Health Health Health[How can you keep healthy]

Do you know the four pillars of your health?
Health Health Health[How can you keep healthy]
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Last updated on 19 March, 2024

Health is wealth. Wealth in terms of happiness and to avoid those all hospitalization and mental pressure  and cost from hospitalization. If you have health you would have all the happiness around you. The health of yours, your family, near and dear plays a significant role in your life. Let us learn how we can be healthy learning some natural practices.

Most of the time, It is simple always listen to your body and live with nature.

There are 4 pillars of the body which would help you to stay healthy always. Let us see with these 4 pillars water, food, air and exercise. The clean water you drink, the healthy food you eat, the air you breath and exercise you do. Let us go through each of them and see how they help you to revive or keep your body healthy. There is a saying that what you eat or drink is what you are.

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Do you know 60% or more of your body is water. Drinking pure and real water help you to keep safe and healthy. Earlier real water you drink is always used to be from those rivers which are now replaced with tap water. 

The structured water(coming from the streams of the river) is always easy to consume by your body. Do you know keeping a small copper in your bottle(not plastic) or drinking from copper water bottle can make your water structured?

Do not over process your water with water filters. Why RO water purifiers may be bad is being explained in this Quora article. 

You remove all salts and minerals from the water, than that water is of little use to your body. Your bones does have minerals. You need those minerals and salts for your body.

You usually do not need the RO water purifiers if your water TDS is below 500 according to norms in many countries. Spending couple of dollars on TDS meter one time may really help to make a decision if you need RO water purifier.

Here is an article with all the details about drinking healthy water 

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You have to eat live food to live healthy. 

You do not want to eat the food to get ill right.

Always prefer the food which comes from the farm fresh. Prefer organic rather than the pesticide food. We would concentrate lot here understanding about fermented food, how kitchen is your healthy work place, benefits of Fasting etc.

It is being said you are only 1% human, all remaining is those good and bad bacteria in your body. Most of this bacteria stays in your gut.

That is the reason doctors say gut health is important for the same reason. How can you maintain good gut health. Simple eat live food so that good bacteria stays in your gut viceversa if you eat processed and high sugary diet it increases bad bacteria.

Let us see how we can maintain the good gut health with live food.

Fermented food

Do you know you live or coexist life with good and bad bacteria. They help you to break down those minerals, vitamins, food to the form which your body can consume and stay healthy. 

It is simple if you eat this live diversified good food with no pesticides or preservatives, that is where the good bacteria increases in your gut and helps you to stay healthy

Adversely those junk foods with lot of sugars are the reasons for bad bacteria. If bad bacteria increases in your body, that is where the illnesses and chronic diseases start

If you have enough good bacteria in your body, it would eliminate those bad bacteria even it comes to your body and would make you stay healthy and fit.

Let us see how we can have this good bacteria in your body.

Prebioitic & Probiotic Bacteria

Your body holds lot of bacteria, it is this bacteria that helps you to survive. 

What is prebiotic bacteria?

It is simple the good natural food you take would help you to grow those good bacteria in your body is prebiotic. 

How you can increase good bacteria in your gut?

Eat live natural diversified food that comes directly from nature this would in turn help you to grow the bacteria in your body.

What is probiotic bacteria?

Any fermented food, in simple terms. You fermented the food to have that bacteria grow and usually consume this food or drinks which in turn helps you to stay healthy

You call it Kombucha from China/Russia, Kimchi from Korea, Saukerkat from Germany, Miso from Japan, Tempeh from Indonesia, Kefir from Caucasus, Yogurt from whole world they are always there in every geo location. It is only we have forgotten the roots in the so called modern civilization.

Do you know doctors started treating the diseases like cancer, kidney failure, pets health with the probiotic bacteria. Here what National Library of Medicine says about probiotic bacteria

Read more about the Prebiotic and Probiotic foods in this article

Do you know the market of probiotic suppliments reached 58 billion in 2022 and expected to reach 85 billion in 2027 according to Statista

With doctors suggesting these probiotic foods and market share increasing it is very clear that this probiotic bacteria would help you stay healthy. It is clear the people are shifting from cool drinks to healthy drinks which is the reason coca cola buying the Australian Mojo Brand, Pepsico buying Kevita.

Not least eat all the food that comes directly from nature, not packaged food.

Gut Health

Good gut health with healthy food

The food in your body goes through those acids in your stomach(so to kill the bacteria mostly which is not good) and passed that into your gut. Most of the bacteria in your body stays in your gut. Gut is the place which helps you to take all those minerals, vitamins etc

You consume processed foods, artificial sweeteners, Alcohol bad bacteria in your gut grows and results in ailments.

You consume live and natural foods good bacteria increases in your gut which in turn helps your body with all the needed and results in fighting back with the bad bacteria thus decreasing the bad bacteria.

