Gut health - preboitic and probiotic bacteria

Do you know you can fight or avoid any type of disease maintaining your gut health?
Gut health - preboitic and probiotic bacteria
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Last updated on 19 March, 2024

Do you know your body is around 99% bacteria and 1% human? 

Let us learn about keeping our self healthy naturally. See what is good and bad bacteria, how can we sustain long life living and healthy life together with probiotic and prebiotic bacteria

Let us learn why gut health so important.

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How much bacteria is in the human body?

Do you know you have 39 trillion bacteria that resides in your body. This would be your bad and good bacteria. Most of the bacteria lives in your Gut. Without this good bacteria in your body you will not be able to get those essential minerals, vitamins, healing power and other supplements needed for your body.

How many good bacteria in human body?

There is always good and bad in the nature. We will not go deep into medical science but understand about the good bacteria.

Do you know without good bacteria you may not get all those supplements to your body.

Myths of tablets you are taking?

Say you are taking the Vitamin D tablets(do we need really supplements?) or natural foods, do you think your body would absorb all that Vitamin D?

Answer is no, without those good bacteria in gut processing it through your liver and kidneys can absorb it to your body.

This is essential mostly true for all Vitamins and essential supplements you need for your body for example calcium cannot be absorbed by your body without the Vitamin D3.

Here is quote from the NCBI

Dietary or supplemental vitamin D is absorbed through the small intestine (especially through the duodenum) as a fat-soluble vitamin. 

It is simple if there is a good bacteria than it would do the wonders on your body. This good bacteria is called as probiotic or prebiotic bacteria. There would trillions of them in your body and most of them would be present in your gut.

That is the reason these days Gut Health is so important for any one. 

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What is Probiotic and Prebiotic bacteria?

Probiotic food does contain good bacteria would improve or maintain your health. This bacteria mostly resides in your gut. 

Why gut, it is the place all the food you eat actually goes. These good bacteria than convert(or rather feed :-)) and pass on the good supplements to your body organs than can consumed by your body organs. Amazing right we are all interlinked to nature.

Prebiotic food is essentially those natural live food(not processed) like leaf vegetables, grains, oats etc. They are basically the food with high fiber content. This is the food which good bacteria loves to eat and produce those health benefits to you.

The best pet you can keep is your probiotic bacteria and best way to cuddle is give it good live natural food.

You need to see the video from Dr. Pal who says "if you are tearing a packet food, your tearing your gut."




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What are the potential health benefits of Probiotics?

Your body always have good and bad bacteria. Keeping this Probiotics bacteria in your body, would help to fight against those bad bacteria, fungi etc. That is the reason there is lot of Probiotic supplements coming up 

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What can kill these Probiotic bacteria?

Medicines: Yes those antibiotics does kill all good and bad bacteria in your body and can cause unbalance in your body. You should not take those medications too often or unnecessarily. For example you have cold, you can wait for a week to get your body immune to it rather taking a antibiotic.

Processed food: In a way around it would increase the 

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Is there any other way to get Probiotic bacteria naturally?

Any packaged food say no.


They increase the bad bacteria in your body and in turn send signals to your brain creating more carvings. Most or all of those packaged or processed foods contains added sugars, which is the reason for those carvings. The more food you eat the more problems you have.

More sugars, your liver would start keeping those sugars as triglycerides(so that any cell can you use it as blood flows throughout the body but more nobody needs it) in your body, than it keep in belly(as it is nearer to liver, so that it can take energy from it when needed) and more deposits deposited all over body. More and more it just says I cannot handle and that's where damage starts. 

Here the Dr. Pradeep Jamnadas says you can cure any disease with this prebiotic/probiotic food and fasting. You need to listed to this seven minute video to understand your body.




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What is fermented food?

Your yogurt is a fermented food. The live food, when you keep it for few hours the bacteria process the food in case of curd it converts to yogurt. Your pickles are fermented foods.

Learn from this beautiful girl the process of different fermented foods.



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Know about your body and why is gut health so important?

