta-lean will make your sim lose weight.

The second type of potion you can get is included with the Sims 4 Get to Work expansion pack. If you choose to do the Scientist profession included with Sims 4 Get to Work, you can make either the "Slimify" or the "Embiggen" serums. The Slimify serum will make your sim lose weight and the Embiggen serum will make your sim gain weight.

If you want to know more about creating serums you can learn more about them in my article covering scientific breakthroughs and all the types of serums your sim can access.

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