How Reputations Work

Learn about how reputation works in Sims 4 game
How Reputations Work
Authored by : JessicaSprater
Last updated on 30 June, 2024

Sims 4 Get Famous allows you to experience the world of being a celebrity both the good and the bad. You can use your fame to build a Pristine reputation or earn an "Atrocious" reputation, either way you go you can unlock exclusive perks and earn new opportunities.

Reputations are affected based on how your sim interacts in the world and how they or seen in public. Fame can help your sim build or lose reputation faster, so if you do decide to become famous you will want to make sure your sim behaves accordingly in public or everything they worked for can quickly come crumbling down.

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Sims 4 Get Famous

The Sims 4 Get Famous introduced new careers and the fame system including reputations. You can also explore new careers and become a musician or actor, and strive to become a Global Superstar. You can use your fame to get into exclusive VIP sections of nightclubs and bars and to trade in your fame points for exclusive perks.

sims 4 learn to be famous

As your sim becomes more famous you will start to earn "Fame Points" and turn them in for Fame Perks there are some fame perks that are exclusive to those with a good reputation and some exclusive with a bad reputation. If you want access to these exclusive perks you will need to work on building your reputation alongside your pursuit to fame. These perks can escalate how quickly you build your reputation either good or bad, help influence those around you, and even get you quite a bit of free stuff.

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How reputations work

When your sims go interact with the world they have a chance to build a reputation based on others watching your sim interact with others. To build either a positive or negative reputation your sim must be seen doing certain interactions, whether good or bad, out in public.

As your sim starts to get known around town, their reputation will precede them and they will be presented with new benefits and opportunities. If you are having trouble developing a reputation, you may want to consider building up your sim's current fame status. While you do not necessarily have to be famous to build a reputation, the more famous your sim is the faster their reputation will change.

Building fame can be done in a number of ways, a quick way is to join the acting career and nailing new gigs. If you are having a hard time advancing in the acting career, I wrote this article to help you figure out how to nail auditions and become the next big actor/actress.

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Effect of having a good reputation

There are a lot of benefits to have a good reputation. As your reputation grows your sim will start to receiving more benefits. Sims with a good reputation will start off new relationships with a boost allowing you to form friendly relationships faster.

Once you reach a "Great" reputation your sim will start to be invited to Charity Benefit parties. Any party you throw will receive an automatic boost. You may also be offered new job opportunities that allow you to start at a higher level. You will get set up on blind dates and the you have less of a chance of being shot down when performing romantic interactions.

If you sim achieves the highest level and receives a "Pristine" reputation you can start to throw your own Charity Benefit Parties. These parties give you access to new rewards that you can collect. You also don't have to worry about your friendships decaying as quickly, because all your friendships will last longer.

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Effect of having bad reputation

Having a bad reputation unlocks its own benefits that can help you befriend certain kind of sims. As your reputation gets worse, you will start to naturally align with others who have a bad reputation and are social outcasts.

Once you receive the "Awful" reputation, your sim will receive new opportunities from time to time. You can expect invitations to attend a Lampoon Party, or job offers to join the Criminal Career at a high level. You may also get the chance to be introduced to friends or potential significant others who have received a bad reputation and are social outcasts.

Once you max out the bad reputation and get the "Atrocious" reputation you can now host your own lampoon parties and choose the guest of honor that gets roasted. You won't have an easy time making new friends because the world will react negatively to you as you go about. However, you can also bribe others to be your friend. You also can use bribes to climb the latter in any career field.

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Reputation cheats

If you want all the benefits of either a good or bad reputation without the time and energy of building it through gameplay, you can cheat to instantly get the reputation you want.

To use Cheats in the Sims 4 hold down Ctrl+Shift+C for windows or Command (⌘)+Shift+C for Mac at the same time and a small bar will appear at the top left hand corner of the screen where you can type. Once you unlock the cheat bar you will want to type in "TestingCheats True" and then click enter. You should see "Cheats are enabled" appear below the cheat bar.

Sims 4 reputation cheats

Once cheats are enabled you want to hold down shift and click on your sim. You should see an entirely new menu appear. You want to click on "Pack Cheats..." then "Expansion Packs..." then "EP06 Get Famous" then "Public Image..." and finally "Set Reputation." You will have the ability to choose from all seven reputation levels available the game. Your sim will instantly receive whatever reputation you choose.


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