Ever know how do you get all those minerals, vitamins, nutrients etc, it is this bacteria which converts them into the form which your body needs. With this bacteria you cannot get essential elements that are needed for your body.

It is thus said when your gut is healthy with all those bacteria living in your gut, you would be health.

Than what is the problem, I got bacteria living in my gut than why I am not healthy or have obesity or other illnesses?

This good Bacteria needs the food which you eat. That is the food you eat keep them healthy and remain in your gut.

That is where comes the question what type food you are eating

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Probiotic vs Prebiotic which one is better

Probiotic is the good bacteria itself while Prebiotic is the food for these bacteria.

Really am I taking those bacteria when I am taking this food or capsules? Yes it is true?

Bacteria cannot live without food right, the fiber rich food are usually the best food for these. When they feed on these foods they in turn give us the essential supplements like vitamins etc.

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History of probiotic and prebiotic foods

Are you thinking is this the new invention in the recent centuries?

No this is how our ancestors have lived with these foods and continued their healthy life without the need of hospitals and pain of those critical illnesses

Do not believe, see below some of the Pro and Prebiotic foods across the world which are part of tradition from long time

United StatesYogurt
KoreaKimchi, Miso
JapanMiso, Natto
ChinaMiso, Douchi
IndiaIdli, Dosa
IndonesiaTempeh, Oncom
PhilippinesBagoong, Patis
ThailandNam pla, Nata de coco
VietnamNuoc mam, Thua chua
MexicoPulque, Tepache
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Fermented food and its secrets

World of Probiotic bacteria and its relation with fermented food.

You may have heard of probiotic capsules. They are the capsules with these bacteria in those capsules. 

A girl staying healthy with prebiotic and probiotic food

Here is the extra tip - In practice there are only three ways you can get unhealthy - mouth(good food you eat), nose(good air you breath), excretion organs. Nothing can enter your body if you keep them healthy than you are going to have good healthy life.

Conclusion: In simple words to stay healthy both yourself and your family eat the food that comes directly from nature not processed or food coming from genetically modified animals or plants. Make it compulsory to have atleast one prebiotic food if nothing else atleast curd. Eat what your body wants, this would make your family and you healthy.

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How to FAQ

In simple terms Microbiome is the collection of all the microbes(bacteria). Your gut would have trillions of bacteria that mostly live in your gut. Maintaining the gut microbiome(healthy or unhealthy) is key for your health or illness.

There is a lining in your stomach or gut to prevent unnecessary bacteria into your body. Your stomach is acidic, ever wondered how this acids do not hurt your gut or stomach. These lining when damaged you would have all the issues. How do you heal, simple eat healthy foods, avoid food(processed or sugary foods, refined oils and alcohol) that damages this lining

The natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and fermented foods are the best for your gut. Your gut would love the food that directly comes from the nature(No pesticides, Non GMO, Non hybrid etc) and should be best for your gut

Do you know you have a connection between your gut and brain. Without going to medical terminology, If your gut is healthy(for example foods like probiotic and prebiotic) that would have all good signals to brain to keep you healthy by producing the and bad food would have negative impact (carvings for sugar, alcohol etc). If you deep dive than this link is for you -

Eat high fiber diet which helps you to improve digestion. Unlike processed sugary foods, fiber does digest slowly and your gut loves them so as the good guys in your gut. Eat more cereals, fruits, lentils and vegetables

There are lot of good and bad bacteria in your gut, and some of them are more beneficial than others. Some good gut bacteria include variants of Lactobacillus(food like Yogurt, kefir), Bifidobacterium(curd), and Saccharomyces boulardii(Kombucha).

Simple, A gut diet is a type of diet that is designed to promote a healthy gut microbiome. There are a number of different gut diets available, but they all share some common principles, such as eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In short the food that is naturally grown without pesticides or genetically modified

Any Fibre rich, prebiotic and probiotic foods, which your gut likes the most. Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that feed the good bacteria in your gut, which in turn helps your body to get all eseential vitamins, minerals etc. Probiotics are good bacteria foods that are beneficial for your health. Some gut-friendly foods include yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and miso.

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