Best LGBTQ+ mods

Do you know these LGBTQA+ mods exist in sims 4?
Best LGBTQ+ mods
Authored by : Rohitsharma
Last updated on 07 July, 2024

The Sims 4 has a lot of customization options, including numerous career and hobby options, that make the gameplay more interesting. Overall, The Sims 4's creator aims to fit in the gameplay for every player. 

For equality and diversity, The Sims 4 has many features for the LGBTQIA+ community. The game steps forward to celebrate and represent the community even in the virtual world. 

Thus, if you wish your Sim to experience or join the community, you can come out there easily. Besides, this blog mentions a comprehensive list of the best LGBTQIA+ mods you can use for your Simmer. 

Best The Sims 4 LGBTQIA+ Mods

1. Coming Out Mod

Specialty: Helps to Come Out As A Gay/ Bi/ Transgender. 

NateTheL0serVisit Here!

Our list starts with the Coming Out Mod, which allows Simmers to come out of their shell and open up about their sexuality. The main purpose of this mod is to Come Out to the family and friends, helping players with interactions like Come Out As Gay, Come Out As Bi, and Come Out As Trans. 

Moreover, the moments will be captured by the coming out Sim and the reactors. Sim can also share the Coming Out news through the story, while others can react and accept Sim’s real sexual identity. 

2. True Colors 

Specialty: Provides Flagpoles for Pride Flags

 itsonlytheeVisit Here!

If you want to celebrate pride in The Sims 4 and not find flagpoles, this mod is a must-try. Unfortunately, the flagpoles are unavailable in the base game, but this mod will provide a simple flagpole that you can use to attach the flags. 

This mod isn't much fancy stuff, but it adds a great touch that will help you to represent your love with pride. Interestingly, you can make custom colors and add flags that aren't available in the downloaded file. 

The creator, itsonlythee, formulated this mod for Simmers who don't like to see the flag lying on the road. 

3. Pride Mini Mod

Specialty: Deeper LGBTQIA+ Experiences and Features. 

SeSeSimmiVisit Here!

Pride Mini Mod is an incredible creation where you can dive deeper into LGBTQIA+ experiences and features. Additionally, this mod features 4 traits that can be equipped during the CAS mode or through gameplay. 

Along with discussing sexuality, Simmers can pursue the LGBTQIA+  coach career. Being a coach, Sims can guide and support others in the LGBTQIA+ community. Interestingly, the mod has two traditions, Bar-Hoppin, and LGBTQIA+ Pride, that Sims can celebrate and honor their identities.

4. LGBT Mod

Specialty: Provides Immersed Experience of the LGBTQIA+ Gameplay. 

PimpMySims4Visit Here!

Adding more possibilities to the LGBTQIA+ gameplay in The Sims 4, this mod will provide many more options to experience and choose from. You can find more interactions, traits, and buffs to gameplay making things more interesting. 

Some new interactions allow you to ask about sexuality, encourage others to come out, and discuss new community issues. You can even protest, plan an event, or create pride events using the calendar. 

Overall, you can refine your gameplay more deeply, turning the LGBTQIA+ experience realistic. 

5. Yeehaww Sims’ Pride Collection

Specialty: Serves a Wide Range of Clothing Spots for LGBTQIA+ Sims. 

Yeehaww SimsVisit Here!

Are you tired of finding quality LGBTQIA+ clothing for Sims? Here is the solution that you can try to get more impressive outfits. Usually, many provide rainbow texture T-shirts to the Simmers when finding LGBTQIA+ clothing. 

But, the Yeehaww Sims’ Pride Collection stands out alone in doing things perfectly. The mod provides 150 Swatches on every item, providing a whopping collection of attires and styles your Sim can wear. Along with the clothes, you will get a wide collection of socks to represent and celebrate the pride. 

6. Punk Pride Stuff Pack

Specialty: Provides Different Items to Celebrate the Pride Month. 

 The Crypt-O ClubVisit Here!

This mod aims to serve a huge collection of objects, accessories, makeup, and clothes, to celebrate Pride Month. With this mod, you will find around 20 flags for your Sims, to keep everything trendy and unique. 

From tees to jackets, this mod will fulfill all of your Sim's basic clothing needs. The Punk Pride is a must-have collection, consisting of high-quality interesting stuff with contents for both build and CAS mode that will give a greatly inspired pride look. 

7. Pride Face Paint

Specialty: Provides Face Paint Makeup for Sims.

faeriesimssVisit Here!

Face paints are one of the most important makeups for the LGBTQIA+ community, and this mod will feature them exactly. This mod shares a wide range of face prints for your Sims to put on their faces. 

It gives a casual fun look to the Simmers and makes them look good and unique. You can find these face paints in the Face Paint section of the CAS mode, and place them on one or both cheeks. According to the creator, putting on these paints will reveal the true colors of the Sims.

8. Rainbow Desserts

Specialty: Make Rainbow-Themed Desserts. 

Brazen LotusVisit Here!

Pride Month is a special occasion for the LGBTQIA+ community, many celebrate this by preparing rainbow-colored desserts. If you want to celebrate and make some delicious rainbow desserts, this mod is an appropriate choice. 

Brazen Lotus brings you numerous items to make, from cupcakes to layered cakes. Interestingly, if your Sim owns a bakery, they can celebrate the month by preparing and selling rainbow desserts to neighbors. 

9. “Pride Effect” Doors

Specialty: Allows You to Colour Your Doors with Pride Colours. 


Robin K. LocksleyVisit Here!

What if you can turn a simple single-colored door into rainbow pride? Does it seem interesting to you? This mod by Robin K. Locksley allows you to change the door color to honor the pride month.

Moreover, the mod provides several color options from which you can choose your favorite. From home to library doors, this mod can help you to change color, giving a cheerful vibe to everyone out there.

10. Pride Wallpaper Set

Specialty: Put Pride Wallpapers on Walls. 


BellasimsVisit Here!

This mod by Bellasims provides a huge set of wallpapers for your Sim to put on walls. You can even turn your room's wall with these unique pride-themed wallpapers. Interestingly, there are 15 swatches available, providing a huge collection to try out. 

You can find the pride-themed wallpapers under the Wallpapers category. If you want to recolor the wallpapers, the creator of this mod allows you to do that to expand your creativity.

This mod is compatible with the base game, possessing two basic patterns with numerous swatches. 

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