Health benifits of drinking structured water

Water is the gift of life, learn about this precious gift.
Health benifits of drinking structured water
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Last updated on 19 March, 2024

Do you know everything about water, let us try to understand all we know about this precious god given gift.

We often forget the precious life and natural way of living it. We add a flavor of commercialization to it and see the results in different perspective altogether.

Do we really need to pay for water which is being naturally given to us? Let us see some aspects of it here. 

Remember those old days, few decades ago before industrial age started, water used to come from rain than flow through the mountains, soil, herbs etc and in process it used to collect all the minerals, medicinal value of plants where there is no pollution. While flowing through rivers before going to sea, it becomes structured water. Is it possible to still get the same water at-least to some extent?

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Advantages of drinking water in copper water bottle

Does the structured water really help?

Structured water used to get naturally, when we collect from rivers in those old days. It is said it is easily absorbable by human body and has potential health benefits. There is lot research happening on this recently.

Yes it is good to have structured water, but how can I get it in this busy schedule and urban concrete jungle?

Woman drinking water in copper bottle

Answer may be simple, to drink water in copper water bottle or a non-plastic container which has a strip of copper in that container.

Why only Copper why not steel or any other metal, Copper has an electron that easily moves between two places in its structure. This helps water to become structured water. 

You may agree to drink water in the copper bottle, one problem is it is hard to clean copper. The easiest way is to get a copper plate or strip and keep it in your tank, jug etc. Ideally you may need to keep this for 4 to 8 hours. Cleaning becomes easy as you can easily remove the strip clean it and keep it back. Vinegar, tamarind, lemon or salt is usually used to clean the copper water bottle easily. Please do not use any detergent to clean.

Do you know you have other advantages of using this way?

It is not only about structured water, copper can kill harmful bacteria and microorganisms, is anti oxidant, helps in digestion, improve  skin health and can boost your immune system. Copper is one essential element that is needed for production of hemoglobin. 

What it costs, nothing few bucks(one time buy) and 5 mins of cleaning daily.

Worth trying is it not? Drink water with a calm mind and you will notice how soft it feels. It goes down smoothly and brings a sense of joy, if you are open to experiencing it.

There is also some research happening which shows that it may remove nano plastic materials from water.

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How to drink water when you are thirsty?

Is there a way to also drink water :-)?

How much water is present in human body(percentage)?

Almost around 70% of your body is water. You need water in your body to function properly. Some places like your mouth or throat may contain around 80% of water. This may be the reason your tongue becomes thirsty or dried up when you are thirsty. 

You need to listen to your body, to understand it better.

Ever at those thirsty times, recollect how you have taken the water. Seriously, you find water after those hot summer days you gulp the water as fast as you can. Than immediately your urge to drink more water returns back.

Especially when you are thirsty or shortage of water. Keep mouthful of water, than sip slowly little bites of the water. This gives relief and also would help you to come out of thirst quickly.

Also try to take water at room temperature. Cold or hot water does not help you much, your body needs to do extra work to get it back to your body temperature.

Why not soft or cool drinks when thirsty?

I doubt if they are really soft drinks or it is a mere marketing gimmick.

The sugar or artificial sweeteners gives nice feel to your brain. When you take sugar, it stimulates release of Dopamine in your body, this makes us feel good. But those drinks does not really help in overcoming your thirst.




You can add up little of Cumin seeds to your water or keep a extract of it by boiling and cooling it. It is really good especially when you sweat a lot or dehydrated. Adding up lemon and salt can help you to get back those electrolytes back. Especially true after those hard work outs, running, cycling etc.

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How to collect and store water?

rain water harvesting

Is there a way to collect and store water from nature directly?

Yes, few simple hacks can help you with one time setup and with zero cost. Easy answer is harvest rain water. Rain water is pure form of water in the due process of nature. Nature does know we cannot drink sea water, it gives back the water from Sea in a drinkable form we can consume.

Most of the times it is true unless until you live in those polluted areas. Harvest the water from those roofs or open areas and collect in tanks or underground. Trick is not expose water to sun light it remains clean and healthy to consume water. 

If you can harvest the water, that should be enough for you to drink water through out the year.

This also stands true for all the farms, ideally you should keep 10% of your land for water. Water is key resources for the plants and storing the water would really help you to get the yields on those hard days where water is not there. The terrain or the landscape would completely change once you start storing water in your farmland.

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What is trapped water?

Ever listened about the trapped water?

Do you remember anytime you have thrown those juice bottles, plastic bottles with water or cap in the wild?