Here is the great video from the Cardiologist explaining about Gut Microbiome




Note: I am not creator of this video

Do not let your 3 inches tongue take control of your health

Seriously, around 6 feet person health cannot be controlled with the taste of the tongue right. 

The Dopamine 

We cannot conclude any food carving without mention of Dopamine.


Simple the carving of the fast food or sugar drinks are trigger dopamine which is the reason for the addictive behavior. 

Live food

Eat live food that is being given by nature or god. That is what is made for you by nature to consume.

Here is why you should not eat any processed foods.

  • They are made to store with all those additives for long life, which are not good for your health
  • They usually come with added Sugars, so that you addict for those foods when you eat
  • Processed foods may have their natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals are already gone because of your shelf life

Prefer fruits rather than snacks, prefer cereals, millet's etc than starchy glucose foods, prefer fermented foods over processed foods.

The Kitchen

The person who cooks in the Kitchen is definitely your first level of defense for the entire family healthy.

Do not agree?

How about replacing the bread with sourdough?

How about replacing those sugary morning drinks with Tepache(Fermented pineapple drink)?

How about replacing those lunch with millet diet(rich in fibre)?

Do not miss our full article on Kitchen health tips 

The Utensils

Kitchen utensils good vs bad

Does utensils play a role in daily health?

The utensils, pressure you cook, temperature does matter. If you are cooking at those high temperatures with that pressure would remove all nutrients from the food.

A plastic spoon vs steel/bamboo, a pan teflon coated vs bronze, pressure cooker vs pot with mud, an aluminum vessel react to lemon all make differences. Basically you have to choose the utensils which do not react with the food you are preparing and have high boiling points.

In simple words they should not react with cooking items and should withstand high temperatures.

Brass, Bronze may be costlier but they are also long lasting, spending one time on such healthy items is ok right?

For the same reason the Mud, Brass, Bronze utensils are preferred as a part of older culture due to even heating cooking. They may also need less oil when compared to other metals. They do not react and can withstand high temperatures.


Fasting is the art of retrieving your body. Many doctors say the process of repair is done in your body when you sleep. That is the time when you give body time.

Intermittent fasting is the practice where you give a window to your body and do not eat any thing in this time period. This is picking the interest over the last decade and is being suggested by doctors across the world

How does it help?

Body caries out all repairing and helps you to stay healthy. How much time period start small and go to 12, and 16 hours slowly. Sounds crazy, but may not be. You usually sleep 8 to 10 hours, those extra 4 to 6 hours eating nothing would quickly help you to reach the mark.

Here is the Dr. Pardip Jamnadas, a cardiologist explaining about benefits of Fasting


Believe me, it may start with craving initially and your body gets adjusted slowly. Having a Lunch with all good food, necessary small dinner is great way to have control of your body.

Do you know your body can repair all those damaged cells if you give it time(by fasting).

Fast atleast once a week, it has the benefits which you feel when you do the fasting. Fasting for 24 hours to 48 hours has great way to reduce fats and glucose from your body and also cleanse your body.

Read this article which explains how fasting helps your body and revive yourself.

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Air Quality is important factor where we over rule in daily routine.

Having the plants which can remove the toxins from the air are one of the easy way to keep away from polluted air. Snake plant, Spider plant, Peace lily, Golden Pothos, Rubber tree etc are known to remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene 

Air Humidifiers may be the one of the thing we want to talk in this article.


Sit in your room and see all those electrical devices, they are heat emitting devices and heat up your room removing all the moisture in the air. 

Use a water in a decorative bowl, a simple humidifier which heats up water to produce moisture is good for you.

How does it help?

Dryness of your skin, eye or throat may subsidise, could improve your sleep disorders, can help manage your allergies.

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Exercise should be part of daily routine.

Morning a walk of 1hr 15 mins(why your body has usually 5 litres of blood, 15 mins for each litre to clean your fat/glucose), 30 mins of swimming, 15 mins of HITT, 1 hour of Gym anything right make it a part of your daily routine.

Come up with a plan and do it every day. Do not over commit, just stick to one pattern.

I know a person who started with 2 hours of walking(promised himself to walk a 1 hour day), than skip the next day as he has done 2 hours last day, next day with 45 mins and than finally 15 mins to stop after that.

Conclusion: Most of this are known and preserved in every culture. 

  • Drink healthy structure water, do not over purify if it is not needed. 
  • Food is the important part of dietary, treat it as the medicine you are taking to improve your gut health. Eat live food.
  • We are living in polluted environment, ensure you have great indoor plants that improve your workplace or home. Try to maintain moisture in your air which you breath
  • Exercise enough and make it a daily routine whatever you like a gym, HITT, swimming, trekking, walking anything that would work out for you
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