Earth has about 75% of water but only around 2.5% of about is drinking water and 1% of it is easily accessible. When you throw the bottle with cap, essentially the water gets trapped in those plastic bottles. Trapped water do not go into its life cycle of evaporating, pouring as rain and than going to ocean at end. 

It is being said that around 22 million gallons of water is being trapped in plastic bottles in US alone.

Lesson to be learnt, never throw any bottle with cap. It can be a cool drink, syrups, water bottle or anything. Never throw a bottle with cap. Here is great article by one lady

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How many liters of water should I drink a day?

Most of the dieticians or doctors suggest with how much water you drink, it is because you often forget to drink water that is needed for your body in busy schedule.

How much liters of water should you drink a day, it depends on person to person. A person exercising may drink more water than person working in an Air Conditioned room. Your body should tell you in many cases. But it is always good to keep the water bottle beside you so that you can drink whenever you need it.

You know when you get hungry, when to sleep, when you need to go to restroom etc right, simple drink when you feel thirsty. Your body will let you know when thirsty. There should be no difference for woman, men, child, you are pregnant, exercising, breast feeding etc specifically it is the thirst which your body tells and you have to listen to your body

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What type water should I drink?

There are number of commercial water available and getting with names like mineral, alkaline, spring, distilled water etc. They are branded and cost few bucks to 10's of bucks. 

Really needed, remember few decades back there is nothing like this and people used to be healthy. Drink clean and hygiene water. 

You would never drink or buy processed water if you really know how the final water(with all those concentrated elements, salts and dangerous concentrated metals) is disposed.

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How do or I can purify water?

Sometimes we over kill the process with all those marketing done on purification of water. Remember too much purification of water like reverse osmosis, UV treatment etc would not only remove the bad from your water also good from your body. Here is nice conversation in Quora

Do not overkill, I know my friend who collects the rain water and purifies it layers of carbon, lime etc. They are drinking this from years without any issues.

If you are not sure, you can just send the sample of the water for quick check and use normal carbon water filter. Carbon filters are easy to maintain, cost effective. 

Remember you can never drink the pure water, it is acidic. That is the reason companies evaporation process get pure water than add minerals etc to it, this is what called as mineral water.

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How to purify water in the wild?

Water filtering in wild with gravel sand and charcoal

It is always good to take water from home, use the below if you do not have any other option.

The rain water may be the good source if available, to collect and drink it safely.

You do not need expensive purification process to buy from eCommerce store. You just need gravel, sand, crushed charcoal, a piece of cotton.

Get the water in the wild. Keep it undisturbed in bowl so if there is any soft dust just settles down.

Collect the upper water

Keep layers like below:

  1. Cotton should be the first layer starting below. It just finally removes any small particles from water. Ensure clean cotton
  2. Next should be the crushed charcoal. Charcoal is known for removing wide range of contaminants including chlorine, heavy metals, organic compounds and bacteria.
  3. Next layer should be sand, which again removes any micro dust present in the water
  4. The top layer should be gravel, which is used to remove any major to minor dust particles from water.

Do not try to drink this water directly, you may need to boil it, cool it down and drink. Just to be sure there is no harmful bacteria present.

You can have this setup in any bottle. Try to avoid plastic, you have affordable easy non plastic alternatives for example bamboo water bottle. If you can get Bamboo and have little patience you can create the bottle yourself.

Overall it is an attempt to let you know the details of the natural god gifted water. Try to see if you can pick up these simple hacks to stay healthy and energetic. 

Let us know what is your experience with the water issues in your day to day in the comments section below.

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Ensure you are drinking the structured water. Do not over purify the water and remove the nutrients or minerals(RO filters does that) from them. Avoid plastic bottles, drink the water stored in copper or any other alternative. New research shows that there would be around 240k nano plastic particles in each water bottle. Do not trap water in those water bottles with Cap.

Here are some citations which research has done.

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How to FAQ

Structured water is easily absorable by human body and water in copper bottle can help to improve digestion, remove harmful bacteria, remove those nano plastic materials and also help in immunity of the system.

Do you ever thrown a bottle keeping the cap? Never ever throw a bottle with a cap, either it is syrups, cool drinks, juices or water. In US alone it is being said 22 million liters of water is trapped in plastic bottles.

Listen to your body, you always know when you are hungry, when to go to restroom, when to sleep. Drink when you are thirsty. Perhaps the doctors prescribe because you often forget drinking water in your busy schedule.

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